Scary Words, The New Fascism

Yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine, who also happens to be a cop,  incredulously shared a post.  His comment when sharing it was “I hate this world. This post has been flagged.”  My immediate assumption was that the post was going to be something anti-cop that Facebook had flagged, but refused to remove.  Facebook has quite a history of allowing blatantly violent anti-cop posts which clearly violate multiple terms of service to remain indefinitely.

13567231_114040665696326_8712523002262218402_nMany of us likely recall the image to the left, which Facebook repeatedly determined did not violate their rules against graphic violence.  In fact, I am not sure if it was ever removed.  I do know that it was allowed to remain for days despite thousands of people reporting it and the fact that it very clearly violates multiple “terms of service” rules.

So, when my buddy shared that post, and FB gave me a warning, something actually violent is sort of what I was expecting to see.  I figured the leftists in charge of Facebook had figured out some other way to delay the removal of items that blatantly violate their own one sided rules.

This is what I saw when he shared it:


“This photo was hidden because it shows mature content, such as graphic violence.”  Okay, thanks for the warning?

I mean really, what else am I supposed to expect when I see that?  Seeing as I am somewhat mature, okay, okay, maybe not mature, but I’m legally an adult and I deal with graphic violence for a living, I figured I could handle it, so I clicked the “See Photo” button, but I was not remotely prepared for the horrors that would follow.  Please prepare yourselves…


Yep, that was it.  That was the “mature content” and potentially “graphic violence,” … a bunch of words.  Words which, scientifically speaking, are true.  But to the fascist lefties that run Facebook, those words are scary and harmful and violent, and they must, at all cost, protect the delicate snowflakes from scary words that could harm them.

There is clearly nothing violent about that post.  There is clearly nothing remotely “mature content” about that post.  I am scratching my head trying to formulate some other explanation for censoring that post, besides the blatantly obvious answer: Facebook is a bunch of fascist lefties who censor whatever they dislike.

Salty Dad
Another buddy of mine, a former cop, who is also a member of the same law enforcement group as the guy who shared the above post, runs (or ran) a Facebook page called Salty Dad.  It was a very pro-cop, pro-gun, constitutionally conservative page.  As with most cops, Salty Dad did not beat around the bush and was very blunt when he addressed an issue.  That no nonsense approach, with a little old cop saltiness, garnered him a fairly large following of over 64,000 people.

Over the years, just like many of us, the man who was Salty Dad received numerous time-outs from the Facebook fascists, which like me, prompted him to have multiple Facebook accounts.  You see, talk to anyone who runs a pro-cop, pro-gun or conservative Facebook page and you will likely hear similar stories about receiving temporary bans for a variety of ridiculous reasons.  I still recall the very first time I received a temporary ban.  My horrific offense?  I had the unmitigated gall to post a screen capture of a comment made by a cop hating liberal in response to a post on my page.  Yes, you heard that right.  I got banned for quoting someone.

Well, Fascistbook has taken censorship to levels that would make a third world dictator jealous, and they have permanently deleted the Salty Dad page.  What was the horrific act that caused the fascists to permanently delete the Salty Dad page?  They posted the following silly, off-color meme.


The left’s ability to be offended by everything is utterly astounding, and is almost as amazing as their unbridled, unashamed hypocrisy.  These are the same people who call us pro-gun folks “ammosexuals” and who constantly suggest we have small penises and that is why we like guns.  I guess pro-gun women just suffer from penis envy, or is it some sort of trans-gun-gender thing?  The same people who permanently deleted the Salty Dad page for the unspeakable crime of posting a joke continually ignore pages that call for the murder of cops.

The left used to claim they fought for the freedom of speech, but now they have become speech censoring fascists who will punch you in the face if you dare like a politician they disagree with.

For any of you former followers of Salty Dad on Facebook wondering where he went, he has a new page which you can find here.

Ideology Above All Else!

The political left does many things that completely baffle me.  The seem to focus solely on ideology, and completely disregard everything else, including basic common sense. Today at work, our facilities person emailed us and needed to know how many single occupancy restrooms we had at the facility because apparently we have to change out the signage, and in the next 2 days.

California democrats, the people running this swirling vortex of total fiscal mismanagement, completely disregarding the massive financial problems plaguing this state, voted to pass Assembly Bill 1732 into law, and it was later signed into law by our senile, former hippy idiot governor, the same man who is begging the federal government for money while he dumps billions into a project no one wants, not even other liberals.  This new law mandates that all single occupancy bathrooms in any public facility, including all private businesses, including all government facilities, even those not open to the public, be specifically marked “All Genders.”

Well, here are the signs currently on our bathrooms, which is a secure facility, behind an access controlled gate, that is not open to the public.

Actual photo of the actual sign on one of the actual restroom doors

Now, I don’t know about you, but I happen to see ALL of the scientifically identified genders already included on our signs. But apparently I’m a moron or something, because according to this new law, our current signs are not clear enough, at least not according the democrat lawmakers in this state.

You see, according to the democrat lawmakers (see the list of yes votes for this bill), these current signs, posted on single occupancy restrooms (as in only one person can use the restroom at a time) across the state are just too damn confusing for the .00000001% (number pulled out of thin air by me) of the population that identifies as something other than male or female, and the horrific confusion suffered by almost no one was so severe, so traumatic, so societally important that it required them, the benevolent lawmakers who are just looking out for us stupid people, to pass a law mandating that those horribly confusing signs have the actual verbiage “All Gender” included on them.

These are the new signs that they ordered to replace all the old ones.  Whew, so glad they cleared that up!


So, in a time in which the state cannot pay retired employees because CalPers is broke, in a state where the budget is billions in the red, in a state that vows to fight the president’s enforcement of federal law, a state that is paying an attorney $25k a month to fight that fight, a state that is simultaneously begging that same president for money, the people running that state passed a law that is requiring that very same broke state to spend money, and waste untold man hours changing out bathroom signs on every single government facility across the state.

This is quite literally as useful as taking a large pile of cash and burning it.  In fact, it is less useful than burning cash, because at least you could huddle around the cash fire and stay warm.

Folks, these idiots at the state capital are just buying your votes, by wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax money on complete and utter bullshit like this!

By the way, I’ve said this before, for a political party that constantly calls me a “science denier” for not buying their half baked scheme on global warming, it is they are are truly denying a settled science.  There are only two genders, whether you look at it biologically or genetically.