My ancestry in the US can be traced back to the mid-1700’s to some French fur traders in the St. Louis, MO area.  I have all sorts of ethnicities (over 8) in my background, including a grandfather who was registered on an Indian reservation (no idea if I have any Indian blood though).  Despite my diverse ethnic background, or perhaps more because of it, I have always just considered myself an American.

My ancestors have served this nation in the military and other public service for generations.  One grandfather fought in the Pacific theater during WWII and was a volunteer firefighter after he returned, but I am the first cop in the family tree.  I’ve been a full-time deputy sheriff since 1996 and have worked patrol since 2001. I am happily married to my one and only wife with whom I have three fantastic sons. I have been shooting since I was 12 and am both an oath keeper and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Aside from family, work and guns, I enjoy working on cars & motorcycles, doing home remodeling and woodwork. I am currently writing for The Bang Switch, The Daily Caller and have had more than a few things published by Harris Publications in actual print magazines.

I started a Facebook page solely as a way for me to communicate with readers of The Bang Switch on FB, but it has evolved into a place where I strongly defended my chosen profession, while not ignoring bad actions of bad cops who are the very, very small minority of my law enforcement family.  As that page has grew, the need for additional admins arose, and those admins I chose are not all cops, but they are all public servants in one manner or another.  Eventually, the FB page started to evolve into a blog where the admins began writing some extensive commentary, but due to the temporary nature of FB posts, the need for an actual blog arose, and what you see here is the end result.


I’ve been a police officer in Georgia for 17 years and I’ve been a police chief for the last 7. I have an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice Administration as well as an MBA, which means that I could be making a LOT more money in the private sector, but choose to serve my community instead (for now). Most of my career was spent as a street cop in the Metro Atlanta area and I’ve also served as a shift supervisor, FTO, PIO, and departmental training officer. Between November 2011 and October 2012, I served as my city’s interim city manager. That was quite an experience and made me appreciate my role as the police chief even more – I couldn’t wait to get back into a uniform!

I’ve been happily married for 12 years (yes, same woman) and we have one son. I serve as a youth leader at the middle school level in my church and, in my spare time, I’m an advid golfer – and by avid I mean that I really want to play well, but I usually just go to the range and get my blood pressure up…

I started the FB page “Cops Support Gun Rights” in December 2013 in an attempt to spread the message that most police officers support our citizen’s right to bear arms and also shed light on other negative thoughts about LE as a whole. After getting the page to over 12,000 fans, I realized that it was more of an endeavor than I could handle alone (I do have a job and family), so I approached Matt about a merger and he was gracious enough to agree to it.



Copzilla is an old-school fuzz who has been around for the better part of three decades, and has occasionally been referred to as giving zero f***s. He can honestly say he has finally reached that tenure where command level officers avoid messing with him, because they know it probably won’t end well for them.




I come from a strange mix of teachers and cops which sounds a little like oil and water but it works. This weird mix allows me a certain kind of balance when I look at some of the absurd situations this job brings me. Law enforcement is my second career, I started a little later than some but I have been on the job for 12 years. Currently I am field training officer in one of the busiest districts in our department. Prior to becoming a LEO I worked as a business consultant for various franchise companies, kind of a corporate cop so the transition seemed natural to me. I have degree in English Literature but couldn’t bring myself to teach. I am a 3rd generation Californian and I despise what has happened a once great state, I am constantly at odds with the feel good weirdos who occupy the left coast. I have been married for 10 years and I have a blended family consisting of 3 step-daughters and a son and daughter of my own. I spend lots of time outdoors, I love working on old cars, camping and long walks on the beach (seems like I’m writing a dating profile so I couldn’t resist). I love a good debate and if I make a mistake I’ll own it, I expect the same of the people I’m debating. Looking forward to an interesting journey on this page.



In-bound Hot (IH)

Hello all. I’m honored to say that I will be working with Matt here on the site as one of the new mods. I go by the nickname “In-bound Hot” (given by a partner), or IH.

I’ve been an LEO for 12 years now, prior to which I served as a paratroopin’ grunt in the US Army. I’ve been in uniform of one type or another my entire adult life and admittedly the views I hold have been shaped by those uniforms and related life experiences.

I am a vehement supporter of an armed populace and our beloved 2nd Amendment, the Constitution and the oaths I’ve repeatedly taken to protect and defend those ideals against all enemies.

