Trump is Destroying America… or is He?


So, the left continues to scream that Trump is destroying the country, but it seems to me, despite the fact that generally speaking the news media bashes Trump constantly, the bits and pieces of news I am catching seem to tell a much different story.  If I were to just look at the stock market, and job market, and initial results from the tax plan, and a few other factors, it would seem that ALL of America is doing better under Trump, much better in fact.

Corporate production that has returned to the United States since the “evil Trump” was elected and has enacted policies that promote US production instead of outsourcing:

  • Ford cancelled a planned small car production plant move to Mexico
  • Trans-Lux (makers of the Jumbotron) are moving 100% of their production back to the US from China
  • Sprint is bringing back 50,000 jobs and investing $50 billion into the US economy
  • GM has invested $1.9 billion in creating or retaining 1,500 jobs in US production facilities
  • Carrier kept 1,100 jobs in the US that they planned to move to Mexico
  • IBM, who as recently as 2016 cut 14,000 US jobs has since announced the creation of 25,000 US jobs over the next 4 years (related story)
  • Fiat Chrysler is moving production of the Ram Trucks back to the US from Mexico, and in doing so is bringing 2,500 jobs back (related story)
  • Amazon announced creation of 100,000 full-time US jobs
  • Walmart announced it would be hiring 10,000 more retail employees and due to construction of new distribution centers, will be employing 24,000 construction workers
  • Lockheed Martin announced it would be hiring 1,800 more workers at their Texas production plant where the F-35 is built (related story)
  • Mining and logging industry has added 42,000 jobs since Trump was elected, as opposed to cutting 83,000 jobs under Obama (related story and related story)
  • Intel resumed production of a new $7 billion facility in Arizona that will employ 3,000 high paying tech jobs and 10,000 support personnel
  • Bayer AG committed to adding 3,000 US jobs and billions in R&D spending
  • Samsung investing $300 million and adding 500 US jobs (related story)

BonusesFollowing the evil GOP (Trump) tax plan passage, that is “literally going to kill Americans,” at least according to the left, these “evil corporations” did the following:

  • AT&T announced they were giving $1,000 bonuses to 200,000 US employees, specifically citing the tax reform as the reason
  • Comcast announced, due to the tax reform, it would be giving $1,000 bonuses to more than 100,000 employees (related story)
  • Walmart raised their base pay to $11 an hour and handed out bonuses of up to $1,000 to hourly employees (related story)
  • The list of companies giving out post-tax plan pay increases and bonuses continues to grow (see image to the right and the related story)
  • Apple, the company liberals love to love, is bringing back $250 Billion and 20,000 jobs to the US and even according to leftist, Trump hating media, “even if only a portion is directly attributable to the new tax law.” (related story)

In regards to a few other measures of the US Economy, the stock market under Trump has grown by $6.9 Trillion, yes Trillion (related story) and in news that has not really even made the news, the national debt has actually fallen by $102 Billion since Trump took office, and even ULTRA liberal Snopes can’t twist that to something other than “True” (Snopes entry).  That is quite the contrast to the increase of nearly $9 Trillion under Obama (related story).

I may just be some stupid street cop, but if this is what “destroying America” looks like, please, keep on destroying.



Note: I will be the first to admit that Trump was absolutely NOT my candidate in the primaries.  I have written numerous times that I hate the way he acts on social media and that I think he is far too flippant with the way he talks about certain issues, including the language he uses.  That is not because it offends me, hell, I am impossible to offend and what he has said nearly echoes my own sentiments, but it is because I feel his behavior is not appropriate for the person holding the position of the President of the United States.  Just because I disagree with how he handles that particular aspect of his job does not remotely mean that I do not support the president.

