Misrepresentation This Blatant Should Be A Crime


We all get dozens, if not hundreds of “voter guides” mailed to us every election cycle.  Some are useful, some not, some honest and some are misleading, but I don’t know that I have ever seen one as blatantly dishonest as this one from Cops Voter Guide. It was originally brought to my attention by the Facebook page “Overturn Prop 47” when they shared a picture of the voter guide and mentioned that it was deceptive.  After doing some quick digging, I determined that deceptive is a huge understatement in my opinion.

Absolutely no one at Cops Voter Guide is a cop, or works with cops, or even with “public safety” as they stated.  The Cops Voter Guide website only lists the name of one person, Kelly Moran, the director.  According to Mr. Moran’s LinkedIn profile, he has never been a cop, and the closest he has come to “over 20 years of working with public safety” was during a three (3) year stint with Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) in the late 1990’s as a “Political Action Coordinator.”  He left there in 1997 and shortly thereafter opened his own political consulting firm, Moran & Associates, where he has worked ever since.  He has never worked in law enforcement or public safety, and as best as I can tell, his only work history consists of political consulting and marketing.


Following the link on Moran’s LinkedIn profile to the business Cops Voter Guide reveals only one other employee, a woman named Holly Jones.  According to her LinkedIn profile, her primary employer is Barry Wyatt Associates, another political and marketing firm, where she is listed as Director of Operations.  She is also listed as the Marketing Director for Cops Voter Guide.  Her work history includes working for a property management company and as a marketing and political consultant, and she has a bachelor’s degree in journalism.  Absolutely nothing remotely law enforcement or public safety related.


To the best of my knowledge, from what I was able to glean via the internet, those are the two people who make up Cops Voter Guide.  If you still have some lingering doubts about the legitimacy of Cops Voter Guide, please note their street address that is listed on their public website.  Next please note the address of Moran & Associates, as published on their public website.  Coincidentally, they are the same address, with only the suite number being different.


So, just in case you still do not believe that these folks are not actually representing the views of cops, as the name of their organization very clearly wants you to believe, let us examine a few of the topics they are offering recommendations on, and we will see if actual members of law enforcement and public safety agree.  Since their website makes suggestions based on zip codes, I used the zip code for their office address as a sample (95630).  The following screen shot shows some of their recommendations for residents of that zip code.


Prop 57 – The “California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative”
Cops Voter Guide says you should vote yes on prop 57.

As a cop, I strongly disagree, and I am not alone.  Here is a partial list of the ACTUAL law enforcement organizations, district attorneys, police chiefs and sheriffs who oppose it (see attached photo). A complete list that includes other organizations opposed to Prop 57 can be found here.


California’s 7th Congressional District
Cops Voter Guide recommends incumbent Ami Bera (D).  The Bera for Congress website lists no endorsements from law enforcement organizations, law enforcement officials or anyone remotely representing “public safety.”

Running against Bera is Sacramento County Sheriff, Scott Jones (R).  Jones has received endorsements from a very long list of actual law enforcement and public safety organizations, as well as many heads from various law enforcement and public safety agencies.

4th Supervisorial District – Sacramento
Cops Voter Guide recommends Sue Frost.  A check of Frost’s website lists endorsements from no police or sheriffs, no associations representing them or their employees, no district attorneys or DA organizations, but it does however show two probation organizations that are endorsing her.

Running against Frost, among several others, is Mike Kozlowski.  Kozlowski’s website lists endorsements from numerous sheriffs, police and sheriff’s associations and a district attorney.

Now, I realize that I am a jaded career cop, but it would seem odd to me that for an organization named Cops Voter Guide, they seem to be recommending many things that actual cops are completely opposed to.

One does not have to look back very far in history to find an era when it was not an easy feat to try and verify the legitimacy of organizations that sent out political fliers and voting guides.  For the average voter, it was a task that was next to impossible. Twenty years ago, it would involve multiple trips to libraries, phone calls and on-site visits to the actual entities, but folks, this is the information age.  Most of us have access to nearly infinite information all available at the tips of our fingers via our cell phones.  It took me all of three (3) minutes to figure out that Cops Voter Guide has absolutely nothing to do with cops, and not even to the much broader “public safety” umbrella that their name leads one to believe they represent.  As best as I can tell, Cops Voter Guide is nothing more than a political marketing company.

