Anti-Cop Activism Disguised as News

Capture“There are other things they could have done” (photo caption) says someone who has zero training or experience in the job, and almost no life experience.

The Sacramento Bee, besides being  (quoting my dad) a “pinko commie liberal rag,” has a long history of not being friendly to law enforcement, but lately it has turned from unfriendly to downright adversarial.  This recent article is a perfect example of that, and does nothing for anyone except for the cop haters.

First, let me address the facts of the incident before we get into this latest piece of Sac Bee anti-cop propaganda.  In November 2016, in the very early morning hours (5am), Sacramento County deputies were called to a house in Fair Oaks where a strange man, Jesse Attaway, broke into a home, but was chased out after trying to get the home owner to hand over the keys to his car.  The suspect started jumping fences and tried to break into several more homes.  The cops received numerous calls about the man trying to break into homes.  Cops located the burglar and when they confronted him, at gunpoint, he refused to comply with orders.  He would not show his hands and kept turning away from the cops.  Finally, he pulled his hands out of his pockets in a rapid motion and pointed something at the deputies, who thinking it was a gun, shot and killed him.

Per the news stories from the time of the incident, which coincidentally was about the same time Alfred Olango was shot for doing nearly the same thing, it was indicated the suspect’s motions looked just like someone drawing a gun and taking a shooting stance.

During the follow up investigation, it was discovered that he arrived in the area driving a stolen car, which he stole during a burglary earlier in the evening in Rocklin, CA .  In addition to the stolen car, he had methamphetamine in his pocket and according to the autopsy, he was high on meth at the time he was killed.

So, let me sum up Attaway’s crimes just the night of his death.  Multiple counts of burglary, grand theft auto, attempted grand theft auto, possession of methamphetamine, driving under the influence, and his final act, felony stupid which is what got him killed.

Now for this ridiculous Sacramento Bee article.  It starts off with a touching tale of woe, sprinkled with fictional nonsense designed to make the reader emotional, because it is easier to get you on their side if you are emotional.  “On the one-year anniversary of the day their father was shot and killed by two Sacramento sheriff’s deputies, sisters Bobbi Attaway and Sierra Rivera returned to the suburban street where he died, and where they thought they could still see traces of his blood staining the asphalt.”

Uh, no, no you didn’t.  The blood is cleaned up by a professional hazmat cleanup company.  I’ve been to scenes of outdoor homicides only days later and there is no evidence of blood stains, let alone a full year later.  But hey, it makes a more touching story if they can see their dad’s blood stains, so we’ll just say they “thought they saw” some.

But wait, we should pile on more completely irrelevant nonsense like “a father the girls described as funny and non-confrontational.”  Not sure how often his daughters were tasked with arresting their dad, but oddly enough, people behave differently when they are chilling with their family as compared to when they are stoned, in the middle of a crime spree and get caught by the cops.  I know that might seem odd, but trust me, it is true.

“How could Attaway, 41, have methamphetamine in his system, as a toxicology report found, when his daughters never knew he did drugs?”  Uh, because they live in a bubble and did not pay attention to what their dad was doing, either that or they are lying about not knowing.

You see, this was far from Attaway’s first exposure to meth.  Hell, it was not even the first time the cops found meth in his possession, and the Sac Bee damn well knows that, or they should.  It took me all of 10 minutes to check the public court records for both Sacramento County and Placer County, the two counties in which this crime spree occurred, and the two counties in which Attaway had lived.  Lo and behold, Attaway had two prior arrests for possession of methamphetamine for which he spent three years on probation.  If the Sac Bee was interested in the truth, they would have offered that up, but truth is not what they are after.

Then they go on to talk about the “civil rights attorney” which is funny thing to call a guy who has a reputation in the area of pretty much making a living off of suing city and county government agencies, especially when the cops are involved.  Beyond that, they talk about all sorts of other things, doubts, policies, other unrelated allegations, just about anything else they could throw in there before they get down to brass tacks:  the shooting was deemed a good shoot by the homicide investigators, by the district attorney’s office and by the independent inspector general.  Yes, you read that right, it was a good shoot according to everyone.