The Left Dehumanizing Those With Whom They Disagree

A friend of mine, a person whom I’ve known since kindergarten, a very kind, caring, good hearted woman shared an article on Facebook two days ago.  I found it odd because she normally does not share political stuff, but usually sticks to stories about animals, animal cruelty and vegetarian eating.  Yes, besides being a kind, caring person, she happens to be a liberal.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a liberal, not in the remotest.  But I am not heartless or cruel.  I care about others, in fact my entire professional life has been dedicated to caring for victims of crime.  Yes, I actually went into this job for the very cliche reason of wanting to help other people.

The article she shared was titled “Good People Don’t Defend a Bad Man” and it was accompanied by a picture of Donald Trump, with the obligatory angry appearance taken fully out of context.  To say I was taken aback would be an understatement.  Here is a woman I have known all my life who is essentially saying that I am a bad person because we disagree on politics.  In a very unlike me move, I chose not to respond for fear I would overreact, and instead I let it percolate a few days so that I could temper my thoughts on the matter.


I read the article, which really boiled down to two things; 1) bashing Trump and 2) dehumanizing Trump supporters, or in this case, writing them off as “bad people.”

Dehumanizing the enemy is a tactic as old as time, but it is most often used in times of war, and it is used by both sides, “good” and “bad.”  During WWII, the Nazis dehumanized the Jews and Japan dehumanized Americans, just like America dehumanized the Germans and the Japanese.  Why?  Because it is easier for soldiers to do their job, on either side, when they hate enemy they are fighting.

That is all fine and dandy, in a time of war, but sadly this is one American dehumanizing a very large group of other Americans simply because they support a different political ideal.

According to John Pavlovitz, the author…

“Good people don’t refer to entire countries as ‘shitholes.’”

“They don’t defend racists and nazis and call them ‘fine people,’ days after murdering a young girl and terrorizing an American city.”

“Good people don’t tweet anti-Muslim rhetoric in the moments immediately following a bombing in order to bolster a position.”

“They don’t leave American territories filled with brown skinned people without power for months upon months, after publicly ridiculing their public servants and questioning their people’s resolve.”

“They don’t take away healthcare from the sick and the poor without an alternative.
They don’t gouge the working poor and shelter the wealthy.”

So, here is the problem with all of that, none of it is factual, but rather it is all opinion based on talking points from the anti-Trump left.  In fact, some of these points center around things that may not have ever even occurred.  If I were so inclined, I could easily offer a counter point to every piece of “evidence” that this author offers to prove that I am a “bad person.”

For instance,  “Good people don’t refer to a group of 5 million Americans who have done nothing beyond joining a civil rights group as murderers.” Something the left often does when they call the NRA and its 5 million members murderers.

“Good people don’t defend a socialist, racist, anti-law and order terrorist organization which has murdered many Americans for nothing more than their chosen profession.”  Which is what the left is constantly doing when they support and push Black Lives Matter and their anti-American agenda.

“Good people don’t Tweet anti-Constitutional rhetoric, in an attempt to violate the rights of millions of Americans, using the still warm bodies of murdered children to stir emotions.”  Yet this is exactly what happened after Sandy Hook, and used the adult victims in many other mass casualty incidents, all in an effort to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans.

“Good people don’t steal money from hard working, struggling Americans and freely give it, along with food and water purchased using that money,  all in an attempt to earn political favor, while using the suffering American citizens as political props to bolster their hate filled rant against the president.”  But that is exactly happened to the aid sent to Puerto Rico, but the left still blames Trump instead of the corrupt Puerto Rican politicians who stole it.

“Good people don’t force young healthy people to purchase healthcare they do not need and cannot afford.  Good people don’t push lies claiming that not forcing people to purchase healthcare they don’t need is the same thing and forcibly taking away their healthcare.”  But that is exactly what Obamacare is, and that is exactly what the left is doing in referring to the removal of the fines for not purchasing Obamacare.

“Good people don’t refer to a tax plan that helps far more middle and lower income families than it hurts as ‘gouging the working poor’ or a tax plan whose corporate tax breaks have already seen numerous large corporations moving production back to the US, or giving millions of dollars in bonuses to their non-executive employees.”  But that is exactly what this author and much of the left is doing.