What I can say without a doubt is that some of their recommendations are most certainly not in agreement with actual cops and public safety organizations out there.  In fact, many of Cops Voter Guide’s recommendations are exactly the opposite of the group their name insinuates they represent.  I am not remotely trying to tell you how to vote, but what I am saying is be careful about where you get your information on which you base your votes.  Please, don’t be a lazy voter.  Your vote is important, make it an educated one.

From the Mind of a Third Grader

While the Dallas Terrorist attack was being televised live my eight year old daughter became horrified and asked her mother over and over if Daddy was there. My wife tried to explain afterwards about racism, what it meant and why those Officers were being shot at. It was a very difficult discussion and we spoke about it at length everyday. After the President gave his speech at the Dallas Memorial my daughter was left with even more confusion. She wanted to know why the President didn’t like the Police. These are not words I prompted her with but even she saw through the false empathy. My wife suggested she write a letter to the president explaining how she felt.

My daughter edited her letter multiple times and the original told the President that: “He should dislike the bad guys more, the bad guys who do drugs and hurt children.” I thought this was profound but she wanted to erase it because she felt they were truly not her own words but inspired by her parents. She eventually changed the ending of the letter to simply state “Police are good!” This is meaningful not just for me, but for all Law Enforcement out there, our children will listen to what we are teaching them so let us try and teach them the truth whenever possible. If we let the state raise our children the result is chaos.


Obviously I am biased here because I speak of my own child but I could not be more proud. After asking all of the appropriate questions over the last week and coming to her own conclusions she hit the nail on the head with deadly accuracy. Of course the president doesn’t have a great reputation in my household and I won’t ignore the fact that her words are ultimately inspired by my own lessons but isn’t that the point? Aren’t we supposed to foster critical thought in our young?

As a cop I’ve been taught to write at the fourth grade level which is extremely difficult for me yet this is third grade writing in its purest form. It speaks plainly to the message she wants to portray “my Daddy is good” and she is insulted by our leader believing anything otherwise. She feels strongly enough about it to mail this letter to the President and is hopeful for a response. The very idea that I or any of my partners would treat someone differently because of the color of their skin does not fit into her logic. She simply doesn’t believe this is true because she has not seen or heard of it. This is the danger of promoting false narratives.

Perhaps we could all learn from the third grade vantage point and learn to observe what is directly in front of us instead of focusing on the imaginary. We as a people can learn many lessons by simplifying the facts and acting on our own logic, deciding what the “truth” is by seeing this for ourselves. If I were a bigot and a racist she would know about it because it is not something you can hide from your own children. The obvious truth in her mind is vastly different from how the President views the world. What experiences has he had which causes him to believe in a universal falsehood that gives rise to racism in cops where it seldom exists?2

Our politicians need to leave their safe, upper class neighborhoods and mansions and view the world for what it truly is. I encourage President Obama to do a ride along with any lawman in any state and think about the things he witnesses. Any of you who are in doubt should also do this, perhaps some of your  questions would be answered and the world would reveal itself for how it truly exists in this realm, not the illusory world politicians speak of. Learn from the simple logic of a fourth grader and stop confusing the simple truth of the world. Racism is indeed real but where is it most prominent? Experience this issues from a wider vantage point if you can. Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask them about a ride along, you will be enlightened.


America’s Rosetta Stone

I read through the news today after a recent terrorist attack upon Police Officers in Dallas. Men and women serving their country and communities were attacked because of the clothes they wore and the color of their skin. Alternatively it is reported almost everywhere these attacks were in response to “two innocent black men being gunned down by police” yet the facts are not yet fully known. To respond violently based upon initial emotion is to discredit the American process and disregards civility entirely.

