August 19, 2022

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The “News Media” Just Cannot Help But Hate Cops


What should have been a news story about good cop work instead bears what should be the recipient of the award for the Most Misleading News Headline.

An officer leaving a mall has the door held open for him and the officer thinks he recognized the man.  The officer went to his car, pulled the man up in the computer and found that he had three (3) active warrants for his arrest.  The warrants were for heroin possession, shoplifting and driving on a suspended license.  The officer returned to the building and arrested the man for his outstanding warrants.  Good cop work, nicely done!

BUT to the cop-hating leftist media, that was not the case.  Somehow they tried to twist this into some sort of mean, evil cop story which they gave the headline of “Being polite to officer leads to Massachusetts man’s arrest.”

Seriously?  You jackasses really hate the cops so much that you have to try and turn a nothing event into something?  You are pathetic!

Now, just for full disclosure on my part, I do not know if that title was given to the story by the San Jose Mercury News or by the Associated Press who appears to be the source of the story, but either way, it is clearly anti-cop propaganda.

If you agree with my assessment I encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section on their website.  We need to stand up to the leftist media that continues to denigrate law enforcement, even when they have to make up stuff to do it.