August 2016 23
ICBM Logic
Posted By : Matt

Banning “Assault Weapons” is like Swatting a Fly with a 100 Mega Ton ICBM The left is constantly droning on about the need to ban the AR-15 because they are “often used to kill mass

August 2016 12
NFL & The Dallas Cowboys
Posted By : Matt

A number of folks have sent in comments and questions about the NFL not allowing the Dallas Cowboys to put their “Arm in Arm” sticker on their helmets.  I’m going to share my thoughts, which

August 2016 01
Google Goes Cop Bashing
Posted By : Matt

Google apparently did not want to be left behind by the mainstream media and has decided to join in on all the cop bashing.  Not to be outdone by misreported stories about police brutality, Google