No, The CA Legislature Did NOT Exempt Themselves From Gun Laws

First, before I get to the point of this post, before people who don’t know anything about me begin calling me a gun grabbing lefty, let me clarify something:  I am a very pro-gun California cop who absolutely detests the anti-gun politicians that continue to pass law after law that keep whittling away at our constitutionally guaranteed second amendment rights.  If you read any of my other writings or watch any of my YouTube videos, I think you will find that blatantly obvious.


Now, on to the point of this blog post…

I’ve been seeing this tidbit of completely bogus information shared for several years now, and for a long while, I would comment every time I saw it correcting the person who shared it, but I have given up.  It is a completely bullshit internet rumor that just won’t die.  Sadly it continues to be pushed by a website for whom I once wrote, Joe for America*,  and traces back several years further to a Washington Times opinion piece from 2011, the year the law in question was passed.

The claim that California legislators exempted themselves from gun laws is an outright lie that has even been debunked many places, including in the forums on CalGuns.  The original language of SB 610 from 2011 included the following:

(b) The good cause requirement shall be deemed met for either the following:

(1) Any applicant who is a member of Congress, a statewide elected official, or a Member of the Legislature, for protection or self-defense.

(2) The licensing authority fails to make a determination of good cause within 30-days of the application.

That was the original version of the bill, but that whole section was dropped from the bill before it was passed, which is why it is in red and stuck out (see screen grab).  The final version of that bill can be found here.


While it does indeed appear that whomever originally wrote that bill did attempt to exempt the members of the California State Legislature, among other elected officials, from one particular aspect of that one particular gun law, other members thought better of that and dropped that portion from the bill.

Please, for the love of God, stop spreading this horse hockey around!  The anti-gunner’s arguments are easy enough to disprove without needing to resort to easily debunked lies.

In the future, do yourself a huge favor.  Anytime a source, especially an internet source, is claiming a law was passed, especially one that seems quite unbelievable, but fails to provide either the actual bill name and number or a link to the bill, just assume it is a lie, which in this case, it most definitely is.

 *  Ironically, I stopped writing for Joe For America when they began running story after story, loosely based on partial truths, that painted law enforcement in a negative light and pushed the whole “militarization of the cops” narrative.


Knowing Achievement

While discussing inner departmental politics with a friend I was forced to take a step back, breathe a little and use my brain in an attempt to understand some of the more political things which have occurred in my career. I was not able to conceive of an answer directly, even after multiple attempts which led my ADHD empowered brain to a new chain of thoughts. I asked myself what has been truly important in my career looking back all of these years? It certainly wasn’t “who got that good gig in Detectives” or “Look who got promoted but why?” While some of those questions occupied much of my time during my career years, the more important thoughts garnered some amount of recognition.


I realized in a grand moment of temporary clarity the things in my career which resulted in meaningful change. It certainly wasn’t the shiny medals or the various accommodations I received from the Department. While I didn’t mind receiving those awards and was proud to have served, there wasn’t much substance contained. Often times a medal can be diminished by unwittingly comparing actions to someone else’s who have received a similar accommodation. The entire thought process seems to dilute the potency of such achievement leaving something to be desired. More importantly i observed great accomplishments in the many selfless acts of my partners which they thought were “no big deal” or “just part of the job.”

So grand realizations of those moments of pride came flowing back to me. There are so many lives touched by an officer serving for the good of the population rather than the good of the order. There are those rare calls for service or events which may spiral into an entirely new positive experience for an individual or victim. These types of effects can be difficult to perceive and takes a certain amount of introspection.

When an officer makes an arrest it is simply part of the job, we don’t get too excited about it. sometimes we get into a foot pursuit, chase somebody down and win the fight but a lot of those times no charges are filed. Sometimes the idiot we arrested just made a dumb mistake or was too emotional to behave like a civilized human being. Sometimes the subject was too socially stupid to Herve Leconte sits atop his vehicle to display a sign thanking all those who are dealing with the King fire while park alongside Highway 50 near Camino, Calif., Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)warrant any pride from a resultant arrest. Sure there is the “job well done” feeling where Officers pat each other on the back the same way a carpenter looks back on his work and says “wow I did a good job on that cabinet” yet there is more to it than that.

