July 3, 2022

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Why The Evidence Is Vitally Important

A buddy just sent me the link to this video.  I had not heard about this incident prior to him sending me the link.  I have no idea if there are any issues (social media uproar or bad shoot complaints) arising from this, but it is an excellent video to look at.

Caution, it is a somewhat graphic video of an officer involved shooting.  It is not bloody or gory, but it does show the shooting.

Two important things we can take away from this, and a third somewhat less important:

  1.  Watching this on my phone vs the computer, it was impossible to see the an object in the guy’s right hand.  It looks like a large knife to me, but I’ve been told it was a hammer.  Even on the computer, it was not clearly visible until half way through the video as he had it concealed under the many layers of clothing/blankets he had draped over himself.
  2. Despite what uneducated anti-gunners and nearly all politicians seems to believe, thanks mainly to Hollywood, shooting someone does not necessarily stop them, especially when using a handgun, and especially not with one round.  This guy takes the first three rounds (unknown how many actually hit him) like a stud and shows no signs of slowing down.  The second volley of three rounds appears to hit his CNS and drops him, stopping him.
  3. For the love of God people, please learn how to hold your phone when recording video!!!  Horizontal, not vertical!  I’m sort of joking, but also also partly serious.  It makes a difference in how large the video plays, which is important when viewing the video for evidence.

This is an excellent video that demonstrates just how vitally important it is to wait and examine the evidence before anyone jumps to conclusions.  It would be very easy for a witness to this situation to say something along the lines of “the cops shot an unarmed guy 6 times for no reason” but when looking at the evidence, that is clearly not the case.  This was a clean shoot.  The suspect is armed with a large knife and he is clearly charging the officer with the gun when he is shot, both times.