Enough is Enough! Time to Fight Back!


Attention California Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, law enforcement labor unions, police officers, deputy sheriffs, traffic officers, probation officers, parole officers, correctional officers, and anyone else who is on the front line of the enforcement of California laws.

Attention California District Attorneys, deputy district attorneys, prosecutorial labor unions and anyone involved in the prosecution of criminals in the State of California.

Attention California community leaders and politicians who understand it is our role to make the community safer, not to pass laws making life easier for those who chose to victimize their fellow citizens.

Attention victim advocacy groups, law enforcement support groups, law enforcement chaplaincies, and anyone who has personally been affected by a criminal on the streets due to AB109, Prop47 or Prop57.

I am just a regular old street cop who has been running this blog for about five years.  If you have heard of me, chances are at one point or another, I may have written something with which you did not agree.  The fact of life is that even though we are all on the same side in this fight to maintain public safety, we do not always see eye to eye.  However, there is a growing trend in our state that we should all be able to unite to combat, and that is the movement to decriminalize crime.  It is time to put our differences aside, to come together to fight this dangerous game that our state’s elected officials are playing with the public safety, with our safety.

To the best of my knowledge, this trend began back in 2011 when Governor Brown signed AB-109 into law.  Since then, with the passage of Propositions 47 & 57, the ignorant voting public has believed the misleading proposition names and followed the governor’s lead, voting to either lower the severity of crimes, or completely decriminalize them.

The reduced violent crime rate that our professions fought so hard to accomplish through the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s has slipped, and the crime rate has begun climbing in this state more often than not since 2011.  In fact, it has risen the last three years in a row, with sharp increases in violent crime.

Many of us who chose to be vocal about these horrible laws dreamt up by ivory tower politicians, whom we personally protect on a daily basis, predicted the crime rates would climb, and we were not wrong.  It does not take a gifted prognosticator to figure out that when you put more criminals on the street, crime will rise.  I could point to all the FBI statistics that support my statements here, but if you are in this profession, you already know what I said is true.

However, for those not in this profession, here are those statistics which I took from the annually compiled Uniform Crime Report produced by the FBI.  The chart below shows the rates for each year starting in 2011.  The report for 2016 has not yet been released, but early reports from the FBI showed all violent crimes across the nation rose.


Thus far, AB-109 has cost the lives of several cops in California, the most recent being Deputy Robert French of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.*  Before Bob came Officer Keith Boyer of the Whittier Police Department.  In addition to AB-109, when considering the changes that Prop 47 put in place, the death toll for law enforcement rises to five, adding Officer Jose Gil Vega of the Palm Springs Police Department, Officer Lesley Zerebny of the Palm Springs Police Department, and Sergeant Steven Owen of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

That is just the number of cops killed as a result of these ridiculous laws.  It does not include those who were shot and survived, or were attacked via other methods by persons who would have been locked up prior to the passage of those criminal coddling laws.  Add to that the number of citizens who have been murdered, raped, robbed or just plain victimized by these early releases, and the extent of this problem becomes abundantly clear.  Not a community in this state has been spared.

The only people who have not been victimized by these dangerous changes to state laws are the very people who created and passed those changes.

California politicians are making the entire state less safe, and they are only doing it to save money.  The even sadder part is they are not attempting to save money in an effort  to lower our taxes, because in fact they have continued voting to raise our taxes.  Instead, they are merely trying to save that money so they can spend it on other projects that do absolutely nothing to enhance public safety and benefit only a small sliver of the population.

I have had enough!  It is time that we, those of us whose professional lives are dedicated to public safety, stand together, face to face with these political elites and tell them “No more! Enough is enough!”  It is time to reverse this doomed course they have set us on, before it kills another member of our law enforcement family.

If these political elites cannot see fit to do something to enhance all of our safety, maybe it is time that we stop taking extra steps to provide for theirs.