When historians look back upon the last several years what will our defining moments be? I often consider this point of view because as a student of history I realize the human condition is cyclical. Consider our greatest accomplishments and triumphs where Americans had a common goal, pulled together and achieved wondrous results. These American achievements need not be stated they are so powerful.


I use the Rosetta Stone as my example of ancient human achievement. The rock was found in 1799 by French soldiers and now resides in the British Museum. Written upon the enormous rock is a series of accomplishments and instructions for Egyptian priests. It is written in two languages and three scripts. It is amazing to me how multiple cultures collided in an era of little technology to create something this long lasting. (You can read more about this fascinating topic at: http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/writing/rosetta.html)

What do the words of the Rosetta stone say? What do they mean? We live in a culture now where it doesn’t matter. Facts are considered  boring while violent emotions are considered exciting and relevant. Idols fuel emotionalism as a movement and as role models to America’s youth. A popular musician of our time, Jay Z has released a new song which he addresses the problem. Here is an example of one lyric: “Got my hands in the air in despair/don’t shoot/I just wanna do good.”Young-Thug-JAY-Z

Perhaps the music is moving, maybe the lyrics are meaningful but they are not responsible. The words themselves are perpetuated by lies and drive further emotion instead of logic. That emotion is endorsed by powerful leaders of the state and the message becomes misconstrued. Violence is the result and ignorance is the tool.

Music, Television and Movies are not seen as entertainment in our time, they are words and actions to live by. Fantasy is our hero and I still wonder what America’s common goal is. We are divided on all things in regards to morality and justice and I cannot fathom what stamp of human achievement our generation has left upon history. If our Rosetta Stone is chaos, lawlessness and anarchy I wish to distance myself from it as far as possible.

I have children though, so I cannot wallow in despair and would like to leave them something to cling to. We spend so much time trying to convince the emotionally misguided that our own children often become neglected from the truth. More and more I disconnect myself from popular media, social media and even news networks. I teach my children how to think for themselves and encourage them to try and leave the Sandcastle-2world a better place when they leave it. More than anything I tell them to suppress emotion and use logic to respond. This is how we build a lasting monument to our prosperity as a nation. A nation not divided but as one people and as unified Americans.

A monument to our civilization needs not be represented by division and destruction. Through our common children we must build something greater than we have now. Utilizing morality and logic we must build a culture which welcomes all as Americans and respects the tenements of our rich history. A foundation which shrugs off its mistakes and moves swiftly and accurately to correct them. A foundation which withstands the decaying sands of time and utilizes a profound goal as opposed to destruction with no purpose.

Your Liberty Offends Me…..

I want what you have, I want your lifestyle, I want your money and your stuff. I want equaIMG_1513lity and respect all without putting forth the effort for either. Capitalism is a disease that has corrupted our society as people strive for wealth and fame….I would like to talk about it more but Kim K is on at 3. I need a new smart phone, this one takes crappy selfies.

Minimum wage is bullshit, I’m worth $15 an hour…..except, well I’m not coming in today because I have a friend who is in emotional crisis and we need to go talk over coffee, you understand. You can’t fire me I have rights. Employers are just greedy they have so much money they can afford to give me more, its all part of wall street.

If you don’t give me the things I demand then I will burn and break stuff that doesn’t belong to me because that is fair. If I can’t have what you have then I will ruin it for everyone. Oh, wait is that Kanye West?  I need to go climb on this car to get a better view.


I hate the cops, they are power hungry animals who slaughter young black people. Nothing more than part of the establishment. Why wont they work security for Beyonce? She deserves it. I can’t be bothered with trying to talk to my landlord, call the cops and make them deal with it. What do you mean you wont help me officer? I CALLED YOU! I know I was speeding but I AM IN A HURRY, I HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE.

When did “We the people” become “ME the people”? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has turned into “your life at the expense of our liberty and my happiness”…..  Is this really revolution or just heartburn? It sounds more like a temper tantrum. A nation of whiny little victims is what we have become. Soft in our complacency, distracted by shiny objects and controlled by the endless onslaught of social media.