True evil does exist. The willing and malicious damnation of fellow man through unspeakable acts of cruelty are defined as such. If we can nab one of them it is a fortuitous event which can be boasted of. Most of us count that type of arrest on one hand at the end of a long career. When you get to put that one away for good the effects upon time and space are astounding. That serial rapist won’t hurt anymore children. The sick kidnapper who imprisoned his victims for months and induced a feared loyalty upon them will be worshiped via fear no more. These are the events far more precious than a silver medal or a fancy letter from the Chief. The two may coincide and an officer may wear proudly upon his chest a mark of such achievement but the act itself is the source of pride. Everything else is just a distraction or a public relations campaign.


It doesn’t end there. When an officer picks up a child with a skinned knee who fell off of their tricycle while the parent was inside smoking crank. When the woman whose child was found dead in a puddle by no mistake of her own is hugged by the responding officers who tried to save her. And when the officer places his hand on the arrested juveniles shoulder with a stern but warm look on his face and says “you can do better,” these are timeless as well. For that child the Officer shall never age, even after he has long since left this world. In the mother’s eyes the Officer’s boots will always shine in unison with that badge and those shared tears. Nothing can dry the memory of those heroes who stood with her when the world crumbled all around. And for the demon behind bars, that fiery gaze will forever be tormented by he who delivered justice. Even if the Department or the public didn’t happen to notice that time.


The effects of a job well done are unending and incalculable. They truly spiral in every direction, undeterred by negative media attention, bad Departmental Policies or negative social attention. Those events are real and exist in a way which is infinitely repeatable yet important and distinct with each occurrence. The events are unchangeable and cannot be destroyed. The good will shown by officers who care is eternal and no hateful group or negative media attention can damage those moral deeds, for they have already been commuted.

Officer’s of the law stand proud during your career and do not minimize the great things you have done. Don’t listen to the garbage being spewed by public figure heads, brave keyboard bloggers or self righteous critics, they haven’t experienced the personal risk and reward system. Think back upon your career with pride and look upon the momentous life changing events you took part in for the better. Nobody can take that away from you unless you let them.
Good job and anybody who doesn’t think so or recognize it would never understand such an achievement anyways.

Hey Democrats, Not Everything is Racist

CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, proponent of SB-620
CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, proponent of SB-620

BREAKING NEWS! CA State Assembly is not quite as idiotic as the CA State Senate!

The CA Assembly is deadlocked on SB-620, a bill which claims to want to allow judges to ignore mandated sentence enhancements “in the interest of justice.”  In a move demonstrating that they care more for felons who use guns than the law abiding gun owners in the state, the CA senate passed the bill few months ago.  Thankfully, it appears that a few democrat members of the CA assembly have not fully sold their souls to the devil as a few of them joined the republicans in blocking this bill, which thankfully has been shelved for the time being, due to the deadlock.

So, what exactly would SB-620 “Firearms: Crimes: enhancements” do you ask?  Let me quote the actual summary of the bill that was used for house floor deliberation:

“Allows a court, in the interest of justice, to strike or dismiss a firearm enhancement which otherwise adds a state prison term of three, four, or 10 years, or five, six, or 10 years, depending on the firearm (assault weapon or machine gun), or a state prison term of 10 years, 20 years, or 25-years-tolife depending on the underlying offense and manner of use (if they actually shot someone). “

So why am I upset?  What is the big deal?  So what if the law allows a judge discretion to drop sentencing enhancements?

First of all, these are the same lawmakers who are constantly passing more and more restrictive, not to mention unconstitutional laws that are aimed at law abiding gun owners, such as me.  People who have done nothing wrong but are being hounded by these liberal, anti-gun lawmakers as if we are running about shooting people willy-nilly.

Secondly, those very same lawmakers who are going after law abiding gun owners with a vengeance are now proposing eliminating sentence enhancements for violent felons who actually used a gun during the commission of their crimes.  That is what this bill is about.  The crimes for which those enhancements are applied include: murder, mayhem, kidnapping, carjacking, assault with intent to commit rape, assault on a peace officer or firefighter with a deadly weapon, rape, sodomy (forced), child molest, oral copulation (forced) and more.  The crimes that receive the gun enhancement are not non-violent crimes.  These are very bad crimes being committee at gunpoint, by very bad people.