* While Deputy French’s murderer was on the streets due directly to the unfathomable decision made by Federal Judge Sallie Kim, the broad changes that AB-109 made to the previous parole system, including what constitutes a parole violation and the length of punishments received for those violations contributed to him being on the streets.  Prior to AB-109, a person on parole who was arrested for a parole violation would not have been eligible for release, bail or not, prior to their hearing.  Deputy French’s murderer bailed out.  Despite what the CDCR press secretary Vicky Waters wrote in a press release, AB-109 absolutely, most definitely played a role in his release from custody.

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CA Liberals Kill Yet Another Cop


Yesterday, August 30, 2017, Deputy Bob French, a 21 year veteran cop with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, was murdered in cold blood by a worthless piece of crap career criminal who should have been behind bars, but instead was loose on the streets thanks to policies put in place by California liberals.

Normally, I refuse to name the criminal in cases like this, but in this instance I must in order to allow doubters to verify what I am going to say.  Thomas Daniel Littlecloud (32 yrs), who from this point on I shall only refer to as “Scumbag,” should have been in prison yesterday, but thanks to AB-109, the California Prison Realignment Act, which was dreamt up, written, passed by CA democrat politicians and signed into law by CA democrat governor Jerry Brown, Scumbag was loose.

Scumbag has felony convictions going back to at least 2004 in Alameda County.

2800.2 VC [F] ; 29800 PC [F] – 9/10/2013

10851 VC [F]; 2800.2 VC [F]; 29800 PC [F]; 11377 HS [F]; 496 PC [F] – 5/15/2013

245 PC [F] x6, 12021 PC x3 [F] – 12/6/2005

10851 VC [F]; 11378 HS [F]; 11370 HS [F]; 12021 PC [F] – 9/3/2005

10851 VC [F], 69 PC [F], 243(c)(1) PC [F]; 11377 HS [F] – 12/31/2004

12020 PC [M] – 9/1/2004

Then, in December of 2015, Scumbag was arrested again, on new charges which included possession of stolen property, possession of loaded guns by a prohibited person, possession of narcotics, resisting arrest, and a number of other felonies.  At the time of that arrest, for all of those fresh felonies, Scumbag was on active “PRCS” parole.  He was still on “PRCS” parole yesterday when he killed Deputy French.  Hell, even the cop hating, uber-liberal Sacramento Bee freely admits he has a lengthy criminal history.

You might be wondering what the hell “PRCS” parole is.  PRCS was created by AB-109, and what they (CA democrats) did was take “non-violent offenders” out of prison, put them on the streets, and instead of assigning them to a parole officer, they mandated the counties provide supervision of these state prisoners.  The counties were allocated funding to do this new task, however the state all but took their ability to violate these parolee’s parole unless they committed a fresh felony, and even then the maximum amount of time they can get is a joke*.  What it boiled down to was the state, at the direction of the liberals who created these laws, saved a bunch of money by just releasing inmates onto the streets.

So, back to Scumbag here, when he was arrested for all of those fresh felonies back in December of 2015, he had his PRCS parole violated.  But here we are, less than 2 years later, and Scumbag is back on the street with loaded stolen guns, dope, stolen cars, and now instead of just fighting and running from the cops, he shot three cops, killing one.

If you are a California voter, and you voted for the democrat politicians who passed these bills, if you voted for Jerry Brown who signed AB-109 into law, if you voted for other bills decriminalizing crimes (Props 47 & 57) and coddling criminals, you bear some responsibility not only in the death of Deputy Bob French, but in the deaths of all the other cops and regular citizens who have been killed by the people you put back on the streets.

Actions have consequences!  Your vote has consequences!

Today, thousands of cops are mourning the loss of a fellow officer and a family is mourning the loss of a father and grandfather, whose death is one of the direct consequences of your votes.

Please, stop killing us!


Now, based on past experience, I know I will be receiving messages and comments from offended California liberals telling me that they “adamantly support law enforcement” and would not do anything to endanger the cops or to lessen public safety. 

To that I call BULLSHIT!!! 

