A Cops Random Thoughts About the NYC 2017 Halloween Terrorist Attack


Some random thoughts after yesterday’s terror attack in NYC (originally shared as a Facebook post)

I was at a family member’s house last night and they had the news on about the terrorist attack in New York. At first they were watching Fox but at one point, switched it to CNN. Listening the to cop bashing, anti-gun leftist nitwits on CNN blathering on and on was mind numbing. The thought processes demonstrated by the hosts was like listening to children attempting to profoundly discus an alien invasion (extra-terrestrial, not illegals).

First of all, they kept asking different people “how can we prevent incidents like this?” Really? Are you people that freaking idiotic? You absolutely cannot ever prevent an incident like this. It was a solo guy in a truck who decided to run over people. No matter what his motivation is, whether it be radical Islam like in this case or some crazy jackhole who doesn’t like people on blue bicycles, it is not something that can be prevented. They ask this same question every time something bad happens, and their guests tap dance around the real answer. Let’s be on the adult program, please. Stop placating the public with bullshit. Tell them the truth. It is absolutely not possible to prevent every bad thing from happening. Evil exists. Acknowledge that, and be ready to face the evil when it shows its face.

Then, while they tap danced around the topic of his motivation, which to anyone with a freaking brain was pretty damned obvious. When a guy does something blatantly evil like that, then gets out of the car shouting “allahu akbar” it does not take a rocket surgeon to figure out what his motivation was. But they kept ignoring that and were pretending like he didn’t say it. Then after the note the suspect wrote was located, they almost acted surprised. These are the same idiots arguing that we need open borders to take in refugees from the very countries breeding these radical Islamic terrorists. It is like there is an absolute inability or outright, intentional refusal to put 2 and 2 together.

Third, not one time did they attempt to blame the truck (because of course that would be entirely stupid). In fact, very early on, many news sources were calling it a shooting, and some others called it a traffic accident. There was almost a refusal to admit that this was an intentional act committed by a murderous shitbag who was armed with something that was most definitely not a gun. Yet the fact is, trucks have been used a great number of times to kill and injure people in terrorist attacks. Terrorists attempted to blow up the Twin Towers with a bomb in a truck, a terrorist blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City using a truck. Terrorists in Nice, France just last year used a truck to kill 86 people. No one blames the truck, but these juvenile morons are the same idiots who, when there is a shooting, immediately blame the gun and start screaming about the “common sense need for gun control.” How does the general public not see the glaring hypocrisy on display? How do people listen to these idiots and give any credence to their moronic comments?

I just don’t get it. I cannot for the life of me understand how people who, by all other accounts, are intelligent and educated can be so utterly ignorant.


Sutter Health CEO Sends Anti-Trump Propaganda to All Employees

Sarah Krevans, President and CEO of Sutter Health

If you know anyone in the healthcare field, it will likely come as no surprise to you that a majority of the folks in that line or work are of the liberal persuasion, politically speaking that is.  (EDIT – apparently, based on comments from a number of folks from around the country, this liberal healthcare worker thing might just be a California issue) That is not a problem per se, but when the CEO of a large healthcare provider network goes out of their way to write and disseminate anti-Trump propaganda to all employees and volunteers, that becomes an issue.  As a conservative, if I were an employee who received this in my email, I might feel less than welcome at work.

The following is the text of the email:

“This message is sent on behalf of Sarah Krevans, Sutter Health President and CEO

To: All employees, physicians and volunteers across the Sutter Health network

Many of you have shared your questions about the impact of President Trump’s recent executive order restricting entry into the United States for nationals of certain countries.”

Really?  You’ve had employees, doctors and volunteers contacting you, the CEO of the entire health system to ask you about a presidential executive order regarding a temporary ban on immigration from a handful of countries, that were identified by the Obama administration, as harboring terrorists?   Your doctors, employees and volunteers were so concerned about how that executive order might effect their ability to provide health services that they went straight to the president of the entire health care system?

Sorry, but I smell some serious male bovine excrement…


“Our primary concern is the health and well-being of patients in our care, as well as the health of our communities.  Respect for diversity, inclusion and cultural competence are woven into every aspect of our not-for-profit network.  All patients and their families – regardless of their religion, background or country of origin – are welcome in our care centers.  We will continue to admit and care for patients in a manner consistent with our non-discrimination policies and practices.  We do not check immigration status nor do we plan to in the future.

I deeply appreciate the unique backgrounds and experiences of the more than 53,000 employees, more than 10,000 doctors and 5,000 volunteers who serve our patients.  I firmly believe that our people’s divers perspectives and insights lead to better decisions and better care.  My commitment to you and our patients and their families has not changed.”

Blah, blah, blah.  Lots of liberal feel-good dribble.

“We’re also actively evaluating how we can support any employees, physicians and their families possibly impacted by this uncertain environment.”

Holy crap!  You actually have employees and doctors who are currently not American citizens, and whom are living in those specified countries known for harboring terrorists?  How did you manage to hire them if they are not here and do not have valid resident/citizenship status?

“Within Sutter Health, we will continue treating each other with kindness and respect.  As I shared with you in November, we are unwavering in our commitment to diversity and inclusion and will not tolerate prejudice, bigotry or discrimination.”

… unless it is directed at the current US president, and any of you hate mongers who voted for him …

“Every day, I see your remarkable dedication and compassion and that you continue to provide exceptional care and service to our patients, their families, our communities and each other.  Thank you.”

