January 2015 25
A Split Second……
Posted By : Doc

That’s the amount of time you get to make a life or death decision, a split second. How long is that really? Turn your head, look left and then look forward that’s about 1 second.

January 2015 14
Accidental Discharges DO Happen
Posted By : Stache

Although it is truly a rare event, there are honest to God accidents that take place without negligence being a contributing factor. We, being the gun culture, tend to be an “eat our own” breed

January 2015 04
We Hear You…
Posted By : Doc

Once upon a time in America this picture was common place, there was nothing unique about it, nothing extraordinary it was simply a slice of life this is what was expected. I miss this time. What happened? Lots

January 2015 01
Welcome to our new virtual digs!  
Posted By : Matt

While my Facebook page has been great and has grown beyond my wildest imagination, Facebook itself it has limitations.  The page will not be going anywhere, but due to the temporary nature of Facebook posts, I