If you voted for the people who passed these laws, or if you voted for Prop 47 or Prop 57, you did in fact do something that not only endangers yourself and all of California, but has directly lead to the deaths of numerous people, including several cops, the most recent being Deputy Bob French.  You may not have intentionally done so.  You may not have realized that is what you were doing, but sadly, that is exactly what you did.


* This sentence has been edited after an actual PRCS case worker pointed out my error where I said the counties did not get funding.


Copyright (c) 2017 Deputy Matt and Others Who Serve, all rights reserved.

California Voters Once Again Vote for More Crime & Less Freedom


California Voters Overwhelmingly Ignored Law Enforcement, Voted Against Law & Order While Shredding Bill of Rights

Here it is, two days after the election and I am finally, barely able to construct sentences that are absent expletives.  In California, there were a large number of propositions on the ballot this year.  Some were quite inconsequential, but some were extremely important and will affect the average citizen in their daily lives.

Prop 57
Near the top of that list, in order of importance, is Prop 57.  I have written about this proposition in the past, and discussed how it will release thousands of “non-violent” violent felons from prison.  The way the proposition does that is by essentially reclassifying the following list of violent felonies as “non-violent.”

  • Rape by intoxication
  • Rape of an unconscious person
  • Human Trafficking involving sex acts with minors
  • Domestic Violence involving trauma
  • Failing to register as a sex offender
  • Lewd acts against a child
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Hostage taking
  • Attempting to explode a bomb at a hospital or school
  • Supplying a firearm to a gang member
  • Hate crime causing physical injury
  • Arson
  • Discharging a firearm on school grounds
  • False imprisonment of an elder through violence

With the passage of Prop 57, felons sitting in prison who were convicted of those suddenly no longer violent crimes are now eligible for early release.

You know, because back when the state released thousands of felons under AB109, that had no detrimental effects on public safety (sarcasm).  Just like two years ago when the California voters passed Prop 47 which reducing many crimes that were previously felonies down to misdemeanors, making it impossible for law enforcement to take the criminals to jail.  Many of those reclassified crimes have very real effects on average citizens who end the victims of those crimes, silly little crimes such as business burglaries, vehicle theft (depending on the value of the car), and theft of firearms.  Again, the passage of that has had very little negative repercussions, unless you consider that whole 12% increase in violent crime all over the state in just one year.

Based on the successes (again, heavy sarcasm) of those two previous laws, both heavily pushed by California Governor Jerry Brown, and backed by the Democrat leadership of the state, the California voters decided to ignore the advice of nearly every single chief law enforcement officer in the state, countless law enforcement labor unions, nearly every elected district attorney in the state, numerous mayors, multiple city councils, even several liberal leaning newspapers (the entire list of those opposing Prop 57 can be found here).  The CA voters ignored all those people, all of those experts in the field, and passed the law anyway, and by a significant margin (64% yes to 36% no), because hey, what the hell do cops and district attorneys know about keeping cities free from crime, right?

Prop 63
In the “shredding the Constitution” department, the voters of California, in their never ending drive to eliminate their own rights, decided to pass Proposition 63, which in addition to a few other things, made it illegal to purchase ammo without a special permit.

This unconstitutional proposition was dreamed up, and pushed almost solely by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.  It was originally billed as the “Safety for All” act, and Newsom found significant assistance in funding the push to pass this in anti-gun billionaire, Michael Bloomberg.

For that matter, as a career cop who sincerely respects the constitution, I felt strongly enough about this proposition that I volunteered my time, and my gas, to haul my butt in to the FPC studio to film an online add opposing this proposition.

The fact of the matter is, Proposition 63 only affects people who buy their guns, ammo and magazines legally, at stores.  In my 20 years as a cop, I’ve only encountered two (2) armed criminals who bought their guns and ammo that way, and this law would not have stopped either of them because prior to the commissions of the crimes for which they were arrested, they both had clean records.  As I have said many times over, Prop 63 will not prevent a single gun crime.  On the other hand, it will indeed infringe on millions of legal gun owners ability to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights.