But that has never stopped the Sacramento Bee from dragging the cops through the mud.

Hell, this time around, they are also throwing some of the mud.

Cue the poorly edited cellphone video of a sad teen.  Be sure to include family photos of the suspect smiling thrown in for that extra little tug at the reader’s heart strings…

PoliceOne Just Destroyed Their Credibility


NOTE: I have written a follow-up post to this, one in which I take back some of the things I said here.  If you read this post, please read part 2 as well. used to be a valuable source of information for law enforcement personnel.  They wrote articles that contained valuable tips, offered ideas for training, they published articles discussing trends in law enforcement, and they conducted polls of active duty law enforcement personnel regarding related issues across the country.

But that was then.

Now, they have turned into just another leftist media outlet.  Most of their “news” articles are just Associated Press (notoriously not law enforcement supporters) articles published in their entirety, lacking any corrections for blatantly obvious errors.  I first noticed this a few years ago when they ran a news story regarding a liquor store robbery in which the suspect was described as having fired an “assault weapon” during the commission of the crime.  The article included surveillance video from the liquor store, in which the suspect could be clearly seen wielding nothing more than a handgun.  The error was so obvious, and as a pro-gun cop, so annoying that I emailed PoliceOne and had a short email conversation with the editor, Doug Wyllie.  He explained the source of their information (the AP) and that their agreement with the AP does not allow them to edit the articles.  I argued that agreement or not, knowingly publishing bad information is not acceptable, especially for a publication representing law enforcement.  He never replied.


Well, here we are a few years later and the number of horribly biased (against the cops) and blatantly anti-gun AP articles that PoliceOne has run just continues to grow, despite the fact that their own surveys have routinely shown that cops do NOT support gun control.

As coincidence would have it, I was just discussing PoliceOne’s unreliability/bias a few days ago on Twitter when someone I follow pointed out an error (bias) in one of their articles.


It appears to me that their being located in San Francisco, CA has drastically affected their ability to focus on the real attitude of the national law enforcement community.  Instead, they continue to sound more and more like the average resident of the city in which they reside.

Today, I stumbled upon an article that was written by “Police One Staff” (because no one there was willing to put their name on it?) that is a whopping nine (9) paragraphs long; not a substantial piece by any means.  The article was published on February 14 and the title is “More than 200 police chiefs criticize Trump’s ‘law and order’ executive actions.”

It is a short read so I recommend you not take my word for it, read the article yourself.  By publishing this piece, which they wrote themselves, PoliceOne has lost ALL credibility in my mind.  This is nothing more than a leftist, anti-Trump hit piece.  Unless I am taking this article the wrong way (if I am, please explain it to me), they are seriously attempting to cite a group named “Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Incarceration” as a group that supposedly represents the overall opinion of law enforcement.  Really?  I know an awful lot of cops, I am personal friends with three police chiefs, one sheriff, and acquaintances with more than a couple hundred other ranking law enforcement officials, and not a single one that I know would ever dream of suggesting that we need to incarcerate fewer criminals, yet that is the goal of the group PoliceOne is citing.

PoliceOne, you just proved you are nothing but just another mouthpiece for the leftist propaganda machine.  You are dead to me.  Pound sand a-holes!

Update:  A couple hours after publishing this piece, I came to find that a friend of mine, whose opinion I greatly value, is personal friends with Doug Wyllie, the editor at  He did not contact me regarding this either, but rather I contacted him when I learned of their friendship.  It appears my take on Doug, which I based on both the email conversation we had and the articles that have been published on the website, was very far off.  I trust my friend when he tells me that Doug is a stand up guy and on our side.  For that bad assumption on my part, I apologize.

That said, I still take serious issue with some of the content they have been running lately, and especially with this particular article.


NOTE: I have written a follow-up post to this, one in which I take back some of the things I said here.  If you read this post, please read part 2 as well.