Hell, these intelligence-challenged lawmakers, the people who are constantly screaming “assault rifle this” and “assault rifle that,” are even suggesting that the judge be allowed to ignore the sentence enhancements for someone who used an “assault rifle” or machinegun during the commission of their crime, even if they shot someone.  Are these people serious?  They’re clowning us, right?

But wait, it gets even better.  So then, to top it off, when the bill (THANKFULLY!!!!) failed to pass, CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber dropped this steaming pile of race baiting horse hockey:

“ ’[Judges] are prohibited from considering the facts of the case and whether a penalty would serve the interests of justice,’ Weber said, adding that the law disproportionately hurts people of color.”

Excuse me?  What did she say?  The law disproportionately hurts people of color?  Is there some invisible print in the law that says those enhancements only apply to people of color?  No?  Then is there already an existing exemption that allows a judge to ignore those enhancements if the criminal is white?  No?  Then shut up already!  Drop the race baiting BS lady!  It is old, its tired, and its a blatant lie.

The reason more people of color are affected by this law is that more people of color are committing the enumerated crimes while armed with a gun.  Again, as I have noted many times, this is not a race issue, it is a socio-economic issue.  Statistically speaking, more people of color live in poverty than whites and areas of poverty is where more drugs, crime and violence occur thus more people of color live in areas plagued by drugs, crime and violence, thus more people of color are involved in drugs, crime and violence, and thus more people of color are arrested for violent crimes.  It is not rocket surgery.  To suggest that somehow the laws are at fault for this takes a special kind of stupid.

Democrats, can you please stop claiming that everything you don’t like is racist? Please?  I feel like Bobby Boucher in the Waterboy.  Not everything is the devil mama!  Not everything is racist!

Liberal Media Caught Lying, Again – Hillary Post Election Hike

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for discovering this information, I saw it all on Twitter in various locations. I have just compiled it all into one location.


Yesterday, Friday November 11, 2016, CNN ran a story in which a random hiker randomly encountered Hillary Clinton on a random hike.  It was the first time Hillary was seen in public after her day late, post election concession speech.


Here is how the article starts:

(CNN)Margot Gerster, who ran into Hillary Clinton on a hike just a day after she conceded the race, encountered a presidential nominee seemingly at peace and at grace, Gerster said Thursday.

In an image posted to Facebook, Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, New York, can be seen smiling with White Plains resident Gerster, who was hiking with her daughter, 13-month-old Phoebe, and their dog, Piper. The photo was snapped by former President Bill Clinton, who was there as well.

CNN was not the only liberal “news” outlet to cover the story.  Not to be outdone and left in the cold, CBS, NBC and even the BBC got in on the scam.

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Well, isn’t that neat. That poor, upset Hillary supporter just happened to bump into Hillary, while she and Bill were on a random hike, without a secret service detail and stuff…

Only problem with that is that the story is a heaping load of horse crap!

This was not the first time Margot Gerster has met Hillary, and the odds that it was some “random happenstance encounter” like both she and the liberal media made it out to be is greater than getting struck by lightning immediately after winning the lottery.

Here is a photo that Gerster shared on her Facebook page on election day, November 8th.


And here is what Elite Daily had to say when they shared that photo, except to them they still covered the story as if the hiking encounter was just random occurrence.


Folks, this stuff is all made up just so the liberal media can feed it to you.  If you are dumb enough to believe that a former president and his wife, who just lost the national election for the same office, take their dog and go on a random hike through the woods without a full secret service detail to keep them safe and prevent random people from coming up to them, then I have ocean front property in Ohio that you might be interested in.  For the right price, I’ll even throw in a bridge.

Pouring Gas On The Fire

Let me start by saying I’ve never heard of this guy before today.  Now, with that said, I really do NOT like him.  What a freaking a-hole!  Please bear with me a few moments and I will explain why I say that.


What an absolute waste of time and effort. Instead of taking the time to teach people what to do, this jackass put together a 3.5 minute video that does nothing but add more fuel to the war on cops, spreading more anti-cop propaganda, sowing distrust and hate.

For anyone unclear on what to do in this situation, a situation I have actually encountered on the streets, let me spell it out for you since Page Kennedy couldn’t be bothered:

If the cops are pointing a gun at you, and if you do not want to get shot, do exactly what the cops say.