The sad/funny part is, despite the name, Proposition 63 does nothing to enhance anyone’s safety, which is why out of all the law enforcement agencies in the entire state, only four (4) current department heads from only two (2) very liberal cities, and one (1) retired police chief (one who is notoriously anti-gun), all of whom represent cities in the San Francisco bay area, are the only LE officials to support it.  A few DA’s, also all from liberal cities, also supported it.  No law enforcement labor unions in the state supported it.   In fact, the list of law enforcement department heads (retired and current), the list of district attorneys, and the list of law enforcement labor unions that opposed it exceed several hundred entries, and all six (6) pages of it can be found here.

Despite all of the evidence that shows this law will be just as ineffective at combating gun violence as every other gun control measure.  Despite the fact that it very clearly violates the bill of rights.  Despite the fact that hundreds of experts on the matter of preventing crime opposed this proposition, the voters of California overwhelmingly voted to pass it (63% yes to 37% no).

Prop 64
The recreational pot proposition.

But it is just weed man.  It is no different from alcohol.  Except that it is most definitely different from alcohol.  I am not a doctor, so I will not even touch on the medical aspects of this, which there are plenty.  That said, both sides of that argument will have their own doctors saying things to back one side or the other.  I will just say this, weed is NOT the same as alcohol for a great number of reasons.

I am here to talk about the legal aspects of this proposition.  Medical marijuana, in one form or another, has been legal in this state for a long time.  Anyone with a few bucks and a few hours to kill can go to one of the hundreds of “doctors” around the state and get a doctor’s note to allow them to legally possess and use weed.  I have seen notes for an astronomical range of reasons including ADHD, frequent headaches, dyslexia and even scoliosis.  The reason I point that out is to show how easy it is to legally get pot.

Since pot was legalized for “medicinal use” in California, the amount of violent crime associated with it has actually increased, despite all the arguments that it would decrease.  In the county where I am employed, more than half of the home invasion robberies are pot related, and a significant number of homicides are also related to pot rip-offs.  Those are a few of the reasons that a huge number of law enforcement officials across the state, both past and present, opposed this proposition.  A large number of elected officials opposed it, including a large number of district attorneys, as did a large number of law enforcement labor unions.  The full list of those opposed can be found here.

lettertocafromdenverda-2On the flip side, the list of those endorsing Proposition 64 includes a number of liberal organizations such as the Democrat party, the NAACP, the ACLU, and about 10 retired cops from all over the state, and one police chief from out of state.  That list can be found here.

By the way, it is not just us silly California cops and district attorneys making stuff up so that people can’t get stoned.  Agencies from other states that recently legalized weed sent warnings to us.  Take for example this letter from the District Attorney of Denver, CO in which he documents the dramatic rise in violent crimes across his entire state since pot was legalized there.  Just for clarification, since the “nonviolent” crimes that are covered by Prop 57 might have confused you, in this case violent crimes include murder, rape and robbery, to name a few.  Not surprisingly, thefts also increased, as they usually do when more people start doing recreational drugs.

And as I have come to expect, the voters of California again completely disregarded the opinions of those tasked with keeping society safe and voted to make recreational pot legal, again by a fairly large margin (56% yes to 44% no).

Fallout Predictions
Currently, law enforcement as a whole is fighting constant battles in the larger War on Cops against the mainstream media and leftist, anarchist organizations like Black Lives Matter.  Simultaneously, cops in California are also dealing with the fact that the very society we are tasked with protecting keeps passing laws which make that very job more and more difficult.  And it happens election after election.

Even when society is shown the negative results of their previous votes every night on the news, and they read about the skyrocketing crime rates in reports by the FBI, they still are easily swayed by flowery words and hollow promises showered on them by the same politicians that sold them the last fake bill of goods.

The best analogy I can offer is that it is like a dysfunctional marriage.  We are the half of the relationship trying our best to make it work, and the voters are the unemployed, alcoholic who keeps cheating on us.  We deal with the new limitations put on us, but in the end, things keep getting worse because the other half keeps drinking and cheating, and each time they do it worse than the previous time.  Then when called on it, they blame us for causing it.