We must, all of us, remember that having different opinions is important for the health of the country.  Being able to discuss those differences in a calm, logical manner is even more important.  Writing off those who disagree with you as “bad people” is very dangerous, self-destructive, and if it continues, it will lead this country down a very dark path.

If this divisive, dehumanizing tripe is resonating with a woman I’ve known as a kind, caring person for 40 years, I am very scared about what it is doing for those who are not as kind and caring as she.

In the comments on my Facebook page, someone rightfully pointed out that “Seems to me you do a fair bit of this yourself.”

I typed a response but before I could post it, their original comment disappeared. This is my reply:  The thought did occur to me as I wrote this, which is one of the reasons I wrote it. I need to remind myself of my own shortcomings at times as well.


Sutter Health CEO Sends Anti-Trump Propaganda to All Employees

Sarah Krevans, President and CEO of Sutter Health

If you know anyone in the healthcare field, it will likely come as no surprise to you that a majority of the folks in that line or work are of the liberal persuasion, politically speaking that is.  (EDIT – apparently, based on comments from a number of folks from around the country, this liberal healthcare worker thing might just be a California issue) That is not a problem per se, but when the CEO of a large healthcare provider network goes out of their way to write and disseminate anti-Trump propaganda to all employees and volunteers, that becomes an issue.  As a conservative, if I were an employee who received this in my email, I might feel less than welcome at work.

The following is the text of the email:

“This message is sent on behalf of Sarah Krevans, Sutter Health President and CEO

To: All employees, physicians and volunteers across the Sutter Health network

Many of you have shared your questions about the impact of President Trump’s recent executive order restricting entry into the United States for nationals of certain countries.”

Really?  You’ve had employees, doctors and volunteers contacting you, the CEO of the entire health system to ask you about a presidential executive order regarding a temporary ban on immigration from a handful of countries, that were identified by the Obama administration, as harboring terrorists?   Your doctors, employees and volunteers were so concerned about how that executive order might effect their ability to provide health services that they went straight to the president of the entire health care system?

Sorry, but I smell some serious male bovine excrement…


“Our primary concern is the health and well-being of patients in our care, as well as the health of our communities.  Respect for diversity, inclusion and cultural competence are woven into every aspect of our not-for-profit network.  All patients and their families – regardless of their religion, background or country of origin – are welcome in our care centers.  We will continue to admit and care for patients in a manner consistent with our non-discrimination policies and practices.  We do not check immigration status nor do we plan to in the future.

I deeply appreciate the unique backgrounds and experiences of the more than 53,000 employees, more than 10,000 doctors and 5,000 volunteers who serve our patients.  I firmly believe that our people’s divers perspectives and insights lead to better decisions and better care.  My commitment to you and our patients and their families has not changed.”

Blah, blah, blah.  Lots of liberal feel-good dribble.

“We’re also actively evaluating how we can support any employees, physicians and their families possibly impacted by this uncertain environment.”

Holy crap!  You actually have employees and doctors who are currently not American citizens, and whom are living in those specified countries known for harboring terrorists?  How did you manage to hire them if they are not here and do not have valid resident/citizenship status?

“Within Sutter Health, we will continue treating each other with kindness and respect.  As I shared with you in November, we are unwavering in our commitment to diversity and inclusion and will not tolerate prejudice, bigotry or discrimination.”

… unless it is directed at the current US president, and any of you hate mongers who voted for him …

“Every day, I see your remarkable dedication and compassion and that you continue to provide exceptional care and service to our patients, their families, our communities and each other.  Thank you.”

Seriously, does Sarah here realize how divisive this email is?  She just sent an email to every employee and told them that if they support the presidents TEMPORARY ban on immigration from a small number of countries, that she will not tolerate their opinions.  I wonder if she realizes that this is the same exact thing that Obama himself did previously.  Did she send out an email to all employees when Obama did this?