Sutter Health CEO Sends Anti-Trump Propaganda to All Employees

Sarah Krevans, President and CEO of Sutter Health

If you know anyone in the healthcare field, it will likely come as no surprise to you that a majority of the folks in that line or work are of the liberal persuasion, politically speaking that is.  (EDIT – apparently, based on comments from a number of folks from around the country, this liberal healthcare worker thing might just be a California issue) That is not a problem per se, but when the CEO of a large healthcare provider network goes out of their way to write and disseminate anti-Trump propaganda to all employees and volunteers, that becomes an issue.  As a conservative, if I were an employee who received this in my email, I might feel less than welcome at work.

The following is the text of the email:

“This message is sent on behalf of Sarah Krevans, Sutter Health President and CEO

To: All employees, physicians and volunteers across the Sutter Health network

Many of you have shared your questions about the impact of President Trump’s recent executive order restricting entry into the United States for nationals of certain countries.”

Really?  You’ve had employees, doctors and volunteers contacting you, the CEO of the entire health system to ask you about a presidential executive order regarding a temporary ban on immigration from a handful of countries, that were identified by the Obama administration, as harboring terrorists?   Your doctors, employees and volunteers were so concerned about how that executive order might effect their ability to provide health services that they went straight to the president of the entire health care system?

Sorry, but I smell some serious male bovine excrement…


“Our primary concern is the health and well-being of patients in our care, as well as the health of our communities.  Respect for diversity, inclusion and cultural competence are woven into every aspect of our not-for-profit network.  All patients and their families – regardless of their religion, background or country of origin – are welcome in our care centers.  We will continue to admit and care for patients in a manner consistent with our non-discrimination policies and practices.  We do not check immigration status nor do we plan to in the future.

I deeply appreciate the unique backgrounds and experiences of the more than 53,000 employees, more than 10,000 doctors and 5,000 volunteers who serve our patients.  I firmly believe that our people’s divers perspectives and insights lead to better decisions and better care.  My commitment to you and our patients and their families has not changed.”

Blah, blah, blah.  Lots of liberal feel-good dribble.

“We’re also actively evaluating how we can support any employees, physicians and their families possibly impacted by this uncertain environment.”

Holy crap!  You actually have employees and doctors who are currently not American citizens, and whom are living in those specified countries known for harboring terrorists?  How did you manage to hire them if they are not here and do not have valid resident/citizenship status?

“Within Sutter Health, we will continue treating each other with kindness and respect.  As I shared with you in November, we are unwavering in our commitment to diversity and inclusion and will not tolerate prejudice, bigotry or discrimination.”

… unless it is directed at the current US president, and any of you hate mongers who voted for him …

“Every day, I see your remarkable dedication and compassion and that you continue to provide exceptional care and service to our patients, their families, our communities and each other.  Thank you.”

Seriously, does Sarah here realize how divisive this email is?  She just sent an email to every employee and told them that if they support the presidents TEMPORARY ban on immigration from a small number of countries, that she will not tolerate their opinions.  I wonder if she realizes that this is the same exact thing that Obama himself did previously.  Did she send out an email to all employees when Obama did this?

The following photo of the department wide email was sent in by a follower of our Facebook page.


The amount of irrational behavior being exhibited by those on the left over the past several months, which has only increased tenfold over the last two weeks, is absolutely mind boggling!  Talk about completely out of touch with reality…

Liberal Media Caught Lying, Again – Hillary Post Election Hike

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for discovering this information, I saw it all on Twitter in various locations. I have just compiled it all into one location.


Yesterday, Friday November 11, 2016, CNN ran a story in which a random hiker randomly encountered Hillary Clinton on a random hike.  It was the first time Hillary was seen in public after her day late, post election concession speech.


Here is how the article starts:

(CNN)Margot Gerster, who ran into Hillary Clinton on a hike just a day after she conceded the race, encountered a presidential nominee seemingly at peace and at grace, Gerster said Thursday.