All these larger than life social issues seem to assault our senses every single day…..an endless march of progressive siren songs demanding our attention. A new voice has mixed with an old voice to offer “A Future to Believe in”. A fresh idea, a new way to look at fixing a corrupt and rigged system. We need a revolution to bring the country back to its senses…..You say you want a revolution? Maybe a socialist revolution? What would that look like?

1.Abolition of property in land and application of all rest of land to public purposes.
2.A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. (Tax the rich)
3.Abolition of all right of inheritance (redistribute the wealth)
4.Centralization of credit in the hand of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and exclusive monopoly (put Wall St. under total control of the Government)
5.Centralization of the means of communication and transport the hands of the State (Government mass transit, delivery etc—-bullet trains for the masses)
6.Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies
7.Free education for all.


Sound familiar? Nearly all of this has been addressed in some form by the “Future to Believe in” campaign as well as the “Fighting for Us” crowd. Would it shock you to know I pulled that list directly from the Communist Manifesto? It all worked out pretty well for the communists…

America is currently a divided, compartmentalized labeled mess. The people of this amazing country have been divided and subjugated without most of them even realizing it. Their “freedom” is at the will of the state. Welfare and entitlement programs over the last 50 years have done almost nothing to lift people out of poverty. The social engineering of the 20th century has left us more divided than ever. The march for equality has left a wasteland of fractured communities dependent on government kindness.

We are assaulted each and everyday with our differences. Different colors, different races, different orientations, different incomes blah blah blah blah….. Haves and have nots, income inequality. So what is the solution? I for one certainly am not looking for the government to come in make it all fair. History is laced with the ruins of government “fairness”.

The Liberals on the left tell us they can fix everything by spreading the wealth. I recently read a book titled “The Conservative Heart” by Arthur C. Brooks. In a section on Social Justice, Brooks breaks down the two sides as:

“The left generally espouses the idea of ‘redistributive fairness.’ Liberals argue that beyond some unspecified limit, an uneven distribution of income is unfair on its face, and so promoting social justice means using government to promote greater financial equality for its own sake.” (sound familiar?)

“Conservatives, on the other hand, champion ‘meritocratic fairness.’ We believe that real fairness means that everyone should have abundant opportunity to pursue their happiness, and that — above a reasonable safety net for the the truly indigent — reward should follow hard work and merit”


The poor are divided and told they can’t do anything because they are poor. They are labeled and placed into voter groups, who have been voting the same way for over 50 years only to see their status quo get worse. The solution? Sub-divide them some more.

Liberals continue to further break down the divisions, creating smaller and louder groups of oppressed people demanding action, demanding something…….more. Through this division they gain power, they stir up the hate. If you speak ill of any of these subdivisions you are labeled a hateful-racist. You are against illegal immigration? You hate Mexicans. You have a problem with gender neutral bathrooms? You are a hateful hater. Never mind that these are not new issues.

I am not a bigot because I want to control my country’s borders. I am not a homophobe/transphobe because I don’t want to hear about what bathroom someone wants to use, and I am not a 1%’er because I work my ass off every single day to have a comfortable life, and neither are most Americans. We want simplicity, we want opportunity and we want the ability to follow our ambitions. We don’t want an omni-present government nanny looking into every aspect of our lives. We don’t need to be regulated out of our freedom. We don’t need to be labeled as anything other than Americans. My simpleton view of the country? Don’t be an asshole to people. Treat each other with respect and dignity. In my world “Equal means Equal”. I don’t care what color your skin is or what your biological plumbing is. If you immigrated to this country you did so for a reason, now step up and fight for what your new country stands for, while proudly celebrating where you came from. I have said it many times before……”We are Americans first”. If you find a better system, then by all means go. Denmark is appealing? Go for it, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms. France, Switzerland, Canada? Why not.

thomas_jefferson_quote_2I agree the diversity of our nation allows us insight and a broader view, however, it is our oneness that makes us strong.  I am tired of being told I am a bigoted by-product of white privilege because I want everyone to play by the same rules. So speak up, you can call for hope and change, but when I don’t agree with you, that is not an invitation for mayhem. It simply means I don’t agree with you. We can have differing opinions and still get along. I applaud your right to speak out, to seek change as you see fit. I will continue to fight and support your right to have ideas I don’t agree with. In return you need to respect my values and my ethics with the same passion I protect yours. Once the screaming stops, we need to learn to live together for a common good, a common goal…..Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Your Liberty is your right as an American, use it wisely.

