Has Society Reached The Point of No Return?


On December 2, 2015, just under 2 months ago, the San Francisco PD was involved in a shooting.  Five officers fired their guns, striking and killing a man.  The man, who was a known, validated gang member, with priors for robbery, assaults, and illegal possession of firearms, and was the active suspect of a stabbing which had just occurred, was armed at the time of the shooting with a large knife (presumably the one from the stabbing for which he was being sought).

The shooting was captured on video.  The suspect was cornered, and armed, but was refusing to give up.  I’ve watched the video and a couple of shots can be heard early on, but based on watching the video, I am assuming those shots are from a less lethal device as the suspect can be seen flinching, but stays standing.  The suspect moves to the left (in camera view) and officers open fire, striking him and killing him.  The officers say that the suspect was charging one of the officers at the scene, which is why they shot.  I cannot say for certain that is what happened because from the camera angle, it is hard to tell, but I have no reason to doubt it.  If they had just wanted to kill him, they had plenty of opportunity to do so prior to that movement made by the suspect.


The suspect, Mario Woods, was a black man, and the cops, well it doesn’t matter what color they were, they were cops, so of course to certain segments of our society, the cops are in the wrong…

As of this point, at least to my knowledge, there has been no determination made that this shooting was justified or not.  I have Google’d countless searches and it appears it is still being considered.

Now for the part where I absolutely LOSE MY FREAKING MIND!!!

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, less that two months later, with the investigation still open, the City Council UNANIMOUSLY voted to approve “Mario Woods Remembrance Day”

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY!?!?!  You declared a day of remembrance for a validated gang member, with numerous & serious priors, who had just stabbed someone, who was armed when confronted by the cops, and who was shot after failing, repeatedly, to comply with lawful orders and refusing to drop the knife?  Victimization of criminals and dirtbags much?

What in the hell is going on in this country?  Have we reached the point of no return?  I can’t imagine a much better example of being beyond the tipping point than an entire city council siding with an armed career criminal over the cops.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue who work for the San Francisco Police Department, SEEK EMPLOYMENT ELSEWHERE!  Screw that town!  That city is nuts in the first place, but this move by the city council is tantamount to an act of war.  Walk away! Hell with that, RUN away!

Thanks to Dem Lawmakers, California Sees Significant Rise in Violent Crime

While violent crime across the country continues to decline, like it has for decades, it has actually risen in California, and not by a small margin.  According to the FBI, California saw a 12% rise in violent crime.

Hmmm, let me see, what could possibly be the cause of this?

Could it be Prop 47?

Could it be AB 109?

The liberals in charge wrote those laws, laws that claimed to have the goal of making society safer, but instead released thousands of prison inmates, and decriminalized all sorts of crimes, making it impossible for the cops to lock up criminals.  Could it be those liberal lawmakers either 1) don’t have a damn clue what they are doing or 2) know exactly what they are doing and are doing it to try and push more, stricter gun control laws?

I’ll tell you what though, it sure as hell was not the cops.  No current chief LEO anywhere in the state supported either of those laws, and many cops across the state spoke out, loudly, in opposition of them both, myself included.  What do you know; the cops might actually know a thing or two about reducing crime…

Not to say I told you so, but HOLY CRAP, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!

Newsom – Stupid, Manipulative, or Both?


I swear, every time Gavin Newsom opens his mouth (or keyboard) regarding guns, he makes a bigger idiot out of himself, at least to those of us that know and understand guns and gun laws. To top it off, the comments from his anti-gun supporters really makes me wonder about their mentality.

First of all, take a look at the photo and read what Newsom wrote. In the photo is a guy with a long gun sling (with the damn safety off!!!! FFS people, keep your weapon on safe!). It appears to be a 5.56 SBR AK variant of some sort, but that is not hugely relevant.  Newsom posts that this is the “new normal” which only displays his lack of knowledge on the very subject in which is trying to pass new laws.  The fact is, open carry of long guns in Texas has been legal for a long time. The “new normal” is that people can open carry holstered handguns, and my understand is only if they have a concealed carry permit.

Newsom is either a complete idiot, or he is intentionally using a photo of a guy with a scary black rifle to draw on the emotions of his followers that fear guns, after all, a big black rifle is much more scarier than a holstered handgun.

Now, I am not, nor have I ever been a proponent of open carry.  Yes I agree that it should be legal, but tactically speaking, in a normal everyday urban environment, I think open carry is a huge mistake.  I say that not to start an open vs. concealed carry discussion, but rather to demonstrate that I am not arguing with Newsom and his minions because they are bashing something that I am a proponent of.

Once you get beyond Newsom’s manipulative (or arguably moronic) initial post, the comments by his supporters really make one wonder about the mental state of the people who support his anti-gun agenda.  In what has become typical of gun control supporters, the comments regarding penis size, paranoia, what a militia is, and claims that gun owners are all racist white people flowed quite freely.

I actually caught this post only moments after Newsom posted it to Facebook, and was one of the first people to reply to it.  Some of the replies to my comment were just off the wall.  Others, by folks who tried to offer some logic, fell far short and when I called them on it, they quickly disappeared, but the people obsessed with penis size never seem to clue in.

Seriously, read through the comments on his page.  It will really make you scratch your head.  The 3rd grade mentality offered by his supporters is scary when you consider that most of these people vote, and breed.  Reading through the comments, even the top rated comments, makes me feel like Joe must have felt when he awoke in the movie Idiocracy.

More MSM Anti-cop Agenda


The freaking mainstream media (MSM) just cannot help themselves in pushing the cops are the bad guys agenda!  In this case, NBC News runs a story about a black city councilman calling for people to commit felony assaults on cops and this is the lame ass headline?

“Mississippi Councilman Kenneth Stokes Calls to Pelt Cops With Rocks”

I find that headline odd, since what he actually said was: “What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them.”

Now granted, they included the quote in the story, but the headline seriously downplays what he said.  They really can’t seem to help but push/drive/defend the agenda that the cops are the bad guys.  Beyond the headline, the story itself barely mentions the statement made by the councilman, nor does it remotely delve into his long history of making similarly MORONIC comments directed at first responders, such as this one.

Now, just for a second, imagine what the headline would have read if that was a white cop saying the very same thing about black criminals.  Holy f–kballs would that have been one hell of a headline!  And the story?  We would be reading about every single past allegation of any misconduct.

But hey, the MSM does not really have an agenda, right? Or do they?