“But I was just reaching into my pocket to get a phone” while the cops are pointing guns at you, in a situation that you clearly know they think you are armed is ASTRONOMICALLY STUPID!

Oddly enough, on his Facebook page, he mentions how the “real cops” rolled up on them while they were filming their video.  That’s odd, and they didn’t shoot you?  How can that possibly be?


Honestly, what a complete and total asshat!

This video went live 4 days ago, and on Facebook, where he has over 2.3 million followers, it has more than half a million views. On YouTube, where he has over 229k subscribers, the video has over 13,000 views. That is a TON of people that this ignorant moron Kennedy could have helped educate, but instead he chose this route, causing more division, more distrust, more hatred, which will only lead to more people getting injured.

Stupid shit like this is not how you help anyone!

From the Mind of a Third Grader

While the Dallas Terrorist attack was being televised live my eight year old daughter became horrified and asked her mother over and over if Daddy was there. My wife tried to explain afterwards about racism, what it meant and why those Officers were being shot at. It was a very difficult discussion and we spoke about it at length everyday. After the President gave his speech at the Dallas Memorial my daughter was left with even more confusion. She wanted to know why the President didn’t like the Police. These are not words I prompted her with but even she saw through the false empathy. My wife suggested she write a letter to the president explaining how she felt.

My daughter edited her letter multiple times and the original told the President that: “He should dislike the bad guys more, the bad guys who do drugs and hurt children.” I thought this was profound but she wanted to erase it because she felt they were truly not her own words but inspired by her parents. She eventually changed the ending of the letter to simply state “Police are good!” This is meaningful not just for me, but for all Law Enforcement out there, our children will listen to what we are teaching them so let us try and teach them the truth whenever possible. If we let the state raise our children the result is chaos.


Obviously I am biased here because I speak of my own child but I could not be more proud. After asking all of the appropriate questions over the last week and coming to her own conclusions she hit the nail on the head with deadly accuracy. Of course the president doesn’t have a great reputation in my household and I won’t ignore the fact that her words are ultimately inspired by my own lessons but isn’t that the point? Aren’t we supposed to foster critical thought in our young?

As a cop I’ve been taught to write at the fourth grade level which is extremely difficult for me yet this is third grade writing in its purest form. It speaks plainly to the message she wants to portray “my Daddy is good” and she is insulted by our leader believing anything otherwise. She feels strongly enough about it to mail this letter to the President and is hopeful for a response. The very idea that I or any of my partners would treat someone differently because of the color of their skin does not fit into her logic. She simply doesn’t believe this is true because she has not seen or heard of it. This is the danger of promoting false narratives.

Perhaps we could all learn from the third grade vantage point and learn to observe what is directly in front of us instead of focusing on the imaginary. We as a people can learn many lessons by simplifying the facts and acting on our own logic, deciding what the “truth” is by seeing this for ourselves. If I were a bigot and a racist she would know about it because it is not something you can hide from your own children. The obvious truth in her mind is vastly different from how the President views the world. What experiences has he had which causes him to believe in a universal falsehood that gives rise to racism in cops where it seldom exists?2

Our politicians need to leave their safe, upper class neighborhoods and mansions and view the world for what it truly is. I encourage President Obama to do a ride along with any lawman in any state and think about the things he witnesses. Any of you who are in doubt should also do this, perhaps some of your  questions would be answered and the world would reveal itself for how it truly exists in this realm, not the illusory world politicians speak of. Learn from the simple logic of a fourth grader and stop confusing the simple truth of the world. Racism is indeed real but where is it most prominent? Experience this issues from a wider vantage point if you can. Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask them about a ride along, you will be enlightened.


America’s Rosetta Stone

I read through the news today after a recent terrorist attack upon Police Officers in Dallas. Men and women serving their country and communities were attacked because of the clothes they wore and the color of their skin. Alternatively it is reported almost everywhere these attacks were in response to “two innocent black men being gunned down by police” yet the facts are not yet fully known. To respond violently based upon initial emotion is to discredit the American process and disregards civility entirely.

When historians look back upon the last several years what will our defining moments be? I often consider this point of view because as a student of history I realize the human condition is cyclical. Consider our greatest accomplishments and triumphs where Americans had a common goal, pulled together and achieved wondrous results. These American achievements need not be stated they are so powerful.