One of the first negative things to happen when society stops supporting their cops (making their job harder by passing laws like these is the exact same thing as not supporting them) has become known as the Ferguson Effect.  If cops know, or can reasonable expect, that they are going to be publicly crucified for simply doing their jobs, then they cease to voluntarily do their job (they stop proactively policing) and instead they do the very minimum they can to get by.  It is not that they do not do their job properly, but they stop looking for extra work (crime)on their own and instead just answer the calls for service that come in.  This very effect has been noted in most major cities across the nation, and it is especially pronounced in cities where there have been significant outcries and demonstrations against the police.  Not surprisingly, the crime rates where that has been happening have skyrocketed.

Currently, California law enforcement agencies, just like agencies all across the country, are having a significantly difficult time filling vacancies.  In this pervasive anti-cop environment, where cops are instantly doubted and the suspect’s word is treated like gospel; where no matter what the situation is, if a cop shoots a black person they can expect to be crucified on both social media and in the mainstream media; where cop’s salaries and pensions are being cut while the public simultaneously demands better training and education, it is no wonder we cannot find enough applicants to fill the vacancies.  Add to that the dismal work ethic and lack of life experience that many members of the current generation of applicants belong to (millennials), and the growing drop out and failure rates in academies are easily explained.

And lastly, the number of vacancies for most agencies is growing larger every year.  Career cops like me are getting fed up with the media, with department politics, with being overworked due to lack of staffing, and with the public constantly sabotaging our efforts by passing these laws.  That growing angst is leading to large numbers of us senior cops are calling it quits.  The desire to leave is especially high with those working for agencies where their management is less prone to defend them publicly if something negative hits the media.  I heard the other day from a person employed by a neighboring agency that 25% of their active sworn staff is currently in the application and background process with other agencies.

Sadly, my prediction is that crime in the once Golden State is going to get far worse before it ever gets better, and it will only get better if the public stops voting these stupid laws into place.

Prop 57, Tripling Down on Public Safety Failure


Ask anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you that Proposition 57 is NOT a solution, and instead it is a total nightmare.  Prop 57 is not a solution designed to make society safer.  Simply put, this is a plan designed to fix a poorly run state’s budget shortfalls and overcrowded prisons by releasing even more convicted felons.  Governor Jerry Brown, the man pushing this bill, is spending billions of tax dollars on a high speed train to nowhere because he likes trains* and has to figure out some way to attempt to balance the budget.

Thus far, over the last several years, Brown has released multiple thousands of convicted felons onto the public streets, and both previous times, he labeled it as a “public safety measure.”

The first step was when he signed AB 109, or the “Prison Realignment” bill into law.  It was touted as a way to “reduce overcrowding, costs and recidivism.”  Because it has been proven that releasing inmates early, lessening their punishments, reduces recidivism?  No, no it hasn’t.

The passing of AB 109 nearly instantly led to an increase in the crime rate.  Some very violent criminals were released under AB 109 because their current reason for incarceration did not qualify as a “violent” crime.  Not surprisingly, many criminals released under AB 109 went on to commit very violent crimes, including assaults, shootings and murders.  There are plenty of sources documenting this, and news stories documenting some of the more heinous crimes committed by these released prisoners (except the stories notably rarely mentioned their early releases or ties to AB 109), but you have to go out and look for them as the people responsible for passing this travesty of justice sure aren’t going to let you know about it.

The next step was Prop 47 which Brown supported and the voters of California were duped into passing.  I say duped because sadly, most voters are too lazy to read the actual bill and vote purely based on the name assigned to the bill.  Not surprisingly, the CA DOJ, run by Kamala Harris, a fellow democrat and friend to Brown, is responsible for the name the bill receives in the voting pamphlet and on the ballots**.  When you name a bill, which will essentially decriminalizes many felonies, which prevents law enforcement from arresting thieves and burglars, which reduces theft of or possession of a stolen gun from a felony to a misdemeanor thus preventing cops from arresting the gun criminal, and which eventually leads to the release of thousands and thousands MORE convicted felons back onto the streets, when you title that bill the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” you are very clearly lying to the public in order to get the bill passed.  Yet that is exactly what Kamala Harris did, and now she is running for US Senate…


