Leftist Media Lying About Likely Domestic Terrorists

So, a couple days ago, the “protestors” at the Dakota Access Pipeline had another incident with the cops and private security at the construction site.  The two versions of what happened are in stark contrast to one another.  One is based on reality, while the other is entirely fictional and written by people who know nothing about law enforcement tactics or equipment.

Just to clear up one important fact before we get too far into this, because some folks have not been paying attention to what is going on with this incident: the pipeline is being constructed on private property, not tribal lands.

Here are some quotes from the “Anti Media” piece that was written on the incident.  Feel free to read the entire piece to make sure I’m not just pulling quotes out of context to make them look stupid.

“The month-long standoff between Native American ‘water protectors’ and militarized law enforcement saw a dramatic escalation as water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, armored vehicles, and other “less than lethal” weapons were used against the protesters after they cleared an abandoned vehicle that acted as a roadblock on a nearby bridge.”

“But perhaps the most egregious act was when a concussion grenade fired by police struck activist Sophia Wilansky in the arm, tearing it apart. In photos taken after the incident, bone could be seen where the flesh was torn away (photos are not included because they are too graphic). Her arm may need to be amputated due to the injuries.”

“In light of this overwhelmingly violent crackdown by U.S. law enforcement, one would expect the media to be up in arms with their coverage of Standing Rock. I mean, chemical weapons (tear gas), grenades, assault weapons, water cannons, and street tanks are being deployed against peaceful Americans in America. But the media’s coverage is apathetic. In fact, most outlets are downplaying the violence there.”

So that is what these folks are pushing as the “truth.”  Even though I was not there, I can only see one allegation they make that I partially agree with, and that is the very last line that I quoted.  There is indeed violence occurring there, but not like they are insinuating, but more on that later.

The following screen grab shows the injuries the “protester” received and the text in which they attempt to claim how she received those injuries.

Before moving on, I need to address a few of the completely moronic comments from this ridiculously biased pile of trash.

First, there is no such thing as “DAPL Police.” Law enforcement agencies are government entities; they are not employed by a private company building a pipeline.  While there may indeed be private security contractors working at that location, insinuating they are “police” is completely dishonest.  Also, there are indeed law enforcement officers working there too, but they are not employed by the pipeline.  You sound like a complete idiot if you cannot even get simple matters like this correct.

Second, nothing about this sentence, “a concussion grenade fired by police struck activist Sophia Wilansky in the arm, tearing it apart” is based on reality.  Cops do not use “concussion grenades,” but we do use flashbang grenades, which are a diversionary device.  Flashbangs are handheld and thrown, they are not “fired” or launched from anything.  Even if you were to be hit with one, it would not be flying with enough force to do the type of damage that was inflicted.  It would hurt like hell, but would be similar to getting hit with a large rock.  When a flashbang goes off, it DOES NOT FRAGMENT.  The heavy steel body is extensively ventilated and when they go off, they make a very loud bang and emit a very bright flash of light.  Other than the possibility of receiving a burn if you were too close, or receiving hearing damage, they do not cause injuries.  However, in my 20 years in law enforcement, I have seen injuries very similar to those on a number of occasions, and they were never from blunt force impacts.  Every time I saw them, they were the results of some dirtbag making explosives (pipe bombs or CO2 canister bombs) and accidentally blowing themselves up.  Just saying.

And just to be clear, Anti Media are not the only leftist media sources pushing this fictional version.  RT, HuffPo, EcoWatchRT again, and the list goes on.  Even some celebrities decided to jump in on Twitter and share their ignorance on the matter with the world.

Moving on…

The Daily Caller ran a piece on the same incident and it was a much more balanced article than any of those others.  In fact, it included information from both sides of the incident, not just the “protesters” as the Anti Media piece does.  Rather than me quoting it, because nothing in the Daily Caller piece is utterly ridiculous requiring quotations, you should just read the entire, reasonably short article.


Then lastly, we have a piece by Bob Owens over at BearingArms.com.  Bob did some digging and his article sheds a ton of light on the situation.  Not only does the information he gathered sound more realistic, it actually would explain the amount of damage received by that “protester.”  You see folks, remnants of several likely improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were recovered from the scene.  To get more of the real facts, read the whole article.

