August 19, 2022

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This Is What A Spineless Administrator Looks Like

In this image taken from video, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott speaks during a press conference in Columbia Tuesday. Lott on Wednesday announced the fate of the deputy who was taped tossing a student out of a chair. (AP Photo/Alex Sanz)


By now, all of us have seen that 15 second video with a white male deputy removing a 15 year old black female student from a desk after she refused to leave the classroom, after being told to by the teacher, and the school administrator, and even the deputy before he finally went hands on.

But, just in case you have been under a rock the last several days, here is the video in question:

The agenda driven media circus flew into full frenzy when that video surfaced.  There were screams of racism and police brutality aplenty.

Funny thing is, 99.5% of the cops who watch that video all agree; there is nothing to see there.   Not only is it not “police brutality,” it is not brutality in the least, not on the officer’s part anyway.  The deputy never hit, kicked, or struck the student in any manner.  The student however did assault the deputy by punching him in the shoulder/neck/head area (plainly visible in the video), after which  he did pull her out of the desk and tossed her on the floor, where he handcuffed her.

Students and staff members were interviewed and nearly all of them sided with the deputy.

As for the screams of racism, which permeated social media over the last two days, which were solely based on the officer’s skin color, well, those have been debunked fairly thoroughly, and done so by a man I expected to have this officer’s back.  You see, the spineless man in the photograph above is The Sheriff of Richland County, and is this deputy’s boss.  That man, Sheriff Lott, came out and publicly defended this deputy against the claims of racism, even noting that the deputy has been in a long term relationship with a black woman.

Based on his public defense of the racism claim, which to me is the harder issue to defend, I figured he would have Master Deputy Ben Fields’ back (did you catch that, Master Deputy – he is not the new guy who just started).

Sadly, this morning at a press conference, Sheriff Lott proved himself to be just another spineless politician.

“‘Approximately 20 minutes ago, School Resource Officer Ben Fields was terminated from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department,’ Lott said to reporters.”

The news story goes on to quote a few other statements from Sheriff Lott.

“‘We took statements from the teacher and administrator that was present,’ Lott said.

‘This incident started with a very disruptive student in the class. The student was not allowing the teacher to teach.’

Lott said the teacher and the administrator both indicated their support for the actions of the deputy.

But, at the point at which the deputy came into contact with the student, ‘I do not feel that the proper procedures were used at that point,’ Lott said.”

Now, I am the last person to ever imagine suggesting a “blue flu” type of situation, but if that spineless Sheriff were my boss, and he let one of my coworkers go over some political correctness motivated, whiny ass bullshit like this, you can bet your ass I would be sick for a few days, or weeks, of course only after I had infected all my coworkers with the same illness.

This move absolutely disgusts me!  Sheriff Lott’s statement to the media disgusts me!  There are few times when I am glad that I live and work in California, but when I look at a shitty situation like this, and I know that my Sheriff just can’t can me whenever he feels like it, it makes living in some of those other free states just a little less appealing.

I really feel for you guys and gals out there who are at-will employees working in law enforcement.  As this instance clearly demonstrates, you can do everything right and still lose your job if your department head does not have enough sack to stand up to the public cries for your head.