The following photo of the department wide email was sent in by a follower of our Facebook page.


The amount of irrational behavior being exhibited by those on the left over the past several months, which has only increased tenfold over the last two weeks, is absolutely mind boggling!  Talk about completely out of touch with reality…

Trump Obliterates Obama Anti-Cop Dynasty

Well folks, there is a new sheriff in town, or President in the White House as it were.  Yesterday, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, and as soon as that occurred, the White House website got a swift, much needed and very dramatic overhaul.  From the perspective of those who contribute to this page (cops and firefighters), this is by far the most significant and very positive change.  Just look at the screen shot below.

Trump supports law enforcement

Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community

One of the fundamental rights of every American is to live in a safe community. A Trump Administration will empower our law enforcement officers to do their jobs and keep our streets free of crime and violence. The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration. President Trump will honor our men and women in uniform and will support their mission of protecting the public. The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.

The Trump Administration is committed to reducing violent crime. In 2015, homicides increased by 17% in America’s fifty largest cities. That’s the largest increase in 25 years. In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent. There were thousands of shootings in Chicago last year alone.

Our country needs more law enforcement, more community engagement, and more effective policing.

Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter. Our job is to make life more comfortable for parents who want their kids to be able to walk the streets safely. Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus. Or the young child walking home from school.

Supporting law enforcement means supporting our citizens’ ability to protect themselves. We will uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights at every level of our judicial system.

President Trump is committed to building a border wall to stop illegal immigration, to stop the gangs and the violence, and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities. He is dedicated to enforcing our border laws, ending sanctuary cities, and stemming the tide of lawlessness associated with illegal immigration.

Supporting law enforcement also means deporting illegal aliens with violent criminal records who have remained within our borders.

It is the first duty of government to keep the innocent safe, and President Donald Trump will fight for the safety of every American, and especially those Americans who have not known safe neighborhoods for a very long time.

Folks, unless you are a first responder, or have one very close to you, you really have no idea how this makes us feel.  It is impossible to adequately describe what we have been going through for the last 8 years under Barack Obama.  Very happy to see President Donald J. Trump squash that legacy on day freaking one!

Why Liberals Should NEVER Be In Charge

Keep on whining and crying and throwing those temper tantrums liberals…

No really, keep it up, please.

All of your actions since the election results were anounced, all of the public statements from leftist politicians like this one by NYC Mayor DeBlasio , the deafening silence from Obama NOT telling the rioting anti-Trump morons to stop, the adults holding cry fests on college campuses, the schools allowing students to skip classes and tests because they are upset about the results, the “need” for comfort pets and people wearing safety pins, the safe spaces and safe circles, the utterly infantile public meltdowns, keep it up.

Keep spreading the blatant lies on social media in an attempt to convince the public that there are millions protesting, such as this tweet that has been shared nearly 3,000 times and liked by more than 2,900 idiots who are too stupid to realize that the video is from Venezuela, where the citizens are protesting against the very system of government that Hillary represents, and that the very people sharing this were voting for.

Keep on protesting and blocking streets.  Keep preventing first responders from doing their jobs.  Keep causing the deaths of innocent people, like this man, the father of a four (4) year old daughter, who died because of you infantile morons throwing a hissy fit in the streets.

Keep screaming about how horribly evil the Electoral College is, and how it needs to be eliminated, even though you were perfectly fine with it on November 8th, right up until about 11:30pm Pacific.  Like it or not, the electoral college serves a purpose, and that statement is coming from a man whose presidential vote has NEVER IN HIS LIFE counted, because I am a conservative living in one of the bluest of blue states, California.  The electoral college has been around as long as the country has, it is in the Constitution, it is not going anywhere, and it has bitten both parties in the butt before.  If you don’t like it (right now because it worked against you) or don’t understand it, I urge you to take five minutes and educate yourself by watching the following video.