If you ever used to listen to Paul Harvey, then you are familiar with his signature line, “and you know the rest of the story.”

The only thing I would add to what Bob wrote is, don’t be surprised when the feds arrest Sophia Wilansky after she gets out of the hospital, likely minus a left arm.

(hat tip to Alan G. for the links)

Business Vandalized Because They Served Food at Murdered Cop’s Funeral


– – – UPDATED BELOW – – –

The following comment was originally posted on Facebook by a friend of a friend of a friend.  The person who posted it works for Modesto PD. This needs to be shared. This post is talking about yet another facet of the #WarOnCops.

“THIS CHAPS MY HIDE. People suck. A bakery in Modesto Frost Bakery had coordinated all the food for Officers and family who attended Deputy Wallace’s memorial yesterday. It was damaged and vandalized sometime overnight with ‘pig lover’ and other anti-police graffiti. The owner is the kindest lady you could ever meet, and she donates her time and services to ALL KINDS of community orgs. Wtf is wrong with people?! Where is the news on this??”

For those who don’t know, Deputy Wallace was executed by a wanted felon who shot him in the head, twice, with the barrel of the felon’s illegally obtained gun in contact with the deputy’s head. The funeral was three days ago on November 21st.  That is the officer whose funeral Frost Bakery was coordinating the food for.

frostThe “news” still has not covered this anti-cop based crime.  Instead, sadly, the “news” is too busy fueling the war on cops to bother seeing what it is doing to this country. This poor small business owner, who cared enough about the loss of a local cop that she took care of the fallen officer’s extended family’s food needs, and in return for her kindness some piece of crap victimizes her?

Folks, please open your eyes and see what is going on out there.  The liberal left has made this behavior acceptable by making the cops out to be the bad guys.  The media has does it, groups like Black Lives Matter do it, celebrities do it, the top two democrat presidential candidates were doing it, heck, even the current (and thankfully leaving soon) president, Barack Obama has repeatedly spoken disparagingly about the entire profession.  The anti-cop sentiment has never been worse in my lifetime.

Edmund Burke famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Well, what we are seeing today is a perfect example of that.  The only way this is going to change is when the good people have had enough, when they stop being the silent majority, when they stand up and say “no more.”  The question is, how long is that going to take? When will enough actually be enough?

Hopefully, it will be before our society collapses, but sadly I’m beginning to have my doubts.

UPDATED:  Sometime yesterday (11-25-16), this post went a bit viral.  Since then, I have been accused of being a “fake news” site and accused of making this incident up.

  • Before writing this, I confirmed with my friend that the person who originally posted it was 1) indeed an actual cop and 2) that the event had actually occurred.
  • Before publishing this post, I personally reached out to Frost Bakery via their Facebook page in which I spoke about the incident and thanked them for supporting law enforcement.  They read the comment (as verified by Facebook messenger) and did not offer any corrections to what I said.02
  • Since publishing this post, a person purporting to be the officer who originally posted this on Facebook commented on our Facebook page.01

One person on our Facebook page even went as far as posting screen shot of webpage purportedly showing a record of reported crimes for the areas, because we all know that it never happened unless it was reported, right?  Because no one has ever been the victim of a crime and not filed a report?  Because no cop has ever seen evidence of a minor crime and not completed a crime report?  Seriously?  Crimes occur all the time and do not get reported.  That is a fact of life.

Now, I can understand a business not wanting negative attention drawn to them, and some folks might see this story as negative.  If the business had contacted me, or simply responded to my inquiry and asked me not to run it, I would not have published this.  Heck, I would still take it down if they asked me to, but they have not contacted me at all, and it is not like contacting me requires a doctorate.  All they would need do is reply to the message I sent them, post a comment on our FB page, post a comment here on this page, etc.    Instead, what people are doing  is throwing around all sorts of bogus allegations trying to discredit me, and that I do not appreciate.