Seriously, does Sarah here realize how divisive this email is?  She just sent an email to every employee and told them that if they support the presidents TEMPORARY ban on immigration from a small number of countries, that she will not tolerate their opinions.  I wonder if she realizes that this is the same exact thing that Obama himself did previously.  Did she send out an email to all employees when Obama did this?

The following photo of the department wide email was sent in by a follower of our Facebook page.


The amount of irrational behavior being exhibited by those on the left over the past several months, which has only increased tenfold over the last two weeks, is absolutely mind boggling!  Talk about completely out of touch with reality…

I Remember.  Do You?  Will You?

911-september-11th-attacksI vividly remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard what was happening in New York City on that horrible day, September 11, 2001.  I had gotten up early after working swingshift the night before.  I had to go to a parole hearing, so with little sleep, and after a quick shower, a cup of coffee in hand, I jumped in the car, a 1970 Datsun Roadster, and headed off to work.  I was driving through town heading to the station and had only gotten a few miles from my house when I turned on the radio and heard that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.

It was so surreal.  I honestly thought it was some sort of “War of the Worlds” kind of stunt, so I picked up my cell phone and called my wife at home.  She was still sound asleep and I woke her up.  I asked her to turn on the TV and tell me if there was anything on the news.  She turned the TV on, and from the scream she let out, I knew it was true.

M-9-11I got to the station, threw on my uniform and geared up.  I loaded my patrol car and headed to the parole hearing.  There were no smart phones at the time, and my department’s patrol cars at that time did not have AM/FM radios in them, so I was completely in the dark as to what else was going on.  I got to the parole hearing and sat in the waiting room with a bunch of other cops.  We all sat there, fixated on the tiny TV in the room, watching the footage, rolled over and over, of the plane hitting the tower.  As we watched, the second plane hit.  After about 30 minutes, we were told the hearings were all cancelled.

I got back into my patrol car, and even though it was a full 7 hours before my shift was supposed to start, I got a hold of one of the sergeants and asked if he would like me to hit the field, which was met with a very quick, “yes please.”

Firefighters Todd Heaney and Frankie DiLeo, of Engine 209, cCalls for service, early in the day, were quite routine, and it was eerily quiet (low call volume).  As the day progressed, and as the news began coming out about terrorist involvement, all the paranoid crazy people started coming out of the woodwork.  The sheer volume of calls about Middle Eastern men wearing a turban or some other sort of headwear, walking down sidewalks, driving taxis and ice cream trucks, or just being seen in a store, was staggering.

Every single person I contacted that day was in shock.  Store owners, pedestrians, drivers, sandwich artists, hell, even the dirtbags were in shock and were acting like normal human beings, if only for a few days.

On that day, 9-11-01, I had been a cop for a few days short of five years.  But that day, that very day, was my first day as a solo, finalized patrol cop.  I had worked in the jail and an administrative job up to that point, and only recently come to patrol.  I had taken the final test the night before, and passed.  This was supposed to be a celebratory day for me.  Clearly, that was not going to happen.

I spent 17.5 hours in my patrol car that day.  I took a couple of reports.  I contacted dozens of people, most of whom I do not remember, all of whom were devastated, even the turban wearing Middle Eastern guys that everyone kept calling about.

Police officer Mike Brennan helps a distraught woman known oI got home from work that night, well, technically very early the next day, and crawled into bed at about 1:30am to my wife who was still awake.  She was still in shock, and had been crying a lot that day, which for her was not normal as I don’t recall seeing her cry before, ever.

We hugged, and talked about what had happened, about all the lives lost, and about the need I felt to set my career aside and enlist in the military, so I could go help hunt and eliminate the chicken shit bastards who just killed thousands of my fellow Americans in a most cowardly way.    My wife, who had just found out she was pregnant with my oldest son, convinced me to stay here and to continue my career keeping our community safe.   It is a decision I made, and 364 days of the year, a decision I am happy with, but there is that one day of the year, today, 9-11, where I regret not signing up to go hunt the animals who attacked us.

The following day, I woke up and turned on the news.   I was greeted by vivid reminders of what I LOVE about this country.  People from all walks of life, from every color and creed, all came together for a single purpose.  That day, 9-11, was for my generation what December 7th was for my grandparent’s generation.  They were both days that brought this country together, gave us focus, gave us purpose.  It is sad that it takes horrible events like those to bring us together.

article-2032893-0DA8715100000578-585_634x487That day, and some of the days that have followed, especially recently, remind me of a great quote from Ronald Reagan:  “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong”

Sadly, we as a nation continually prove that we do not learn from our past.  As the threat we were and still are fighting has diminished, the country has once again gotten soft.  People with very short memories, and even less intestinal fortitude, quickly grew weary of maintaining vigilance.  The sheep, who were briefly awakened to the cold reality of evil, by the wolf pounding on their door, have gone back to grazing is blissful ignorance.

If you need an example of that blissful ignorance, look no further than what college students are being taught about that horrible day from only 14 short years ago.  Is our memory really that short?

Apparently it is.

Americans have elected leaders with no experience, no plan and no spine who continually capitulate to our enemies.  They have chosen people without honor who refuse to respond when American’s call for help.  They chose men who side with criminals and terrorists instead of with soldiers or first responders.  They have chosen cowards who have weakened our country, and shrunken our military.  The soft headed people of this once great nation have chosen, once again, to put this country on a road which will once again lead to the inevitable; to an attack by yet another foreign power, whether it is terrorist group, a foreign country, or a country run by terrorists.

And we will once again awaken temporarily from our intentional blindness, but only for a fleeting moment, just as long as our collective short term memory lasts.

For our sake, and the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope and pray that America will open her eyes and really wake up, before it is once again too late, and more lives are lost.