I use the Rosetta Stone as my example of ancient human achievement. The rock was found in 1799 by French soldiers and now resides in the British Museum. Written upon the enormous rock is a series of accomplishments and instructions for Egyptian priests. It is written in two languages and three scripts. It is amazing to me how multiple cultures collided in an era of little technology to create something this long lasting. (You can read more about this fascinating topic at:

What do the words of the Rosetta stone say? What do they mean? We live in a culture now where it doesn’t matter. Facts are considered  boring while violent emotions are considered exciting and relevant. Idols fuel emotionalism as a movement and as role models to America’s youth. A popular musician of our time, Jay Z has released a new song which he addresses the problem. Here is an example of one lyric: “Got my hands in the air in despair/don’t shoot/I just wanna do good.”Young-Thug-JAY-Z

Perhaps the music is moving, maybe the lyrics are meaningful but they are not responsible. The words themselves are perpetuated by lies and drive further emotion instead of logic. That emotion is endorsed by powerful leaders of the state and the message becomes misconstrued. Violence is the result and ignorance is the tool.

Music, Television and Movies are not seen as entertainment in our time, they are words and actions to live by. Fantasy is our hero and I still wonder what America’s common goal is. We are divided on all things in regards to morality and justice and I cannot fathom what stamp of human achievement our generation has left upon history. If our Rosetta Stone is chaos, lawlessness and anarchy I wish to distance myself from it as far as possible.

I have children though, so I cannot wallow in despair and would like to leave them something to cling to. We spend so much time trying to convince the emotionally misguided that our own children often become neglected from the truth. More and more I disconnect myself from popular media, social media and even news networks. I teach my children how to think for themselves and encourage them to try and leave the Sandcastle-2world a better place when they leave it. More than anything I tell them to suppress emotion and use logic to respond. This is how we build a lasting monument to our prosperity as a nation. A nation not divided but as one people and as unified Americans.

A monument to our civilization needs not be represented by division and destruction. Through our common children we must build something greater than we have now. Utilizing morality and logic we must build a culture which welcomes all as Americans and respects the tenements of our rich history. A foundation which shrugs off its mistakes and moves swiftly and accurately to correct them. A foundation which withstands the decaying sands of time and utilizes a profound goal as opposed to destruction with no purpose.

Can Cops Ever Be Justified?

20160511__ois_aurora2-p1Aurora, CO Police Department had a third officer involved shooting in a short period of time which has apparently caused the news media to make stupid news media assumptions like “the cops are shooting too many people” instead of wondering the more logical “why are so many people doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them?”

The most recent shooting, the one which has caused the media to wonder their stupid questions involved a carjacking by an armed subject who led the police on a 17 mile pursuit at the end of which he rammed a cop car and then pointed a gun at the cops, who promptly shot him. The passenger in the suspect vehicle even said the suspect told her he was going to shoot it out with the cops. So the media is questioning this? Really?


I’m happy to say the Chief of the Aurora Police gave them the appropriate response.

“If you point a gun at one of my officers, expect that there will be an aggressive and a very overwhelming response. Because my expectation is that my officers go home at the end of shift.” – Chief Nick Metz

Here is the short news story put out by the local CBS Denver station. Notice their inclusion of a statement made by some nitwit from the ACLU, you know, because the cops are bad and stuff. I will address that nitwit’s comments after the video.

“If the numbers, um, are, are too high, and I think they are, then there needs to be, um, measures taken to see how can we reduce the numbers and the frequency of these shootings” – Mark Silverstein, Legal Director, ACLU Colorado

Well Mark, instead of worrying about how many times the cops are shooting bad guys, how about you worry about preventing the bad guys from doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them. This is an absolutely 100% justified shooting, and the idiots at the ACLU are worried about finding a way to reduce 100% justified shootings? Are you people developmentally disabled? Did your parents have any children that lived?


The cops actions are predicated by the actions of the suspect. If the suspect did not 1) carjack someone while armed with a gun, 2) lead the cops on a 17 mile pursuit, 3) ram a cop car (ie: assault with a deadly weapon), 4) state his intentions to shoot the cops and 5) point a gun at the cops, then the likelihood that the cops would have shot him would be ZERO.