UPDATE:  It appears that long after I attempted to contact Frost Bakery (documented above), and after this article was published, they posted an update of their own on their Facebook page.  According to that post on Frost Bakery’s page, the timing of the officer’s Facebook post did not match the timing of the actual vandalism, even though the officer’s post was after the funeral and he appears to feel it is related.  They were indeed the victim of anti-police vandalism and they do indeed support law enforcement, but the timing was not what I was initially lead to believe.  For that error, I apologize.


UPDATE on “Fake News” Accusations:  One of the people accusing us of being a “fake news” website, Debbie Crouse Laffranchini, appears to be some sort of an employee of the Modesto Bee, although besides her public FB posts, I find no mention of her on the Modesto Bee website and google revealed nothing either.  She posted several comments regarding “fake news”  including one in which she specifically mentions this incident.


And this:


But then, she shares an article from Daily Kos?


I’m being accused of being a “fake news” website by someone who shares Daily Kos articles?  And it gets better, she buys all the fake stories (the vast majority have been disproved by law enforcement investigations) of Trump supporters committing hate crimes?


Funny, she is preaching about not believing fake news stories yet she is sharing them herself…  Seems both hypocritical and ironic.

The deeper you go into her FB page, the richer her calling me a “fake news” site gets.  She shared this ridiculous lie, which ironically I just wrote a blog post about yesterday.  Gee, I wonder if someone’s personal biases against the police might be playing a role in how they are treating this incident?

The irony of a person deriding me for this article saying “it incites us, divides us, and polarizes us” sharing the Occupy Democrats post below is not remotely lost on me…



The Left Continues Push to Normalize Pedophilia

What the hell is wrong with the left? Its not enough that they make criminals out to be victims, the cops out to be bad guys, not enough that they release thousands of convicts from prisons putting everyone at greater risk, not enough that they want to take our guns, not enough that free speech is only allowed if it fits their agenda, but now they want to normalize pedophilia?

Seriously, there are a few crimes out there that I consider worse than murder, and child molestation is one of them. Once you kill someone, their suffering is over. Victims of child molestation are victims their entire lifetime, as are their families. Many never live a normal life, and some end up becoming just like the monsters that victimized them.

Child molestation (sexually abusing a child), in my opinion, should be a capital offense.

But instead, the left is attempting to normalize this destructive behavior by publishing articles written by pedophiles, and then later writing articles about the articles the pedophiles wrote, while again trying to make it seem normal.  Some completely idiotic university academics have also argued that pedophilia is normal, and there are even some psychiatrists trying to normalize the compulsion.

I’m glad that the self admitted pedophile who wrote the Salon article (picture above) claims he has never victimized a child, but this is absolutely not something people should feel comfortable admitting, especially not in public. Pedophilia is not a “sexual orientation,” it is something seriously wrong with your brain, and currently there is no known cure.

Normalizing dangerous, horrific, abnormal desires like pedophilia is just another step to eventually trying to make it legal.
I hate to draw the comparison, because the two things are not remotely comparable. One occurs between consenting adults, the other is an adult victimizing a child. But, while the actions, or behaviors, or lifestyles are not remotely comparable, the way they were viewed under the law is/was.

Homosexuality used to be illegal all over this country. It literally used to be a crime for two consenting adults of the same gender to have sexual relations. Because of all of the things done to normalize homosexuality in society, in movies, and TV, and magazines, and so on, homosexuality has gone from something that people were afraid to admit in public, and in some places feared incarceration (just like pedophilia is now) to a very acceptable behavior in all but some very small parts of the country.

Again, just to reiterate before someone gets all butthurt, I am not remotely comparing homosexuality to pedophilia, I’m comparing how they are/were viewed by society and under the law.

To those of you who think I am crazy, and that the left would never ever want to legalize pedophilia, you aren’t paying much attention.  They have in fact already been pushing for that, and it does not take much effort to find proof of that.  Here, let me google that for you.

Pedophilia should NEVER be something that people feel comfortable feeling, let alone comfortable admitting in public. Admit it to your doctor, seek treatment. Pedophilia is not normal, it is not acceptable. Do NOT let the crazy ass left try to normalize that horrific, violent, disgusting behavior that haunts its young victims for their entire life.

