July 3, 2022

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“Debating” Candidates with Trump Supporters

Once upon a time, the word “debate” meant offering an idea and then providing supporting evidence to back that idea while someone who had an opposing opinion did the same for their side.  Sadly, over the years, especially in politics and public opinion, the concept of debate has given way to the concept that whoever yells the loudest, or feigns injury the best, wins.

This has never been more true than now, when it comes to discussing presidential candidates, and in particular, Donald Trump.

I have never been a Trump fan for a number of reasons, but I am friends with a number of people who are, including a few relatives, including at least one of the admins here.  As such, I try my best to not be insulting when discussing him, but I also do not shy away from voicing my opinion.

On our FB page, I recently posted the following and shared the accompanying video:

Please folks, take a few seconds, get beyond his sound bytes and look at his history. Ask yourself, which is more plausible, that he has suddenly changed his mind on all of the major topics, or that he is lying and saying what people want to hear.

As I expected it would, my comment and the video caused some conversation.  Several Trump supporters voiced their opinions.  Some did so in a calm, rational manner, but others could not be bothered with such trivialities.  As an example of those who could not, I offer Jon Strydom here, who eventually got himself banned.



Thus far, nothing too uncivilized, but it is obvious that neither of us is going to change the other’s mind, so I politely asked him to stop.  Sadly, he could not, and instead he chose to go on the attack.


Yup, he clearly pissed me off.  That said, I never told him he had to agree with me, nor did I tell him he was not allowed his own opinion.  In fact, quite the contrary, I told him he was entitled to his opinion but that we were clearly not going to agree, which we clearly do not.  Then, in quite Trump-like fashion, he came back and tried to play the victim, and cast me as the bad guy.  Additionally, in an attempt to hide his remarks, he did not reply in the above conversation, as he had done so up to this point, but instead replied to the original post.



Well Jon, you are indeed free to express yourself, but do so elsewhere (freedom of speech does not apply to privately owned FB pages or websites).  You were not banned for having a different opinion, or for not agreeing with me.  You were banned because you are an arrogant, condescending ass who could not just drop it when repeatedly asked.  As I said before, your behavior is very reminiscent of your chosen presidential candidate, and that behavior is precisely why I will never vote for him.

Sadly, the longer this election season goes on, the more I find it reminiscent of Idiocracy.