In an image posted to Facebook, Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, New York, can be seen smiling with White Plains resident Gerster, who was hiking with her daughter, 13-month-old Phoebe, and their dog, Piper. The photo was snapped by former President Bill Clinton, who was there as well.

CNN was not the only liberal “news” outlet to cover the story.  Not to be outdone and left in the cold, CBS, NBC and even the BBC got in on the scam.

Well, isn’t that neat. That poor, upset Hillary supporter just happened to bump into Hillary, while she and Bill were on a random hike, without a secret service detail and stuff…

Only problem with that is that the story is a heaping load of horse crap!

This was not the first time Margot Gerster has met Hillary, and the odds that it was some “random happenstance encounter” like both she and the liberal media made it out to be is greater than getting struck by lightning immediately after winning the lottery.

Here is a photo that Gerster shared on her Facebook page on election day, November 8th.


And here is what Elite Daily had to say when they shared that photo, except to them they still covered the story as if the hiking encounter was just random occurrence.


Folks, this stuff is all made up just so the liberal media can feed it to you.  If you are dumb enough to believe that a former president and his wife, who just lost the national election for the same office, take their dog and go on a random hike through the woods without a full secret service detail to keep them safe and prevent random people from coming up to them, then I have ocean front property in Ohio that you might be interested in.  For the right price, I’ll even throw in a bridge.

Pouring Gas On The Fire

Let me start by saying I’ve never heard of this guy before today.  Now, with that said, I really do NOT like him.  What a freaking a-hole!  Please bear with me a few moments and I will explain why I say that.


What an absolute waste of time and effort. Instead of taking the time to teach people what to do, this jackass put together a 3.5 minute video that does nothing but add more fuel to the war on cops, spreading more anti-cop propaganda, sowing distrust and hate.

For anyone unclear on what to do in this situation, a situation I have actually encountered on the streets, let me spell it out for you since Page Kennedy couldn’t be bothered:

If the cops are pointing a gun at you, and if you do not want to get shot, do exactly what the cops say.

“But I was just reaching into my pocket to get a phone” while the cops are pointing guns at you, in a situation that you clearly know they think you are armed is ASTRONOMICALLY STUPID!

Oddly enough, on his Facebook page, he mentions how the “real cops” rolled up on them while they were filming their video.  That’s odd, and they didn’t shoot you?  How can that possibly be?


Honestly, what a complete and total asshat!

This video went live 4 days ago, and on Facebook, where he has over 2.3 million followers, it has more than half a million views. On YouTube, where he has over 229k subscribers, the video has over 13,000 views. That is a TON of people that this ignorant moron Kennedy could have helped educate, but instead he chose this route, causing more division, more distrust, more hatred, which will only lead to more people getting injured.

Stupid shit like this is not how you help anyone!

A “Rational Discussion” About “Police Violence” is Impossible


Wow!  Is this USA Today, or is this HuffPo?   Not often do I mistake those two, but this piece at USA Today is nothing more than a collection anti-cop rhetoric quoting disproven lies, interspersed with quotes from far left, hardly legitimate sources, in an attempt to legitimize illegal, irresponsible behavior of people who are old enough to know and act better.  If you have been paying the slightest attention as of late, if you’ve actually bothered learning the facts of the overwhelming majority of the incidents the left keeps throwing out when they scream “police brutality,” the decision to run this anti-cop propaganda by a major “news” outlet should bother you.  The following quotation is how it opens.

“The image of an unarmed person of color being brutalized by police has become inescapable.

For Prairie View A&M University senior Jesse Valdez, each one of those images brings overwhelming anxiety.  He’s seeking a professional diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder.” 

In other words folks, he is doctor shopping, because no one has given him the diagnosis he wants.  No one “seeks a diagnosis” morons, you seek help from a doctor who diagnoses your issue, if you have one.  In this case, my professional diagnosis of this guy is that he is lacking anything resembling a spine.  Hell, according to the author, when Valdez drives past a memorial for Sandra Bland (a woman who committed suicide while in custody) it causes him severe anxiety.

