July 2016 13
From the Mind of a Third Grader
Posted By : Arrow

While the Dallas Terrorist attack was being televised live my eight year old daughter became horrified and asked her mother over and over if Daddy was there. My wife tried to explain afterwards about racism,

July 2016 10
America’s Rosetta Stone
Posted By : Arrow

I read through the news today after a recent terrorist attack upon Police Officers in Dallas. Men and women serving their country and communities were attacked because of the clothes they wore and the color

June 2016 09
Your Liberty Offends Me…..
Posted By : Doc

I want what you have, I want your lifestyle, I want your money and your stuff. I want equality and respect all without putting forth the effort for either. Capitalism is a disease that has

August 2015 20
Nope, No Media Bias…
Posted By : Matt

The media bias in this country has long leaned to the left (lean is an understatement), but they lean further left by the day.  Take for instance these headlines regarding a recent event in Iowa where