The very day that bill passed, I predicted in writing that crime was going to increase dramatically.  Here we are a couple years later and sadly, I was exactly right, which the FBI has confirmed.  Since the passage of Prop 47, violent crime in California has skyrocketed.  In just one year, the violent crime rate jumped 12% in California.  While the liberal politicians responsible for this bill and even some media outlets refuse to draw the blatantly clear correlation between that rise in crime and Prop 47, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out when there are more criminals on the streets, more crime is bound to occur.  Heck, all one need do to find that out is to Google “prop 47 increased crime” and you will get an ample supple of scary reading material, likely far more than you want to read.

Which brings us to where we are now, with more criminals on the streets, a climbing overall crime rate, a skyrocketing violent crime rate, and in response to all that, Governor Moonbeam is pushing a proposition that will release even more convicted felons?

Yes, that is exactly what Brown is doing.  Talk about tripling down on failure!

And yet again, his buddy Kamala Harris is right there helping him out with the EXTREMELY misleading name for the proposition, the “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016.”   Conveniently, for the benefit of the uneducated, lazy California voters, that name sounds like a no-brainer.

Proposition 57, which is heavily backed by Jerry Brown, will release 7,000 more “nonviolent offenders” and will take the option of trying certain juvenile offenders charged with certain crimes as adults away from the district attorney and place that decision in the hands of a judge.  You know, because coddling the criminals is working out so well for us as it is…

Also, just in case you were wondering what qualifies as a nonviolent offense under Prop 57, here are some of the “nonviolent” crimes:

  • Rape by intoxication
  • Rape of an unconscious person
  • Human Trafficking involving sex acts with minors
  • Domestic Violence involving trauma
  • Failing to register as a sex offender
  • Lewd acts against a child
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Hostage taking
  • Attempting to explode a bomb at a hospital or school
  • Supplying a firearm to a gang member
  • Hate crime causing physical injury
  • Arson
  • Discharging a firearm on school grounds
  • False imprisonment of an elder through violence

All of this should leave one wondering, “Who in the hell is pushing this?”  If you are wondering that, as I was, following the money is the quickest way to find that out.  Thankfully, with the advent of the internet, that is not nearly as difficult as task as it once was.  By visiting the CA Secretary of State website, you can find out who is supporting this measure monetarily.  Looking at the four committees listed, one is clearly donating the most money.  The “Yes on Prop 57, Californians for Public Safety and Rehabilitation” (what a total crock for a name!) committee has donated over $6.9 million.  By the way, try Google searching that committee name and see what you find, or more accurately, don’t find.

Digging into that committee further on the Secretary of State webpage, you can find out where all that money is coming from.  Not so shockingly, or maybe it is, the overwhelming vast majority of that money ($4,138,764.06) came from one source, “GOVERNOR BROWN’S BALLOT MEASURE COMMITTEE.”  A few other sources should not surprise you, such as the “CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY” and “CALIFORNIA STATE COUNCIL OF SERVICE EMPLOYEES ISSUES COMMITTEE.”


Now that you know who is supporting the bill, take a look at who is opposing it.  Just a list of a whole bunch of people who have the actual public safety in mind, like district attorneys, and sheriffs, not to mention a metric crap load of us working, line level cops.   Here is the major difference though, this is a bunch of civil servants who do not have millions of dollars to throw at the election like Brown and the Democrats do.

Folks, please, for the sake of all our safety, help us help you.  Vote NO on Prop 57!


* “You’ll always have critics (say), ‘Why spend the money?’ ” he added later. “My inclination is not to spend anything. But on the other hand, I like trains. I like clean air. I like to protect as much of the land as we possibly can. And I like to enjoy the comfort of trains.” – BBC Dialogues: Jerry Brown & California High-Speed Rail

** “One of the many responsibilities of the Attorney General is to prepare a title and summary for proposed initiative measures prior to the circulation of qualification petitions.”Ballot Initiatives