The piece continues on, jumping around in an attempt at outlining all the reasons that cops and their use of force (to arrest people who are not complying) are to blame for, well, everything.  Let me address all the issues brought forth in the following two paragraphs and point to where, in my opinion, the problem really lies.

“Police are supposed to keep us safe,” Williams said. People who experience or see police violence can be thrown for a loop when they expect police officers to help them and the officers turn out to be “the bad guys,” she added.

The Louisville professor said a collective effect of police violence in African-American households tends to be empathy. Many African-American families pass down lessons about how to behave in order to avoid police violence. Valdez, who identifies as black and Hispanic, said his family taught him to be deferential to officers. The empathy that African Americans can feel for police violence victims can be challenging for other groups, according to Williams. She attributed empathy deficiencies to America’s legacy of segregation and us-vs.-them mentalities. Members of a so-seeming “out-group” receive less compassion, she said.

In the first paragraph, the police are keeping you safe, unless you are a criminal.  There are very few incidents that have hit the news in the last several years where the police were indeed “the bad guys.”  I can only think of a few cases of unjustified use of deadly force (Walter Scott and Charles Kinsey come to mind), and even in those cases, ONLY ONE person who was shot by the cops was an actual innocent man (Charles Kinsey).  All of the other legally unjustified shootings, which I freely admit there were some, but in every single other case, the person shot or injured was in fact a criminal who was actively resisting arrest.  In fact, most of the incidents that everyone constantly points to, it was the” bad guy” (ie: criminal) who got injured by the good guys (cops), and in nearly all of those cases, the force used was legally justified.  The problem is that too many people in society are siding with the criminals, not the victims or the neighborhoods.

As for the second paragraph, there are too many logical fallacies to address as a group, so I will break each sentence down individually.

  1. I would partially agree, and that is indeed the problem. People are empathizing with criminals based on their skin color, while completely disregarding the criminal behavior that lead to the police contact.  This contact is a cause and effect relationship, but the cause is most definitely not the skin color of the person being contacted, it is their illegal behavior.  You cannot logically discuss the results of the contact while completely ignoring the very reason for the contact.  It does not work that way.
  2. Apparently the lessons being passed down are wrong. Becoming belligerent, argumentative and uncooperative DO NOT WORK, and it is those very behaviors that lead up to the use of force by police.  Other than Charles Kinsey, show me a single example of a suspect who cooperated from the start who was subject to any form of “police violence.”
  3. Valdez’s family did not do him any favors, and in fact the lessons they taught him likely lead to his arrest. Had they taught him to be polite and respectful, I doubt he would have ever been in his situation to begin with.
  4. That is because the empathy you are talking about is empathy for violent felons!
  5. Again, the “us vs. them” is on the part of the segment of society you are claiming to represent, not on the part of the cops. The cops are not welcome in those neighborhoods, but the criminals are.  This is clearly evidenced after every single officer involved shooting, even when the suspect was armed and shooting at the cops.  The neighborhood always bemoans the loss of “another good young man who was turning his life around.”
  6. You are an “out-group” not because of your skin color but because of who you choose to support.

The author then continues with the “oh those horrible cops” whine fest and says that people can get PTSD from just watching videos online of “police violence.”  This is really getting out of hand.  That is an activity that they personally, willingly chose to subject themselves to.  No one sat them down and forced them to watch, yet you want to say they got PTSD from that?

Hell, I probably have PTSD from playing too much Call of Duty.  I mean really, have you seen how good the graphics are?  And in that game, I get killed.  Me, personally, dead.  Over and over.  It is traumatizing.  I have constant nightmares about it.  I am reliving it over and over.

And yes, that was dripping with sarcasm.  Do you see how stupid that sounds?  But it is the same exact argument they are using about the videos.

But I digress.  Remember, it is the cops that are the bad guys, and USA Today is none too happy to keep spreading that message.  “Both doctors stated that viewing videos of people being gunned down by police is not psychologically healthy.”  Gunned down?  Nope, no negative connotations by using that wording at all…

Just in case you forgot, the cops are the “bad guys.”