Ex-NFL Player “Nearly Dies” When Stopped By Cop


** Overwhelming Stupidity & Expletive Laced Rant Alert **

I just read what was the “Top Story” and I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the overwhelming stupidity discussed in the article.  Let me sum it up for you.

So, a cop does vehicle stop on a car. As many cops do, he puts his hand on his gun as he approaches the car. Nothing more happens, driver gets cited for an admitted violation and goes on his merry way.

Driver, Roddy White, who is a pro football player currently without a team, takes to Twitter to complain about how he “could’ve died” because of the cops actions while simultaneously accusing the cop of making the “world a very ugly place.”

Seriously MF’er? Exaggerate much? Blame shift much?

Guess what, you “could’ve died” just driving down the street, and in fact you are far more likely to be killed in a car crash (35,092 in 2015) than you are to be shot by a cop (986 in 2015). You know what else could have killed you, that swimming pool you likely have, because far more people drown every year (3,536 avg per year) than get shot by a cop. Guess what, that doctor you go see when you don’t feel good or get injured while playing, they unintentionally kill far more people (250k per year) than cops do every year, on the order of about 250 to 1.  Life is full of uncertainties.  Living is a dangerous thing, and every single day, each one of us “could’ve died” many times throughout the day.

The difference between those potentially dangerous actions we all take every day is that what the cop was doing is far more dangerous.  The cop was approaching a vehicle he just stopped, an action that is well know to be one of the most potentially dangerous actions for a cop, and he was prepared to deal with a possible threat, yet when he contacted you and you were found to not be a threat, nothing bad happened.  What kind could have happened to the cop?  Something like this (video below), which happens several times a year across the country.

Again, let me reiterate, nothing bad happened to you during your stop, yet you took to social media and accused the cop of making the world an uglier place? MF’er, you best look in the God dammed mirror! The only person in that equation spreading ugliness and hate is YOU!

If you are going to post stupid crap about how you almost died, why not post ALL of the things that “almost killed” you. If you are going to post dumb shit accusing others of making the world an ugly place, make sure you aren’t doing exactly that, but on a scale far greater. Freaking asshole moron celebrity athlete!


Why Liberals Should NEVER Be In Charge

Keep on whining and crying and throwing those temper tantrums liberals…

No really, keep it up, please.

All of your actions since the election results were anounced, all of the public statements from leftist politicians like this one by NYC Mayor DeBlasio , the deafening silence from Obama NOT telling the rioting anti-Trump morons to stop, the adults holding cry fests on college campuses, the schools allowing students to skip classes and tests because they are upset about the results, the “need” for comfort pets and people wearing safety pins, the safe spaces and safe circles, the utterly infantile public meltdowns, keep it up.

Keep spreading the blatant lies on social media in an attempt to convince the public that there are millions protesting, such as this tweet that has been shared nearly 3,000 times and liked by more than 2,900 idiots who are too stupid to realize that the video is from Venezuela, where the citizens are protesting against the very system of government that Hillary represents, and that the very people sharing this were voting for.

Keep on protesting and blocking streets.  Keep preventing first responders from doing their jobs.  Keep causing the deaths of innocent people, like this man, the father of a four (4) year old daughter, who died because of you infantile morons throwing a hissy fit in the streets.

Keep screaming about how horribly evil the Electoral College is, and how it needs to be eliminated, even though you were perfectly fine with it on November 8th, right up until about 11:30pm Pacific.  Like it or not, the electoral college serves a purpose, and that statement is coming from a man whose presidential vote has NEVER IN HIS LIFE counted, because I am a conservative living in one of the bluest of blue states, California.  The electoral college has been around as long as the country has, it is in the Constitution, it is not going anywhere, and it has bitten both parties in the butt before.  If you don’t like it (right now because it worked against you) or don’t understand it, I urge you to take five minutes and educate yourself by watching the following video.

