Fascistbook Can’t Help But Fascist

The fascists at Facebook just cannot help themselves.  Over the last few days, news has reached the national level, once again, about their lopsided enforcement of non-violations of their community standards.  Specifically about them removing posts and banning people who are sharing images that show the distinct difference between Corporal Ronil Singh, a legal immigrant who achieved his American Dream of becoming a cop, and the illegal alien criminal gang member who murdered him.

Facebook reversed their decisions on all of the previous incidents that I know of, but now they are apparently going after other people for the very same image, an image they have already, repeatedly said does NOT violate their policies.  Just last night, New Years Eve, they deleted a post from the page Conservative Cops and they banned the user who posted it.


This just goes to show how deeply ingrained it is in the people who moderate Facebook that if they don’t like something, they can just consider it “hate speech” and remove it.  What should I expect from a company run by a bunch of millennial snowflakes?  If these dipshits cannot moderate a social media platform and follow its own rules, what does the future hold when they get put in positions of power in the government?  Honestly, that prospect scares the hell out of me.

UPDATE:  In further news, it would appear now that the fascists at Facebook are removing posts sharing this very article, about them removing posts.  The page mentioned in the removed post pictured above, Enough is Enough, shared this article this morning.  There are only two administrators of that page currently, and neither of them removed the post, but it is no longer there.  It also appears that Facebook is doing this in shadow mode as neither of the administrators nor the page itself were notified the post was being removed.

Excellent way to disprove the claims that you are silencing people, by further silencing them…

And here I thought conservatives were the Nazis…


Fascistbook Strikes Again

Cpl. Singh with his family mere hours before he was murdered.
Cpl. Singh with his family mere hours before he was murdered.

On Christmas night, about five hours after taking photos with his wife and infant son, Corporal Ronil Singh of the Newman, CA Police Department was shot and killed while making a vehicle stop on a suspected drunk driver, who happened to be an illegal immigrant.  Unless you live under a rock, none of that is news to you.

It will also come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying even the slimmest sliver of attention over the last few years, but Facebook management is extremely left biased, despite all their claims to the contrary.  They are also very anti-law enforcement.  I know, shocking…

I am a member of a group of people who all administer Facebook pages that are pro-law enforcement.  Some are run by cops, some are former cops, some are spouses of cops and others are just LE supporters.  We are all pretty accustomed to the one sided censorship from the fascists who run Facebook, so much so that most of us have second and third FB accounts we use to administrate our pages when we get banned by FB in their efforts to silence us.  It just goes with the territory.  We are essentially operating behind enemy lines on that platform.

Well, today one of the members of that group, a man that administrates the very large pro-LE page Enough Is Enough, was banned and his post was deleted because it was determined to be “hate speech.”  What, you ask, was the horrible crime that he committed?

Well he dared share the following image with the following text accompanying it:

“Purely heartbreaking and sickening.”


The two images that follow are the messages that he received from Fascistbook when they silenced him.

Now, I am sitting here scratching my head trying to find anything hateful about what he said, or what in this image is hateful.  Can someone help me out there, anyone?

The facts are the facts.  Corporal Ronil Singh was born in Fiji, legally immigrated to the United States, worked his butt off to accomplish his goals, and became a cop where he protected and served the community he lived in.  Alternately factual, the piece of shit that murdered Corpral Singh (who I will not name) was an illegal immigrant, with multiple prior arrests for drunk driving, and was a self admitted sureno gang member.  He was in California due to the ridiculous “sanctuary state” laws enacted by leftist politicians.  He was stopped for drunk driving by Corporal Singh and rather than go to jail yet again, he chose to murder Corporal Singh.

The differences between the two men could not be more stark.

One man’s life had honor and value.  The other had neither.

Corporal Singh is not remotely the first cop to be killed by a man here illegally due to liberal policies.  Sadly, he won’t be the last either.

But to the fascists at Facebook, facts are hate speech, which is why they continually silence those they politically disagree with.

Screw leftists and their censorship!

F**K Facebook!


UPDATE:  As of 10:30 PM last night (12-29-18), Facebook apparently partially pulled their heads out of their collective asses and admitted that the photo that they deemed to be a violation of their policy against hate speech was in fact NOT a violation of that policy.  They notified the FB user of such, as you can see in the following screen shot of the message he received.


One would think that was the end of the story, but it is not, because Facebook…

As you can see above, they clearly admitted they were wrong, BUT the deleted post was never reinstated on their page AND the user who posted it still is banned for the remainder of his 30 day ban.  Yes, you read that right.  Even though Facebook now admits he did nothing wrong, he is still being blocked from using the service.

That is like, “Hey, sorry you were falsely convicted of murder, our bad.  But yeah, you are still going to have to serve out that prison sentence though.  Thanks for pointing out our error.  Have a nice day.”

So I say again, screw leftists and their censorship!

F**K Facebook!

Is This The New Look of Facebook Censorship?


Has Facebook figured out yet another way to censor pages with whom they disagree?  Conservative leaning pages and pro-LE pages have often found themselves on the receiving end of what appears to be censorship by the Facebook overlords, but in most previous cases, it was pretty obvious.  Facebook would artificially limit the reach of your posts, or they would deny you the ability to advertise by saying your content did not meet their criteria or that it violated some rule.  Hell, most folks I know who run pro-LE pages, and I know quite a few, all have multiple Facebook accounts so that when Facebook bans one of their accounts, they can use another to run their page.


