Shocking Headline: Lying Anti-Gun Liar Spouts Lies


In typical gun grabbing politician style, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom called Wayne LaPierre and the NRA liars and racists for the latest video they released.  Gee, like we haven’t heard those claims before…

The problem is, I’ve watched the particular video he shared and I can neither find anything untrue nor can I find a single thing that could remotely, at least in a sane person’s mind, be deemed racist.  That is unless showing a picture of a black criminal who murdered a 9 year old black child is somehow racist.

Here, watch the video for yourself and you be the judge:

As far as Wayne’s claims that the feds are not doing anything to prosecute the existing federal laws, he is exactly correct.  In fact, a couple of years ago, in a meeting with the NRA, Vice President Biden specifically stated that the Feds are too busy to investigate the violations of current law.  More recently than that, yet another case, one in which a cop died as a direct result of a straw purchase, the feds once again failed to strictly enforce the law, and merely slapped the wrist of the felon who provided the gun to the murderer.  In my book, nothing Wayne said in that video remotely constitutes a lie, and I’m pretty sure most cops would agree with me.  We see it all too often when people arrested for gun crimes get plea bargained down, or charges dropped.

Newsom was not the first anti-gun lefty to lie about this video though.  In fact, I first became aware of this video when watching another video, one done by Colion Noir in which he slams a writer at the Huffington Post, a writer who claims to be a “gun guy” himself.  If you have not seen it, Colion’s rebuttal video is spot on, and really hammers the HuffPo “gun guy” while simultaneously addressing the only part of Wayne’s video that I can remotely assume Newsom was calling racist.

Here is the problem with this situation though, Newsom is the Lt. Governor of the State of California, not some half-witted, self-professed “gun guy” at an über liberal online “news” website who cannot perform a simple Google search.   The fact that a sitting Lt. Governor can spout such nonsense, such outright untruths, and not face, at the very least, some hard questions from the mainstream media, well that my friends is a very sad sign of the times we live in.  That said, while the MSM seems content to let such falsehoods fly unchallenged, I will not stand by and let such behavior go unchecked.  Here is where I call out Newsom, yet again.

Hey Lt. Gov. Newsom, instead of doing nothing but spewing that tired anti-gun, anti-NRA rhetoric that is all so common to those who are trying to push laws that directly violate the bill of rights, why not get specific?  If that video is so “full of lies (big surprise)” as you claim, it should be a simple very task to actually point out just one of those lies, should it not?  Why not support your claim with facts and statistics that prove that Wayne and the NRA are lying?  What about this video is so “incredibly racist” that it causes you to suggest it is shameful?  Please point to specifics.

The problem is, you can’t!  Because nothing Wayne said was a lie, and nothing he said was racist.  The only liar in this mix is you, Gavin Newsom!  You sir, are the liar. 

Many times since Newsom announced his new push to violate the bill of rights, to further burden the lawful gun owning residents of one of the most already unfriendly states for gun owners…  oops, I mean his push to “reduce gun violence,” I have publicly challenged him to debate the efficacy of his proposals, and every time all that we hear are crickets.  So, once again, I challenge you, Gavin Newsom, to publicly debate your proposed legislation and its potential to actually reduce “gun violence.”  It is time for you to stop spewing anti-gun, anti-NRA rhetoric and man up.  Let us sit down like adults and discuss this, instead of acting like a 3rd grader running around the playground spreading lies and calling names.

Mixed Signals or Blatant Lies?


To hear the Obama administration talk about the need to ban a very common ammunition in order to “save police lives”, would lead one to think that this administration actually cares about cops lives.  But, when looking at other actions regarding law enforcement by the Obama administration, this move to ban ammo to “protect law enforcement” seems very counter to their past acts.

The ammo that the administration is trying to ban, M855 “green tip”, or SS109 5.56mm rifle ammo has been available to the public for a very long time.  This ammo has a mild steel tip but is in fact not designed as “armor piercing” ammunition, nor does it qualify as “armor piercing” as laid out in the law that banned armor piercing ammo [18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(17)(B) and (C)]

This ammo, that the Obama administration has to ban for the sake of law enforcement, is so horribly evil that James Pasco, executive director of the Washington office of the Fraternal Order of Police, said this about it: “While this round will penetrate soft body armor, it has not historically posed a threat to law enforcement.”  And this: “Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem,”

Obama loves the cops so much, and is banning this ammo just to protect them.  Obama has repeatedly shown his love for law enforcement, since taking office, by:
– publicly commenting about how the cops “acted stupidly”
– accusing law enforcement nationwide of racial prejudices and corruption
– by sending representatives to the funerals of criminals who were killed in self-defense
– by sending representatives to the funerals of violent criminals killed by law enforcement
– by publicly stating that he stands with the mothers of said slain criminals
– by ginning up the anti-cop rhetoric so that an entire city suffers from riots, for weeks and months

Obama further shows his deep concern for cops by:
– NOT sending representatives to the funerals of slain cops, including a cop killed by an illegal immigrant who is allowed to stay here in the country thanks to Obama’s end run around the immigration laws
– NOT sending representatives to the unveiling of a memorial of a slain border patrol agent who was killed using guns smuggled by Obama’s very own “justice” department.

Yes, Obama clearly loves us cops, and is so concerned with our well being that it is necessary to ban this rifle ammunition.  Obama loves law enforcement like a wife beater loves their spouse…

OR, could it just be that Obama is once again lying to the public and all the useful idiots out there to try and ban some very popular ammo for AR based rifles, the rifle he loves to hate?  You tell me which is more likely the real reason.  In my book, actions speak louder than words, and Obama has spoken volumes.