December 2015 20
Logic Disconnect of Epic Proportions
Posted By : Matt

The complete and utter logical disconnect by the liberal left has never been on full display better than in this article shared by Gavin Newsom only a few hours ago. “How many laws making it harder

December 2015 13
Put Up or Shut Up!
Posted By : Matt

** Language Warning – explicative filled rant to follow ** The comments below are based on the following news story video regarding an officer involved shooting that happened December 12, 2015 involving the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

December 2015 10
Ignore The Idiot Celebrities, Please
Posted By : Matt

Oh yay!  More uneducated (on the topic) Hollywood yokels opening their pie holes and spewing spoon fed drivel about a topic on which they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO expertise!  Sounds a lot like the panderer in

December 2015 08
Posted By : Salty Dad

Yesterday (12-7-15), in utter frustration, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel called President Obama a “total pussy.”  Liberals, in predictable fashion, were completely offended. The Colonel was simply the first to say what the rest of