All of that is stuff we have been dealing with for years, but just recently I began getting comments and messages sent to my page all telling me essentially the same thing, whenever they click on a link to an article I’ve shared, or they click on a long post in order to continue reading it, Facebook shuts down.  While some people say they only experience this when trying to visit my page (Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve) others have told me it happens to them on several conservative pages.

So, it appears to me that Facebook has found yet another way to secretly censor conservative and pro-LE pages.  I fail to see any explanation that would adequately explain how an accidental glitch would ONLY effect certain pages and not others.  Seems awfully intentional to me.

Scary Words, The New Fascism

Yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine, who also happens to be a cop,  incredulously shared a post.  His comment when sharing it was “I hate this world. This post has been flagged.”  My immediate assumption was that the post was going to be something anti-cop that Facebook had flagged, but refused to remove.  Facebook has quite a history of allowing blatantly violent anti-cop posts which clearly violate multiple terms of service to remain indefinitely.

13567231_114040665696326_8712523002262218402_nMany of us likely recall the image to the left, which Facebook repeatedly determined did not violate their rules against graphic violence.  In fact, I am not sure if it was ever removed.  I do know that it was allowed to remain for days despite thousands of people reporting it and the fact that it very clearly violates multiple “terms of service” rules.

So, when my buddy shared that post, and FB gave me a warning, something actually violent is sort of what I was expecting to see.  I figured the leftists in charge of Facebook had figured out some other way to delay the removal of items that blatantly violate their own one sided rules.

This is what I saw when he shared it:


“This photo was hidden because it shows mature content, such as graphic violence.”  Okay, thanks for the warning?

I mean really, what else am I supposed to expect when I see that?  Seeing as I am somewhat mature, okay, okay, maybe not mature, but I’m legally an adult and I deal with graphic violence for a living, I figured I could handle it, so I clicked the “See Photo” button, but I was not remotely prepared for the horrors that would follow.  Please prepare yourselves…


Yep, that was it.  That was the “mature content” and potentially “graphic violence,” … a bunch of words.  Words which, scientifically speaking, are true.  But to the fascist lefties that run Facebook, those words are scary and harmful and violent, and they must, at all cost, protect the delicate snowflakes from scary words that could harm them.

There is clearly nothing violent about that post.  There is clearly nothing remotely “mature content” about that post.  I am scratching my head trying to formulate some other explanation for censoring that post, besides the blatantly obvious answer: Facebook is a bunch of fascist lefties who censor whatever they dislike.

Salty Dad
Another buddy of mine, a former cop, who is also a member of the same law enforcement group as the guy who shared the above post, runs (or ran) a Facebook page called Salty Dad.  It was a very pro-cop, pro-gun, constitutionally conservative page.  As with most cops, Salty Dad did not beat around the bush and was very blunt when he addressed an issue.  That no nonsense approach, with a little old cop saltiness, garnered him a fairly large following of over 64,000 people.

Over the years, just like many of us, the man who was Salty Dad received numerous time-outs from the Facebook fascists, which like me, prompted him to have multiple Facebook accounts.  You see, talk to anyone who runs a pro-cop, pro-gun or conservative Facebook page and you will likely hear similar stories about receiving temporary bans for a variety of ridiculous reasons.  I still recall the very first time I received a temporary ban.  My horrific offense?  I had the unmitigated gall to post a screen capture of a comment made by a cop hating liberal in response to a post on my page.  Yes, you heard that right.  I got banned for quoting someone.

Well, Fascistbook has taken censorship to levels that would make a third world dictator jealous, and they have permanently deleted the Salty Dad page.  What was the horrific act that caused the fascists to permanently delete the Salty Dad page?  They posted the following silly, off-color meme.


The left’s ability to be offended by everything is utterly astounding, and is almost as amazing as their unbridled, unashamed hypocrisy.  These are the same people who call us pro-gun folks “ammosexuals” and who constantly suggest we have small penises and that is why we like guns.  I guess pro-gun women just suffer from penis envy, or is it some sort of trans-gun-gender thing?  The same people who permanently deleted the Salty Dad page for the unspeakable crime of posting a joke continually ignore pages that call for the murder of cops.

The left used to claim they fought for the freedom of speech, but now they have become speech censoring fascists who will punch you in the face if you dare like a politician they disagree with.

For any of you former followers of Salty Dad on Facebook wondering where he went, he has a new page which you can find here.

Facebook Censoring Conservatives


Even though they say they don’t…

So, this morning I posted a direct link to a YouTube video, and I commented quite a bit when I shared it. After 42 minutes, it had only been seen by 61 people. That is some serious BULLSHIT post metering there! Notice the commentary I included, and how much of what I said is counter the liberal, leftist crap that Zuckerberg and Facebook administrators like to push.


Then, as an experiment, I shared an article in which the same video is featured, and I included very minimal commentary, in fact almost none. In that same time frame, it was seen by more than 10X the number of people than the other post. In 47 mins, it had been viewed by 741 people.


Tell me again how Facebook is not censoring what is shared… Tell my how their algorithms are not limiting the exposure of conservative speech…

Screw Facebook!!!!!!

To that end, we here at Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve recently set up a group Twitter account.  If you are tired of missing things we post due to FB post metering (censorship) then please join us over on Twitter where you will happily receive anything we send out.

UPDATE:  Even now, more than 3 hours since the original video was posted, and only 2 hours since the second experimental post was made, the number of people who have seen the first post is barely into triple digits, while the other post with minimal (ie: generic) intro is still continuing well beyond 10x the number of views.

First post:

Second post: