December 6, 2021

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Logic Disconnect of Epic Proportions

The complete and utter logical disconnect by the liberal left has never been on full display better than in this article shared by Gavin Newsom only a few hours ago.

“How many laws making it harder to get an abortion will pass before the Supreme Court sees them for what they are — part of a tireless, coordinated nationwide assault on the right of women to control what happens with their own bodies without the interference of politicians?”

I am absolutely beside myself with incredulity after reading that.  They really can’t possibly be serious with this, can they?

Do they remotely see how ironic that paragraph is? This is the same publication that constantly screams for more gun control, most recently with a front page editorial article calling for the outright ban of certain types of firearms.  And who do we find pushing that article but the very same politician who is constantly trying to infringe on Californian’s right to bear arms, a man who is currently pushing multiple new gun control laws in the state in which he is the Lt. Governor.

Please pay special attention to the fact that the right they are both trying to curtail is a right that is very specifically spelled out in the constitution.  In fact, it is so specifically spelled out that it has it’s very own amendment.

Meanwhile, those very same people are arguing that abortion (which they conveniently call a “woman’s reproductive rights” because that is easier to sell than “ending a human life”), something that is found absolutely nowhere in the constitution, is under attack and they are begging the Supreme Court to protect it.

The logical disconnect of those on the left is absolutely mind boggling!