April 2018 22
“Gun Free Zones” Are A Myth
Posted By : Matt

Sadly, early this morning another f&*#ing nutjob with a gun went to a posted gun free zone and committed yet another mass shooting.  This one took place in Antioch, TN, which is essentially a suburb

February 2018 24
Distrustful and Wary
Posted By : Matt

I am distrustful and wary. I am distrustful of evangelists, self-appointed do-gooders, politicians and speedy government. I am distrustful because the laws never stop where they claim. Every new law promises to reduce crime and

October 2017 03
Put The Tinfoil Away!
Posted By : Matt

To steal the words of a coworker, “Put the tinfoil back in the drawer. It was an act of terrorism committed by a piece of shit – not a conspiracy conducted by a secret government