“What is happening is terrifying. If current patterns remain, 2016 could be a particularly deadly year for civilians at the hands of police.” 

01Really?  Would you also care to address the huge spike in officer deaths due to gunfire in 2016?  Last I checked, this year was holding at a 65% increase compared to last year, and this year in particular has had a number of coordinated, extremely violent ambushes on cops.  But of course you do not want to talk about that.

“As of Sept. 2, more than 700 people had been killed by cops, according to The Guardian’s The Counted project. And African Americans had the second highest rate of victimization per million, behind only Native Americans.” 

That is great, a raw number taken totally out of context.  That definitely proves, nothing.  How many of those 700 people were innocent folks doing nothing, vs. how many of them were violent criminals in the act of committing a violent crime?  Yes, context matters.  FACTS MATTER!

Here are some sad facts about police and minority communities.  You want to know why cops are “harassing” minorities more than whites, here is why.  More minorities live in low income and ghetto neighborhoods than whites.  Crime occurs more in low income and ghetto neighborhoods than it does in higher income or suburban neighborhoods.  More crime is committed by blacks and other minorities than is committed by whites (this fact has NOTHING to do with skin color, or any of the BS that racists use to justify their dislike of another ethnicity – it is strictly a socio-economic issue).  Cops spend more time where crime occurs than where it does not.  If cops are spending more time where minorities live, and minorities commit a higher proportion of the crime, it only follows that cops will interact with minorities on a more frequent basis.   It is really not rocket science.

“At ThinkProgress, Alex Zielinski reported the growing perception that race-based police violence is a public health issue and that reframing discourse as one of health could encourage a cultural shift.” 

Really?  Think Progress?  At this point, I’m waiting for the author to quote Cop Block.

Let me be perfectly frank, this is most definitely NOT a “public health issue” just like “gun violence” is not a public health issue.  Why is the left so emphatically trying to make everything somehow a medical issue?   You know what this is?  This is yet another example of the left trying to make everything into someone else’s fault.  They are driving a societal wide total lack of personal responsibility.  Nothing is your fault; it is always something someone else did.

Got pulled over and got a speeding ticket?  Cop’s fault! It was a speed trap, and he was probably rude.

Got twisted up and/or slammed to the ground while being detained by the cops?  It is totally the cops fault; your actions did not necessitate such “police violence.”  Had they only asked you in a nicer tone, 15 more times, you would have finally complied, probably.

Got shot and killed by the cops?  They just want to shoot and kill people of color because America has a legacy of segregation.  It had nothing to do with you resisting arrest / going for their gun / shooting at them / trying to run them over with your car.  Oh yeah, and slavery…

Folks, this is like trying to have a “rational conversation about police use of force” with a five year old kid, who is an only child, while he is all hopped up on sugar, and caffeine, and in desperate need of a nap.  There is absolutely NOTHING rational about that conversation.  When one side (the left) refuses to admit even the slightest amount of culpability, you absolutely CANNOT have an adult discussion.

Speaking of a rational discussion, here is a video in which Bill Whittle dismantles the majority of the arguments that are at the root of that entire USA Today article.  Take a few minutes, watch it, and learn something.

How has America turned into such a whiny, crying wuss in such a short period of time?  A couple hundred years ago, some pissed off colonials took on the most powerful nation on the planet at the time, and won our independence.  Seventy years ago, our nation came to the aid of the rest of the world and freed most of Europe and the Pacific.  Fifteen years ago, after our country was attacked by foreign terrorists, we went overseas and chased their America-hating butts into caves underground and did our damnedest to eradicate them.  Ten years ago, race relations in this country were far better than they are now.  Today, adults need safe spaces on college campuses to protect them from words, men want to be able to use the women’s bathroom, Black Lies Matter has convinced America that it is racist again, and people apparently get PTSD from watching a video where a cop has to use force to arrest a criminal.