To all you liberals having a full on mental meltdown, while I freely admit I am enjoying watching you, I will also tell you that I really do feel your pain.  You see, I voted for the other guy in both 2008 and 2012.  I know what it feels like to lose a presidential election.  Hell, closer to home, on a much more personal basis, I have suffered far worse than just losing presidential elections.  I’m a cop in California where election after election, the liberal voters of this state keep voting for laws that make my job of protecting them harder, and quite literally put them at much higher risk of being a victim of violent crimes.  Despite all of the warnings from subject matter experts back in 2014 telling the voters that Prop 47 was bad, the liberal voters passed it.  Despite the resulting double digit increases in crime during the following 2 years, those same voters once again ignored all of the law enforcement professionals who were begging them to vote against Proposition 57, and once again, you liberals passed it.  Yet another law that will release violent felons from prison while putting yourselves, the people who voted it into law, at greater risk while simultaneously making my job, and the job of all California law enforcement officers harder still.

You see, I really do understand being upset about the outcome of an election, probably far more so than you do.  The difference is, I and all the other conservatives out there dusted ourselves off and carried on.  We may have not been supportive of the other candidate, but we did not drop on the floor and cry, for weeks on end.

The behavior you are exhibiting now, for the last week, and likely for weeks to come, just adds more and more evidence that my statement below is absolutely true.  People who cannot appropriately deal with adversity have absolutely no business running a country!

I mean really, when an ultra-liberal leaning show such as Saturday Night Live makes fun of you, you know something is wrong.  But hey, by all means, keep stomping your feet and screaming…


Liberal Media Caught Lying, Again – Hillary Post Election Hike

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for discovering this information, I saw it all on Twitter in various locations. I have just compiled it all into one location.


Yesterday, Friday November 11, 2016, CNN ran a story in which a random hiker randomly encountered Hillary Clinton on a random hike.  It was the first time Hillary was seen in public after her day late, post election concession speech.


Here is how the article starts:

(CNN)Margot Gerster, who ran into Hillary Clinton on a hike just a day after she conceded the race, encountered a presidential nominee seemingly at peace and at grace, Gerster said Thursday.

In an image posted to Facebook, Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, New York, can be seen smiling with White Plains resident Gerster, who was hiking with her daughter, 13-month-old Phoebe, and their dog, Piper. The photo was snapped by former President Bill Clinton, who was there as well.

CNN was not the only liberal “news” outlet to cover the story.  Not to be outdone and left in the cold, CBS, NBC and even the BBC got in on the scam.

Well, isn’t that neat. That poor, upset Hillary supporter just happened to bump into Hillary, while she and Bill were on a random hike, without a secret service detail and stuff…

Only problem with that is that the story is a heaping load of horse crap!

This was not the first time Margot Gerster has met Hillary, and the odds that it was some “random happenstance encounter” like both she and the liberal media made it out to be is greater than getting struck by lightning immediately after winning the lottery.

Here is a photo that Gerster shared on her Facebook page on election day, November 8th.


And here is what Elite Daily had to say when they shared that photo, except to them they still covered the story as if the hiking encounter was just random occurrence.


Folks, this stuff is all made up just so the liberal media can feed it to you.  If you are dumb enough to believe that a former president and his wife, who just lost the national election for the same office, take their dog and go on a random hike through the woods without a full secret service detail to keep them safe and prevent random people from coming up to them, then I have ocean front property in Ohio that you might be interested in.  For the right price, I’ll even throw in a bridge.

California Voters Once Again Vote for More Crime & Less Freedom


California Voters Overwhelmingly Ignored Law Enforcement, Voted Against Law & Order While Shredding Bill of Rights

Here it is, two days after the election and I am finally, barely able to construct sentences that are absent expletives.  In California, there were a large number of propositions on the ballot this year.  Some were quite inconsequential, but some were extremely important and will affect the average citizen in their daily lives.

Prop 57
Near the top of that list, in order of importance, is Prop 57.  I have written about this proposition in the past, and discussed how it will release thousands of “non-violent” violent felons from prison.  The way the proposition does that is by essentially reclassifying the following list of violent felonies as “non-violent.”

