July 3, 2022

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

The individual voices and opinions of some first responders

Welcome to our new virtual digs!  

While my Facebook page has been great and has grown beyond my wildest imagination, Facebook itself it has limitations.  The page will not be going anywhere, but due to the temporary nature of Facebook posts, I wanted a more permanent home for some of the more extensive, in-depth posts that myself and the other new page admins have written.  I felt we had enough going on now that we needed a new place to post our musings instead of trying to fit them in at other locations where they are sometimes less than welcome.

Additionally, due to the nanny state, left leaning mentality of Facebook, we are not always free to say everything we might like for fear of retribution by the oh so benevolent and even handed Facebook moderators (that was sarcasm).

For anyone just stumbling upon this page, it is a place where some like minded (mostly) first responders will be sharing our thoughts and comments on current events, daily encounters, or just what ever happens to be on our mind.  While most of us are cops, either current or retired, not all of us are as we currently have one firefighter in the group.  The one thing we all have in common is an appreciation for the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment.  We all believe in personal responsibility for one’s actions, and we are all proud Americans, even if not all of us were by birth.

As this page is run by a cop, administrated by a bunch of cops and other public servants, you should not be surprised to find that we do not tolerate cop or other first responder bashing.  If you are a fan of Cop Block, you will not find yourself welcome here.  While we do not condone bad behavior by cops, we are intelligent enough to know that dirty cops are the exception to the rule, and by a huge margin.  We are tolerant of differing views, so long as you express them in an adult manner.  While cursing is allowed here (we are on the adult program), name calling as a “debate tactic” is not.  If you can manage to follow those few simple rules, you are welcome to join in the debate at anytime you like.

Welcome to our new home on the interwebs,