Mark, you braindead moron, the people whose behavior you need to worry about correcting is the criminal’s, not the cop’s. I realize that doing so would go against the ACLU’s sole purpose in life, to hate the cops, and would instead hold the criminals accountable for their own actions, but seriously, buddy, your contention is so full of crap a kindergartener would be calling you out on it.

The “News Media” Just Cannot Help But Hate Cops


What should have been a news story about good cop work instead bears what should be the recipient of the award for the Most Misleading News Headline.

An officer leaving a mall has the door held open for him and the officer thinks he recognized the man.  The officer went to his car, pulled the man up in the computer and found that he had three (3) active warrants for his arrest.  The warrants were for heroin possession, shoplifting and driving on a suspended license.  The officer returned to the building and arrested the man for his outstanding warrants.  Good cop work, nicely done!

BUT to the cop-hating leftist media, that was not the case.  Somehow they tried to twist this into some sort of mean, evil cop story which they gave the headline of “Being polite to officer leads to Massachusetts man’s arrest.”

Seriously?  You jackasses really hate the cops so much that you have to try and turn a nothing event into something?  You are pathetic!

Now, just for full disclosure on my part, I do not know if that title was given to the story by the San Jose Mercury News or by the Associated Press who appears to be the source of the story, but either way, it is clearly anti-cop propaganda.

If you agree with my assessment I encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section on their website.  We need to stand up to the leftist media that continues to denigrate law enforcement, even when they have to make up stuff to do it.

Devoid of Facts

newsomGavin Newsom is on a mission, a mission based on lies and fairytales, and one that has absolutely no hope of solving the problem he claims to want to cure.  As a cop in the state where he is pushing this agenda, I cannot stand by and let this liar further destroy this state, and create more victims out of good, law abiding citizens in the process.

“I just simply, this sort of mythology, the guy with the gun that’s going to come save the day, I mean, so right out of the movies, sort of this gun-slinging fantasy. The reality is, it’s most likely to create more harm, more damage, more lost lives in those circumstances.”

This guy is a freaking lunatic, and he is also 100% wrong, but since when has that stopped politicians who are pushing gun control laws?

The fact of the matter is, his statement here is the only thing of mythology, the liberal, anti-gun mythology that is.  There are absolutely ZERO instances that back his ludicrous claim.  I can think of a only a handful of instances where an armed citizen may have fired their weapon when not legally justified, but in none of those incidents were innocent people injured or killed, and in none of those incidents, were matters made worse as he claims.

The fact of the matter is that there is an abundance of cases which absolutely demonstrate the opposite of what Newsom claims.  Good guys (and gals) with guns have indeed stopped a number of mass shootings.  In fact, here is a list of 12 such incidents.  Besides those 12, there many are others still, and I have been at countless events where a good guy with a gun stopped a crime on a smaller level (not mass shootings, but just individual personal crimes).  It happens every single day in the US!

Getting beyond that idiotic assertion, that it is better to be unarmed in the event of an attack by a crazed gunman, the next comment to ooze out of his mouth is nothing more than an outright, bold faced lie designed to anger the ignorant listener.

“Yeah, well, I mean, look, you get worse when you live in a country with 300 plus million guns, in a country that the NRA is out there promoting guns for terrorists. Let me just repeat what I just said, as audacious as it…  They believe that everybody deserves a gun, including terrorists. From 2007 in this country, we’ve been trying to close a loophole that denied people who are on the no-fly zone (sic) in the United States the ability — those are the folks that can’t get on airplanes”

Let me state this very clearly for those who may not understand the difference, a difference that I am pretty damned sure Newsom is well aware of:
Being on a “terror watch list” and being a “terrorist” are two entirely different things!

Mr. Colion Noir does an excellent job of debunking this BS claim in the following video:

The problem with Gavin Newsom is that his agenda is all that matters to him.  He is a want-to-be tyrant who is using lies to fire up emotions in order to manipulate the uneducated and weak minded voters, a tactic that, sadly, is often successful in California (see Prop47 for proof).

Again, as I have said many times in the past, my open challenge to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom still stands.  If you, Gavin Newsom, truly do have a desire to solve the “gun violence” that you are claiming to be addressing, how about having an open debate with someone who has nearly 20 years of experience dealing with it?  What’s the matter Newsom, afraid the public will see you get schooled on the topic by some dumb street cop?