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Posted By : Matt
Yet Another Lefty Using Same Sad Tactics

Clayton Froom somehow stumbled onto our page this morning and step by step, began using the same sad tactics many others have used in the past.  It really is sad, and tiring.

The post that spawned this "conversation"
The post that spawned this “conversation”





I’m just waiting for the next step, calling me names.  I wonder how long until Clayton goes there?

UPDATE:  It has been about 8 minutes and he is currently using the “shotgun approach” often employed.  He is hitting every single post on the page and throwing in a comment or two, most with a snide tone and arguing the point of the post.  I did not anticipate him going to this stage so quickly.



  • What exactly are you complaining about? You opened the conversation calling Hillary Clinton a ‘stupid fucking bitch’ followed by some bizarre unhinged foil hat conspiracy rant. You post this shit on social media, then when someone disagrees with you, you leave condescending replys laced with insults while avoiding all relevant talking points.

    Then you take a screenshot a selectively edited version of the conversation, accuse and criticize others for doing exactly what you yourself just finished doing, and post it on your blog while tastelessly referencing peoples full names in an attempt to publicly shame them (for disagreeing with you) while you hide behind an alias.

    Is it that you know your arguments cant withstand scrutiny? Are you just a coward? Is this just how you get back at people for putting you in garbage cans your whole life? Or are you just an asshole?

  • “socialism is a policy that has failed in nearly every single country that has implemented it” – deputy Matt, wtf do you think a police department is? Might want to pick up a dictionary.

    “there is no gunshow loophole – that BS was disproven years ago” – you have your head in the ground if you believe this. You can walk into any gun show, buy any gun from a private party and walk right out the door, in most cases without even getting a bill of sale. I have done it. And how exactly do you keep statistics on crimes that werent committed? Astronomy? Do you consult the precogs?

  • I would say he sounds well-reasoned, and…right. And I would say that spewing bile anonymously, as you do, while he is openly stating his opinion–shows a key difference between your characters. You take it one step further by immortalizing the (edited) conversation this way, where potential employers (and anyone else) can see it–still enjoying your anonymity while slandering another. Why don’t you opine with your full name, too? Is it because you’d lose your job in a heartbeat?

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