August 19, 2022

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Politicians Endanger All City Residents to Appease Black Lives Matter



Politicians are complete and utter morons!

Well, most of them anyway.

Okay, so it wasn’t really all that earth shattering, but please let me explain my comment.

The politicians who make up the City Council for the city of Sacramento, bowing to public pressure (which is primarily coming from Black Lives Matter who are upset over the shooting of an armed, crazy black man), just established a laundry list of new requirements for the Sacramento Police Department, some of which are absurd.

Beyond that, they established a civilian review board which CANNOT contain anyone with current or former law enforcement job experience. Yes, you heard that right, they want a review board that does not have the slightest clue about the job. They specifically, intentionally mandated a complete and total lack of expertise.

Yes, I’m serious.  Watch the video.

Just think logically about that for a moment.  Can you name another single profession that has a review board made up completely of people without any experience or expertise on the subject?  Do you want a medical review board made up of burger flippers, mechanics and plumbers? How about a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that consists of people who know nothing about planes or flying? A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) consisting of people who have never been in a car? How about a Supreme Court made up of people who have never been in a court room, know nothing about the law, and have never read the constitution?

Well folks, that is EXACTLY what the Sacramento City Council just did to their police department!

Thank GOD I do not work for that agency!  Thank God I do not live or work in that city.
(Please note, that is not remotely a knock on the men and women of the Sacramento PD, but rather is directed at the people making these insane policies.)

While I do not work there, I know a couple of people who do.  The Sacramento Police Department is currently having some problems with both hiring and retention.  All agencies are having hiring problems so that is not specific to them (yet) but on the retention issue, many problems are indeed specific to them.  They are currently the lowest paid comparably sized agency in the area, their management has been in and out of turmoil (from a working cop perspective) for a while and does not have a strong history of standing behind their people, they have been losing a significant number of people to other agencies for a couple years now and currently have a large number of people with open applications at other agencies, patrol staffing is short all the time and because of that, they are requiring officers not assigned to patrol to work patrol on a semi-regular basis to make up for staffing problems, and officers from all assignments are being forced to work mandatory overtime to staff events at the new downtown arena.  Sacramento PD is already deep in internal problems, and now add this crap on top?  Good luck with those staffing issues…

It won’t be long  before these chickens come home to roost.  I fear that in their desire to appease a small vocal minority (Black Lives Matter), the Sacramento City Council has just dealt all of their citizens a very hard blow in terms of public safety.  Good luck with that!