  • Rape by intoxication
  • Rape of an unconscious person
  • Human Trafficking involving sex acts with minors
  • Domestic Violence involving trauma
  • Failing to register as a sex offender
  • Lewd acts against a child
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Hostage taking
  • Attempting to explode a bomb at a hospital or school
  • Supplying a firearm to a gang member
  • Hate crime causing physical injury
  • Arson
  • Discharging a firearm on school grounds
  • False imprisonment of an elder through violence

With the passage of Prop 57, felons sitting in prison who were convicted of those suddenly no longer violent crimes are now eligible for early release.

You know, because back when the state released thousands of felons under AB109, that had no detrimental effects on public safety (sarcasm).  Just like two years ago when the California voters passed Prop 47 which reducing many crimes that were previously felonies down to misdemeanors, making it impossible for law enforcement to take the criminals to jail.  Many of those reclassified crimes have very real effects on average citizens who end the victims of those crimes, silly little crimes such as business burglaries, vehicle theft (depending on the value of the car), and theft of firearms.  Again, the passage of that has had very little negative repercussions, unless you consider that whole 12% increase in violent crime all over the state in just one year.

Based on the successes (again, heavy sarcasm) of those two previous laws, both heavily pushed by California Governor Jerry Brown, and backed by the Democrat leadership of the state, the California voters decided to ignore the advice of nearly every single chief law enforcement officer in the state, countless law enforcement labor unions, nearly every elected district attorney in the state, numerous mayors, multiple city councils, even several liberal leaning newspapers (the entire list of those opposing Prop 57 can be found here).  The CA voters ignored all those people, all of those experts in the field, and passed the law anyway, and by a significant margin (64% yes to 36% no), because hey, what the hell do cops and district attorneys know about keeping cities free from crime, right?

Prop 63
In the “shredding the Constitution” department, the voters of California, in their never ending drive to eliminate their own rights, decided to pass Proposition 63, which in addition to a few other things, made it illegal to purchase ammo without a special permit.

This unconstitutional proposition was dreamed up, and pushed almost solely by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.  It was originally billed as the “Safety for All” act, and Newsom found significant assistance in funding the push to pass this in anti-gun billionaire, Michael Bloomberg.

For that matter, as a career cop who sincerely respects the constitution, I felt strongly enough about this proposition that I volunteered my time, and my gas, to haul my butt in to the FPC studio to film an online add opposing this proposition.

The fact of the matter is, Proposition 63 only affects people who buy their guns, ammo and magazines legally, at stores.  In my 20 years as a cop, I’ve only encountered two (2) armed criminals who bought their guns and ammo that way, and this law would not have stopped either of them because prior to the commissions of the crimes for which they were arrested, they both had clean records.  As I have said many times over, Prop 63 will not prevent a single gun crime.  On the other hand, it will indeed infringe on millions of legal gun owners ability to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights.


The sad/funny part is, despite the name, Proposition 63 does nothing to enhance anyone’s safety, which is why out of all the law enforcement agencies in the entire state, only four (4) current department heads from only two (2) very liberal cities, and one (1) retired police chief (one who is notoriously anti-gun), all of whom represent cities in the San Francisco bay area, are the only LE officials to support it.  A few DA’s, also all from liberal cities, also supported it.  No law enforcement labor unions in the state supported it.   In fact, the list of law enforcement department heads (retired and current), the list of district attorneys, and the list of law enforcement labor unions that opposed it exceed several hundred entries, and all six (6) pages of it can be found here.

Despite all of the evidence that shows this law will be just as ineffective at combating gun violence as every other gun control measure.  Despite the fact that it very clearly violates the bill of rights.  Despite the fact that hundreds of experts on the matter of preventing crime opposed this proposition, the voters of California overwhelmingly voted to pass it (63% yes to 37% no).

Prop 64
The recreational pot proposition.

But it is just weed man.  It is no different from alcohol.  Except that it is most definitely different from alcohol.  I am not a doctor, so I will not even touch on the medical aspects of this, which there are plenty.  That said, both sides of that argument will have their own doctors saying things to back one side or the other.  I will just say this, weed is NOT the same as alcohol for a great number of reasons.