To all you liberals having a full on mental meltdown, while I freely admit I am enjoying watching you, I will also tell you that I really do feel your pain.  You see, I voted for the other guy in both 2008 and 2012.  I know what it feels like to lose a presidential election.  Hell, closer to home, on a much more personal basis, I have suffered far worse than just losing presidential elections.  I’m a cop in California where election after election, the liberal voters of this state keep voting for laws that make my job of protecting them harder, and quite literally put them at much higher risk of being a victim of violent crimes.  Despite all of the warnings from subject matter experts back in 2014 telling the voters that Prop 47 was bad, the liberal voters passed it.  Despite the resulting double digit increases in crime during the following 2 years, those same voters once again ignored all of the law enforcement professionals who were begging them to vote against Proposition 57, and once again, you liberals passed it.  Yet another law that will release violent felons from prison while putting yourselves, the people who voted it into law, at greater risk while simultaneously making my job, and the job of all California law enforcement officers harder still.

You see, I really do understand being upset about the outcome of an election, probably far more so than you do.  The difference is, I and all the other conservatives out there dusted ourselves off and carried on.  We may have not been supportive of the other candidate, but we did not drop on the floor and cry, for weeks on end.

The behavior you are exhibiting now, for the last week, and likely for weeks to come, just adds more and more evidence that my statement below is absolutely true.  People who cannot appropriately deal with adversity have absolutely no business running a country!

I mean really, when an ultra-liberal leaning show such as Saturday Night Live makes fun of you, you know something is wrong.  But hey, by all means, keep stomping your feet and screaming…


“Debating” Candidates with Trump Supporters

Once upon a time, the word “debate” meant offering an idea and then providing supporting evidence to back that idea while someone who had an opposing opinion did the same for their side.  Sadly, over the years, especially in politics and public opinion, the concept of debate has given way to the concept that whoever yells the loudest, or feigns injury the best, wins.

This has never been more true than now, when it comes to discussing presidential candidates, and in particular, Donald Trump.

I have never been a Trump fan for a number of reasons, but I am friends with a number of people who are, including a few relatives, including at least one of the admins here.  As such, I try my best to not be insulting when discussing him, but I also do not shy away from voicing my opinion.

On our FB page, I recently posted the following and shared the accompanying video:

Please folks, take a few seconds, get beyond his sound bytes and look at his history. Ask yourself, which is more plausible, that he has suddenly changed his mind on all of the major topics, or that he is lying and saying what people want to hear.

As I expected it would, my comment and the video caused some conversation.  Several Trump supporters voiced their opinions.  Some did so in a calm, rational manner, but others could not be bothered with such trivialities.  As an example of those who could not, I offer Jon Strydom here, who eventually got himself banned.



Thus far, nothing too uncivilized, but it is obvious that neither of us is going to change the other’s mind, so I politely asked him to stop.  Sadly, he could not, and instead he chose to go on the attack.


Yup, he clearly pissed me off.  That said, I never told him he had to agree with me, nor did I tell him he was not allowed his own opinion.  In fact, quite the contrary, I told him he was entitled to his opinion but that we were clearly not going to agree, which we clearly do not.  Then, in quite Trump-like fashion, he came back and tried to play the victim, and cast me as the bad guy.  Additionally, in an attempt to hide his remarks, he did not reply in the above conversation, as he had done so up to this point, but instead replied to the original post.



Well Jon, you are indeed free to express yourself, but do so elsewhere (freedom of speech does not apply to privately owned FB pages or websites).  You were not banned for having a different opinion, or for not agreeing with me.  You were banned because you are an arrogant, condescending ass who could not just drop it when repeatedly asked.  As I said before, your behavior is very reminiscent of your chosen presidential candidate, and that behavior is precisely why I will never vote for him.

Sadly, the longer this election season goes on, the more I find it reminiscent of Idiocracy.