December 6, 2021

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

The individual voices and opinions of some first responders

More on McKinney

Some much needed background, and a quick look at the twisted view of the left.

Fight-befor-the-fightThis Breitbart article gives us some much needed background to that incident in McKinney, TX that I wrote about yesterday. As I previously stated in the Facebook comments where I shared that blog post, that incident was not racially motivated, and if you read this article, you will see I am not the only one saying that, nor is it just white people saying it.

I also have not seen much of the media coverage that these folks being quoted are referring to so I don’t know what the media has been pushing.

Knowing all this background, I understand why the officer was pissed. Hell, anyone doing this job long enough has probably gotten that hot at a call at least once in their career. The problem is when you let your anger influence your actions, and that is what appears to have been happening. I think that officer was still out of line in his behavior.

But also, like I said yesterday, I do not think pulling his gun was out of line.  He had two people coming up behind him while he was trying to detain someone.  They, by their own statements (see below HuffPo reference), were trying to free the girl.  He has no idea what they are going to do.  Pulling his gun in that situation is totally fine in my opinion.

Now, unlike some people who commented, I absolutely do NOT think he should be fired, or on meds, or forced to seek counseling, or see a shrink or any of the myriad of other extreme recommendations I saw. He should get an ass chewing, on paper, and be back to work.

He was pissed.  He yelled and cussed at people.  He detained a bunch of kids, some less cooperative than others, who were causing problems.  As best I can tell, he did not injure anyone, violate any laws or anyone’s rights.  He is guilty of being human and letting his anger out verbally.  While it looks horrible on camera, and in my experience, usually does not help the situation, it is also not a federal offense that some are making it out to be.  I don’t condone that behavior, but I do understand it.

Now for the flip side:  Rather than talking to the responsible adults and homeowners who were present, in typical liberal lefty fashion, HuffPo gets their account from one of the 15 year old party crashers, and one of the people who is seen in the original video trying to stop the officer from detaining the girl in the yellow bikini. And not surprisingly, in their version, it was all about the racist white people and stuff…

If the following quote does not strike you as completely asinine, please leave my page and don’t come back:

“‘So a cop grabbed her arm and flipped her to the ground after she and him were arguing about him cursing at us,’ Thomas said.

When two teens went toward the cop to help the girl, they were accused of sneaking up on the cop to attack.

‘So a cop yelled ‘get those motherfuckers’ and they chased [us] with guns out. That’s why in the video I started running,’ Thomas said. ”
(emphasis added)

Please pay special attention to the sentence in bold.  That is not the words of the 15 year old, that is the HuffPo author.  YOU CAN’T DO THAT YOU FREAKING IDIOT LEFTIST MORONS!!!! That is a freaking crime! That attitude right there is a HUGE part of the problem we in Law Enforcement face. These idiots think it is ok to try and pull a subject away from the cops when the cops are detaining them.

My god the dumb stuff some people on the left think is absolutely beyond my ability to comprehend!