Nope, No Media Bias…

The media bias in this country has long leaned to the left (lean is an understatement), but they lean further left by the day.  Take for instance these headlines regarding a recent event in Iowa where Senator Marco Rubio was tossing footballs to some kids.  While technically accurate, these headlines are extremely misleading.

I think Scott Ott summed it up best when he said:

1) Sen. Marco Rubio throws a beautiful pass.
2) Boy fails to catch it.
3) Headline: “Rubio hits kid in face with football”

Broaden the concept a bit.
1) America provides opportunity to pursue happiness.
2) Man fails to grasp it, or intentionally avoids it.
3) Headline: “Poor Hardest-Hit by Culture of Greed”




If you want, you can watch the video where in “Rubio intentionally beaned a small child in the face with a football” here:

That is how the American media handles the reporting of such a trivial event when it involves a conservative presidential candidate.  For a contrasting view, I wonder how they would handle coverage of a minor event, such as the improper handling of top secret government emails and cover up of said handling, by a progressive liberal politician?

Well, wonder no more:



Notice, the “presser was testy” and Clinton is “fighting back” about the email server.  No mention of her totally cavalier dismissal of valid questions regarding the national security risks that were posed by her illegal actions.

If you missed how Clinton responded to questions about the intentional wiping of her personal email server, you can see that here:

Yep, no media bias here…  Nothing to see folks, keep moving, and trust your “news” sources for they are unbiased and totally reliable…

My Rebuttal to a Anti-Gun Author’s Own Rebuttal

jiFfMEver notice how quick folks from the anti gun crowd are to insert their foot in their mouths after making a dumb comment? With the exception of some exceptionally hard heads, the first one that came to my mind would be Piers Morgan. Some of the most level headed and responsible arguments I have heard come from people who are in fact pro gun, while a few exceptions aside most of the argument that comes from the “ban guns” crowd relies heavily on over inflated, missing, or skewed numbers, a gross misunderstanding of how guns work, emotional response, inciting mass hysteria and phobias, demonizing those who they feel are supporters of only the rights they have issues with, and outright lies. You see in today’s digital age too many people fall for the bait on the shiny hook when it comes to information, that’s why The Box O Truth, Mythbusters, and Snoops do so well. For some folks doing “research” on a meme they see on social media involves heading over to Snoops.

The latest such example comes from an otherwise unknown opinion piece writer of The Gazette Newspaper out of Iowa. Lynda Waddington had a terrifying experience at a book store. She saw the print of what she believed to be a gun under a mans jacket. Immediate paranoia and hysteria (notice a trend here folks) followed as she immediately began to scan this gentleman top to bottom hoping to see a hint of a badge. Now I’m going to pause for a moment here to surprise everyone and give her credit. In today’s anti cop society it is actually in a very awkward way a breath of fresh air that she hoped the armed man was a police officer not a law abiding citizen with a CCP. Pause over, game on. In her fear she then reaches for her purse going as far to pat it as she feels this is a tell tale sign that she too is also carrying, which is obviously an outright lie (I hope you guys are keeping count here). Some how this bluff makes her fell safe when she is faced with what could be a person with a not so well concealed gun who may very well be a LEO, as she says many times she has no clue who he could be as different scenarios kept playing out in her head. She also goes on a bit of a lecture about the psychological wellbeing of someone who feels they need to carry a gun in a store, which I find funny considering I question the psychological wellbeing of someone who pats their purse to give the impression that they are carrying a gun. This outright lie of course is fueled by an emotional response (OK, I’m done spelling it out).