I am here to talk about the legal aspects of this proposition.  Medical marijuana, in one form or another, has been legal in this state for a long time.  Anyone with a few bucks and a few hours to kill can go to one of the hundreds of “doctors” around the state and get a doctor’s note to allow them to legally possess and use weed.  I have seen notes for an astronomical range of reasons including ADHD, frequent headaches, dyslexia and even scoliosis.  The reason I point that out is to show how easy it is to legally get pot.

Since pot was legalized for “medicinal use” in California, the amount of violent crime associated with it has actually increased, despite all the arguments that it would decrease.  In the county where I am employed, more than half of the home invasion robberies are pot related, and a significant number of homicides are also related to pot rip-offs.  Those are a few of the reasons that a huge number of law enforcement officials across the state, both past and present, opposed this proposition.  A large number of elected officials opposed it, including a large number of district attorneys, as did a large number of law enforcement labor unions.  The full list of those opposed can be found here.

lettertocafromdenverda-2On the flip side, the list of those endorsing Proposition 64 includes a number of liberal organizations such as the Democrat party, the NAACP, the ACLU, and about 10 retired cops from all over the state, and one police chief from out of state.  That list can be found here.

By the way, it is not just us silly California cops and district attorneys making stuff up so that people can’t get stoned.  Agencies from other states that recently legalized weed sent warnings to us.  Take for example this letter from the District Attorney of Denver, CO in which he documents the dramatic rise in violent crimes across his entire state since pot was legalized there.  Just for clarification, since the “nonviolent” crimes that are covered by Prop 57 might have confused you, in this case violent crimes include murder, rape and robbery, to name a few.  Not surprisingly, thefts also increased, as they usually do when more people start doing recreational drugs.

And as I have come to expect, the voters of California again completely disregarded the opinions of those tasked with keeping society safe and voted to make recreational pot legal, again by a fairly large margin (56% yes to 44% no).

Fallout Predictions
Currently, law enforcement as a whole is fighting constant battles in the larger War on Cops against the mainstream media and leftist, anarchist organizations like Black Lives Matter.  Simultaneously, cops in California are also dealing with the fact that the very society we are tasked with protecting keeps passing laws which make that very job more and more difficult.  And it happens election after election.

Even when society is shown the negative results of their previous votes every night on the news, and they read about the skyrocketing crime rates in reports by the FBI, they still are easily swayed by flowery words and hollow promises showered on them by the same politicians that sold them the last fake bill of goods.

The best analogy I can offer is that it is like a dysfunctional marriage.  We are the half of the relationship trying our best to make it work, and the voters are the unemployed, alcoholic who keeps cheating on us.  We deal with the new limitations put on us, but in the end, things keep getting worse because the other half keeps drinking and cheating, and each time they do it worse than the previous time.  Then when called on it, they blame us for causing it.

One of the first negative things to happen when society stops supporting their cops (making their job harder by passing laws like these is the exact same thing as not supporting them) has become known as the Ferguson Effect.  If cops know, or can reasonable expect, that they are going to be publicly crucified for simply doing their jobs, then they cease to voluntarily do their job (they stop proactively policing) and instead they do the very minimum they can to get by.  It is not that they do not do their job properly, but they stop looking for extra work (crime)on their own and instead just answer the calls for service that come in.  This very effect has been noted in most major cities across the nation, and it is especially pronounced in cities where there have been significant outcries and demonstrations against the police.  Not surprisingly, the crime rates where that has been happening have skyrocketed.

Currently, California law enforcement agencies, just like agencies all across the country, are having a significantly difficult time filling vacancies.  In this pervasive anti-cop environment, where cops are instantly doubted and the suspect’s word is treated like gospel; where no matter what the situation is, if a cop shoots a black person they can expect to be crucified on both social media and in the mainstream media; where cop’s salaries and pensions are being cut while the public simultaneously demands better training and education, it is no wonder we cannot find enough applicants to fill the vacancies.  Add to that the dismal work ethic and lack of life experience that many members of the current generation of applicants belong to (millennials), and the growing drop out and failure rates in academies are easily explained.