Conversely, while I absolutely support others’ right to express themselves, I have little tolerance for fools or idiots. Those who feel the need to put such issues on public display will certainly be assisted in doing so, I assure you.

I do not come here looking to drop the ban hammer like Thor….. Ok, I fibbed.  I’ve been following Matt long enough to know that is inevitably coming and I’m very much looking forward to smashing some trolls who show an inability to discuss issues without being disrespectful and launching personal attacks.


Princess Unikitty

Looking at the other bios…I have never looked into my ancestry, but based on stories from my parents, as far as I can tell, my dad’s side probably descended from the pilgrims and on my mom’s side we may have some relations to Jesse James. I am the first police officer (deputy sheriff) in the family, and based on the current climate, I hope the last. I am married and we have five children between us…two are still at home and have the pleasure of enduring my political rants on a regular basis.

I have been in law enforcement for 19 years. Six years I spent as a public safety dispatcher and the last 13 as a deputy and recently promoted sergeant. I am finishing my master’s degree in Criminal Justice where at the tender age of 42 I went back to school and immersed myself into the liberal cesspool that is our college campuses. My education consisted of not just volumes of research but also the constant banter mostly regarding racist uneducated police officers. My bi-weekly defense of my profession and beliefs enabled me to prepare my son for college and the attacks he would endure simply for being a white male and conservative.

I can’t say I am a die-hard republican because I truly believe the republicans are (for the most part) just as bad as the democrats. Both parties spend almost all their time either campaigning or raising money for their respective party. I don’t believe either values the average American’s interests or values. I long for the day our representatives actually represent the people and we can have an honest discussion…about anything…without being labeled as evil or racist.

Why “Princess Unikitty?” because she is sweet and kind and believes in the best of people until she is pushed to her limit…and then she opens a can of whoop a$$.




I’m a 12th generation American tracing roots directly back through my father to an American Revolutionary soldier and before. I graduated from University as a Political Science geek and I’ve been a full time police officer since ’99. My current assignment is as a firearms and tactics trainer. I literally work on the range. My personal interests fall directly in line with my occupation. Firearms are a steering force in my life. I’m an active sport and competitive shooter and a fierce supporter of the Second Amendment. I hunt when there’s an opportunity though I don’t get to do that as much as I’d like. If I’m not shooting I’m wrenching on guns. If I’m not wrenching on them I’m reading about them. If I’m doing none of those things then I’m talking to other folks in the business or arguing politics with anyone willing to pick up the gloves. I’m married to a smoking hot Dermatologist and have two little girls. Glad to join the team here.



Hello everyone, I am known as Stache. I am your resident non LEO, who earns an honest living as a firefighter. I have been “career” for 12 years and volunteered for 2 years before that, which literally spans my entire adult life. I have thick skin which helps me fit in around these parts and can hold my own when the ball busting commences. I am a huge believer in the Bill of Rights, and will defend my God given right to bear arms until death. I am also a huge believer in personal accountability, which is something that I feel our culture has gotten away from in favor of a sense of entitlement. If you are wrong, man the $%^# up (or to be politically correct woman the $%^# up) and admit it, and then take appropriate actions to correct it. Apart from witty banter for the sake of your amusement, I am here to offer an “outsiders” point of view in an otherwise fully Law Enforcement admin staff. I’m by no means claiming to be an expert in any field, but I did recently stay in a Holliday Inn Express.


TpTactical Platypus (TP)

Well, I’m the token here on the page. I offer a different perspective being that I was not born here in the USA. My moniker comes from the name I was given as a rookie due to my love of all things tactical. So I was immediately given the name tactical platypus, and it stuck like gum to a shoe on a hot day.

I’m the only one in my family that opted for the police life. I come from a long line of insurance brokers, so I am the black sheep of the family.

I’m a father of 4, proud 2A advocate and live in the south. In my spare time I fly helicopters and when I’m not flying them, I’m hanging out of them with a camera. I write for about a half dozen publications in both emergency services and aviation fields and love to write pieces focusing on positive law enforcement stories, but don’t shy away from the hard hitting stories either.

  • RickG

    Maybe if you didn’t immediately assume that even the slightest criticism is “anti-cop” then maybe you wouldn’t reinforce stereotypes….On a day to day basis I don’t think you guys shoot anywhere neat enough idiots. But hey, thanks for the FB ban.

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    Interesting article in today Bee about Stevante Clark. Can you tell me more about him. What school or college he studied or where he is working now. How his other brother died?