She then goes on a tangent about gun laws. She notes that there is a sign that says “no weapons allowed” on the door to this book store. Which depending on exactly where she is in Iowa she is, that sign could have as much merit as a unicorn, and could have even less if the gentleman in question was a LEO. She also attacks Iowa’s CCW permit process stating that there is no required range time. But of course responsible gun owners everywhere are to be held to blame for that, not her elected political figures, but I digress. Fact is, most people who own firearms, and go through the hoops of getting a permit to carry enjoy shooting them. While there are some LEOs out there who are also “gun people” for a majority of them it is just part of the job. Much in the way that an accountant probably doesn’t go home and play with a calculator just because he enjoys pushing the numbered buttons. This is a generalization of course just as I expect to be hammered by some LEOs who are “gun people” I halfway expect to get a nastygram from an accountant posing for a selfie with his favorite calculator. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t say something that everyone agrees on, and you ought to have thick skin when speaking on a platform that will be heard by a large number of people.

Her bantering continues to include wanting to see maintenance records of the firearm being carried. I’m sure she would get a kick out of some of the creative ideas folks have had when they do the Glock Torture Tests on YouTube. I am pretty serious about the physical working conditions of my guns, but I’m also a realist. My guns show wear from use, but not abuse, and all function flawlessly. If they don’t they get repaired or they get gone. Lets be honest for a minute, even guns in need of repair are pretty safe in a holster, pointed at the ground. I’m not sure where her fear comes from, perhaps there is a gross misunderstanding of the way guns work (cough, cough) kinda like the way people look at a burning car and just assume that it is going to blow up like in the movies (but only in one of those slow motion sequences where someone is running away from the car and gets blown away towards the camera like a flying squirrel).

I find it funny that her piece is titled “Why Your Gun Makes Me Nervous,” because as a law abiding citizen who carries a gun every waking day of his off duty life, I could care less how my gun makes you feel. My God given right as recognized by the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution trumps your feelings in every way shape and form. The anti gun crowd is mighty quick to demonize groups like the NRA and sing praises to groups like Moms Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety or whatever Bloomberg named it. These groups are quick to point out the NRA’s budget and lobbying ability but one funny thing is they will never admit that the NRA’s budget comes from a very LARGE group of supporters, whereas MDA and Everytown is mostly funded by a single rich guy who hates guns.

Now let’s look at the backpedalling shall we. In an attempt to justify herself Lynda writes a new piece stating she writes from a “centrist position.” I still feel the burning in my sinuses from the hot coffee I intended to drink as I read that. She is still “sticking to her guns” (or at least patting her imaginary one) about her stance on her state’s gun laws. Writing in her newspaper she feels is more effective than writing to her elected officials. In fact she isn’t “advocating Iowa raising the bar” at all for the curriculum, which brings me to the conclusion that the way I was raised must differ from the way she was raised. I was always told to have a solution to bring forward with the problem you are bringing forward, otherwise you are just complaining or as my own dad (the Drill Sergeant) so elegantly put it “being a whinny little bitch.” But I would never call Lynda that, because I was raised better.

In her own rebuttal she also goes on to say her first piece wasn’t “anti gun.” Remember that coffee incident I told you about earlier? It is a good thing it happened then otherwise it might have happened as I read that. Of course Lynda goes on to say she was raised around guns and has no problem being around most people who own and use them. It is the people who are disrespecting firearms, carrying it incorrectly, or who are being “sloppy with their holster” she gets concerned with. Apparently wearing too tight of a jacket while carrying a CCW is on the long lost missing third tablet on what we thought was the 10 commandments of gun safety. And I surely hope all of you responsible gun owners out there aren’t being “sloppy with your holsters” because I hear mustard stains are a bitch to get out. Of course nowhere in her assault on Iowa CCW permit holders does she mention anything about how changing ANY gun law will impact on the criminals who are carrying illegally to begin with. She also has a surprisingly noticeable lack of any numbers that backup any of her fears, because skewing or omitting actual statistics and instead typing with raw emotion is right up her kind’s alley (I swear I’ve heard that somewhere else). Don’t feel bad Lynda, even after issuing an illegal executive order, the CDC couldn’t even agree with your side.

I want to thank you for reading my rant, I hope it sheds some light for some of those out there. As always,

Till next time

– Stache