Holy crap America, wake up!  While you are at it, toughen up too!

Mainstream Media is the Real Enemy


WTF kind of BS is this? What is the mainstream media trying to do to this country?  It is stories like this, headlines like these that are causing all of the problems in America right now.  If you have not heard of Korryn Gaines yet, you will very soon.

Reading these headlines, you are left wondering why the horrible evil cops would have dared to shoot this woman, let alone her poor 5 year old son.  What horrible sons of bitches those asshole cops are, right?

By just reading these headlines, you would think that the cops just shot her.  You would never even guess this woman was pointing a gun at the cops, and fired that gun at them, but she was and she did. While they mention that in some of these articles, they still make the cops out to be the bad guys.

We need to get something straight.  The public absolutely needs to understand this one simple fact:

It is the suspect’s actions that predicate law enforcement’s responses, period.

  • Gaines chose not to not go to court for her resisting arrest and traffic charges.
  • She chose to not answer the door and instead chose to barricade herself inside her apartment when the cops came to her house with an arrest warrant.
  • She chose to arm herself with a gun and refuse to comply, even after the cops made entry into the apartment.
  • She chose to point the gun at the cops while holding her 5 year old son in her lap as a human shield (mother of the freaking year right there!).
  • Gaines chose to threaten to kill the cops with the gun she was pointing at them.
  • She chose to shoot at the cops.

But somehow this is the cops’ fault? WTF?!?!

Screw the media!

I was only able to find one single media outlet with a headline that truly captures what occurred.  Thank you to the Dallas Morning News!


We have a huge problem in America right now, but the problem is NOT the cops, it is the mainstream media who is manipulating large segments of the population.

From the Mind of a Third Grader

While the Dallas Terrorist attack was being televised live my eight year old daughter became horrified and asked her mother over and over if Daddy was there. My wife tried to explain afterwards about racism, what it meant and why those Officers were being shot at. It was a very difficult discussion and we spoke about it at length everyday. After the President gave his speech at the Dallas Memorial my daughter was left with even more confusion. She wanted to know why the President didn’t like the Police. These are not words I prompted her with but even she saw through the false empathy. My wife suggested she write a letter to the president explaining how she felt.

My daughter edited her letter multiple times and the original told the President that: “He should dislike the bad guys more, the bad guys who do drugs and hurt children.” I thought this was profound but she wanted to erase it because she felt they were truly not her own words but inspired by her parents. She eventually changed the ending of the letter to simply state “Police are good!” This is meaningful not just for me, but for all Law Enforcement out there, our children will listen to what we are teaching them so let us try and teach them the truth whenever possible. If we let the state raise our children the result is chaos.


Obviously I am biased here because I speak of my own child but I could not be more proud. After asking all of the appropriate questions over the last week and coming to her own conclusions she hit the nail on the head with deadly accuracy. Of course the president doesn’t have a great reputation in my household and I won’t ignore the fact that her words are ultimately inspired by my own lessons but isn’t that the point? Aren’t we supposed to foster critical thought in our young?

As a cop I’ve been taught to write at the fourth grade level which is extremely difficult for me yet this is third grade writing in its purest form. It speaks plainly to the message she wants to portray “my Daddy is good” and she is insulted by our leader believing anything otherwise. She feels strongly enough about it to mail this letter to the President and is hopeful for a response. The very idea that I or any of my partners would treat someone differently because of the color of their skin does not fit into her logic. She simply doesn’t believe this is true because she has not seen or heard of it. This is the danger of promoting false narratives.