And lastly, the number of vacancies for most agencies is growing larger every year.  Career cops like me are getting fed up with the media, with department politics, with being overworked due to lack of staffing, and with the public constantly sabotaging our efforts by passing these laws.  That growing angst is leading to large numbers of us senior cops are calling it quits.  The desire to leave is especially high with those working for agencies where their management is less prone to defend them publicly if something negative hits the media.  I heard the other day from a person employed by a neighboring agency that 25% of their active sworn staff is currently in the application and background process with other agencies.

Sadly, my prediction is that crime in the once Golden State is going to get far worse before it ever gets better, and it will only get better if the public stops voting these stupid laws into place.

The State of Jefferson


The need for the State of Jefferson!
Its time to become number 51.

As a third generation native Northern Californian, I’m tired of the ultra liberal Los Angeles and SF Bay Areas ruling over me. I’m tired of them
-creating the ever growing taxes that I have to pay;
-creating social policies that further erode our society, sending us further down the drain;
-writing laws that coddle criminals, making them the victims;
-writing laws that interfere with and impede the daily lives of law abiding citizens;
-releasing criminals that I have to police;
-determining what constitutional rights I get to exercise, and where;
-determining how the natural resources of our area are to be used, and for whom;
-misspending billions or our tax dollars on public projects that benefit no one except the politicians who push them (Brown’s high speed train to nowhere);
-and so many other issues that diminish the daily quality of life for us all.

05b5bc440a7fea2a272e70802b610cf9Consider this, the 21 Northern CA counties that are included in the proposed State of Jefferson make up nearly half of the area of California (square mileage wise), yet Northern CA has only 3 out of 80 seats in the California Assembly, only 2 out of 40 seats in the California Senate, and only 2 out of 53 seats in the US House of Representatives. We are VASTLY underrepresented in our own government. We have NO say in our own government. Our voices are NOT heard.

Does the phrase “taxation without representation” sound familiar? Does the call to disarm the citizenry by that same government where the people are not represented ring any bells? That is exactly what we, the people of the 21 counties of Northern California are living under right now. We are overtaxed and unrepresented. It is time we declare our independence from the liberal elites ruling over us. We need to separate from Southern California. We need the State of Jefferson!

If you live in California, please consider signing the declaration found at the top of the website here. You should especially consider it if you live in one of the 21 potentially effected counties.


BLM / Gun Control Supporter Attempts Battle Of Wits, While Completely Unarmed

Today, two (2) NYPD officers were shot in the line of duty.  I have since learned that one of them died.  Upon hearing about the incident, I both posted it on our Facebook page as well as sent out a tweet.  Some mental midget #BlackLivesMatter supporter and gun control advocate, “Jen Marden,” took that opportunity to show me and her 6,000+ followers what a vacuous nitwit she is.

The following is the “conversation” in chronological order, starting with my initial tweet.

1 32

The YouTube video I linked to in the above tweet is this one:






And that is where she gave up and ran away, in other words, she blocked me.

Funny, for someone bitching about people pushing “false narratives,” the only person spewing them was the one accusing others of doing so.   Odd how that trait, accusing others of exactly what you do or how you think, is so common among liberals, especially anti-gun folks.

Her behavior is exactly why society is where we are, why politics are so divided.  People (many on both sides) are too afraid of information that they don’t want to hear.  The people buying into this BLM crap believe it even though they have no facts to support their belief, and then when you give them evidence that counters their beliefs, they put their fingers in their ears and scream so they can’t hear you (or in the case of Twitter, they just block you).

In the case of Jen Marden here, it just goes to show you that on Twitter, even though you have a prodigiously empty mind, if you are pretty and sort of snarky, you can amass thousands of other mindless followers.  When I think about my encounter with Jen here, a certain meme comes to mind…



And with Jen, public displays of stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving.  Before I could even publish this, I was verifying a couple things on her Twitter account (using one of my spare Twitter accounts) when she shared this gem.  Make sure you “here” what those celebrities have to say…