July 3, 2022

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Media Accountability


So, I have a few thoughts/musings on the the officer involved shooting (OIS) yesterday in Raleigh, NC.  First, some of the things I notice from this incident, things I find many of these incidents have in common, things that are societal issues, not “evil racist cop” issues.

  • Suspect (identified by mom as Akeil Denkins) has a “long criminal history” according to the news
  • Suspect has a different last name than mom
  • Suspect is only 24 years old, yet he already has “fathered” 2 kids (biologically speaking)
  • “He was running away,” Byrd said. “They couldn’t catch him so they shot at him seven times.” “Everybody seen it,” said Byrd. “They ain’t going down with this one. They ain’t gonna get away with this one, there’s at least 40 eyewitnesses out here.”
  • Despite what mom is claiming, despite not seeing it herself, a gun was found at the scene near his dead body
  • Hundreds of people in the streets “protesting” the shooting
  • Cop was white, suspect was young black man

This whole situation is very familiar. Mom’s “good boy who didn’t do nothing” had an extensive criminal history, had an active warrant, was resisting arrest, and a gun was found near him after the shooting. “Witnesses” say the cops just shot him for no reason. Of course we instantly know the cop was white and the suspect was black, because that is the only scenario that the media gives a rat’s ass about the ethnicities of those involved. If either of their etnicities had been different, they would not have been mentioned.

CaptureI get it, the media needs to report on newsworthy events, and an OIS is indeed newsworthy, BUT when they knowingly manipulate the information they put out it becomes less news and more propaganda and storytelling. The media knows the cops cannot release information this early into the investigation, but every time they hint that the cops are keeping secrets. They know that the mother was not a witness, yet they give her a platform from which to scream and cry her bullshit story. They have no reason to assume any of the “witnesses” actually saw anything, yet they give them a mic and do not give any effort at all to vet them before they air their versions.

This incident all reeks of Furguson!

When Raleigh is burning over this, and the investigation reaches the conclusion which I suspect it will, the media needs to be held accountable for their role in what happens. It is time to stop giving them a free pass. Freedom of the press is one thing, but they are pouring figurative gas on the fire. It is absolutely no different from shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, and last I checked, the media and the anti-gun folks out there just love using that example when it suits them.

It is time that we hold the “news” accountable for their actions that have very real repercussions.  It is time to start charging them with inciting a riot, because that is exactly what they are doing.