Perhaps we could all learn from the third grade vantage point and learn to observe what is directly in front of us instead of focusing on the imaginary. We as a people can learn many lessons by simplifying the facts and acting on our own logic, deciding what the “truth” is by seeing this for ourselves. If I were a bigot and a racist she would know about it because it is not something you can hide from your own children. The obvious truth in her mind is vastly different from how the President views the world. What experiences has he had which causes him to believe in a universal falsehood that gives rise to racism in cops where it seldom exists?2

Our politicians need to leave their safe, upper class neighborhoods and mansions and view the world for what it truly is. I encourage President Obama to do a ride along with any lawman in any state and think about the things he witnesses. Any of you who are in doubt should also do this, perhaps some of your  questions would be answered and the world would reveal itself for how it truly exists in this realm, not the illusory world politicians speak of. Learn from the simple logic of a fourth grader and stop confusing the simple truth of the world. Racism is indeed real but where is it most prominent? Experience this issues from a wider vantage point if you can. Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask them about a ride along, you will be enlightened.


Can Cops Ever Be Justified?

20160511__ois_aurora2-p1Aurora, CO Police Department had a third officer involved shooting in a short period of time which has apparently caused the news media to make stupid news media assumptions like “the cops are shooting too many people” instead of wondering the more logical “why are so many people doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them?”

The most recent shooting, the one which has caused the media to wonder their stupid questions involved a carjacking by an armed subject who led the police on a 17 mile pursuit at the end of which he rammed a cop car and then pointed a gun at the cops, who promptly shot him. The passenger in the suspect vehicle even said the suspect told her he was going to shoot it out with the cops. So the media is questioning this? Really?


I’m happy to say the Chief of the Aurora Police gave them the appropriate response.

“If you point a gun at one of my officers, expect that there will be an aggressive and a very overwhelming response. Because my expectation is that my officers go home at the end of shift.” – Chief Nick Metz

Here is the short news story put out by the local CBS Denver station. Notice their inclusion of a statement made by some nitwit from the ACLU, you know, because the cops are bad and stuff. I will address that nitwit’s comments after the video.

“If the numbers, um, are, are too high, and I think they are, then there needs to be, um, measures taken to see how can we reduce the numbers and the frequency of these shootings” – Mark Silverstein, Legal Director, ACLU Colorado

Well Mark, instead of worrying about how many times the cops are shooting bad guys, how about you worry about preventing the bad guys from doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them. This is an absolutely 100% justified shooting, and the idiots at the ACLU are worried about finding a way to reduce 100% justified shootings? Are you people developmentally disabled? Did your parents have any children that lived?


The cops actions are predicated by the actions of the suspect. If the suspect did not 1) carjack someone while armed with a gun, 2) lead the cops on a 17 mile pursuit, 3) ram a cop car (ie: assault with a deadly weapon), 4) state his intentions to shoot the cops and 5) point a gun at the cops, then the likelihood that the cops would have shot him would be ZERO.

Mark, you braindead moron, the people whose behavior you need to worry about correcting is the criminal’s, not the cop’s. I realize that doing so would go against the ACLU’s sole purpose in life, to hate the cops, and would instead hold the criminals accountable for their own actions, but seriously, buddy, your contention is so full of crap a kindergartener would be calling you out on it.

The “News Media” Just Cannot Help But Hate Cops


What should have been a news story about good cop work instead bears what should be the recipient of the award for the Most Misleading News Headline.

An officer leaving a mall has the door held open for him and the officer thinks he recognized the man.  The officer went to his car, pulled the man up in the computer and found that he had three (3) active warrants for his arrest.  The warrants were for heroin possession, shoplifting and driving on a suspended license.  The officer returned to the building and arrested the man for his outstanding warrants.  Good cop work, nicely done!

BUT to the cop-hating leftist media, that was not the case.  Somehow they tried to twist this into some sort of mean, evil cop story which they gave the headline of “Being polite to officer leads to Massachusetts man’s arrest.”

Seriously?  You jackasses really hate the cops so much that you have to try and turn a nothing event into something?  You are pathetic!

Now, just for full disclosure on my part, I do not know if that title was given to the story by the San Jose Mercury News or by the Associated Press who appears to be the source of the story, but either way, it is clearly anti-cop propaganda.

If you agree with my assessment I encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section on their website.  We need to stand up to the leftist media that continues to denigrate law enforcement, even when they have to make up stuff to do it.