August 19, 2022

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Deputy Shot In Face – Long Road To Recovery Ahead


Yesterday, while I was out of town on vacation, I caught wind of a deputy having been shot in Sacramento, the town I grew up in.  The incident was still very fresh when I first became aware of it, and all I knew is that a Sacramento Deputy had been shot and that the suspect was outstanding.  Despite all my efforts using the various means I had available at the time, including texting a number of friends who work for that department, I was unable to ascertain the deputy’s condition.

What a horrible feeling!  I knew a cop in my hometown was shot, no idea about his identity or his condition, and here I was hundreds of miles from home where I have more resources available to help figure out what was happening.

Thankfully, I got a text about an hour later from someone in the know letting me know the deputy had been shot in the face, but was undergoing surgery and expected to recover.  Phew!  Thank God!

Shortly thereafter, I got word that the suspect had been apprehended and was in custody.  From what I was told, the teamwork, dedication and professionalism displayed by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputies on the scene, as well as numerous outside agencies including the Sacramento Police Department and the California Highway Patrol, was nothing short of commendable.  As I was not present, I cannot offer any examples, but the man who told me that has my absolute trust.

The following are the words of a friend who happens to be in a supervisorial position with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department:

Things got real tonight at work, I am always impressed by the professionalism shown by the people around me, a job well done.

Today, more information made its way to me.  The deputy who was shot, Alex Ladwig, is not only early in his career, but he is also relatively young.  While I have not heard how it happened, it appears that after a violent fight, the suspect shot the deputy with his own handgun and then fled.

The suspect has been identified as 27 year old Nicory Marquis Spann, who has a significant criminal record including being involved in a double homicide in Santa Clara in 2008.  Wait, double homicide in 2008?  That was only 9 years ago.  How is he on the streets again?  Oh yeah, California… where criminals are the victims and are coddled by the state while the cops are the “bad guys.”  Appears (as always) it was easier to just plea that down to a couple significantly lesser charges, and a few short years later he is out on the streets again.  Sadly, no shock there.


Deputy Ladwig was shot in the face by a career criminal who should have been in jail.  Deputy Ladwig has a long road to recovery ahead of him.  At this point, there is no way to know how long he will be off, but I’m sure he could use some help from us.  If you are able and want to help a man who was injured while keeping the public safe, a Go Fund Me account has been set up to help him by one of his coworkers.  Even if you cannot give, please share this on the chance that someone else will be able to. Also, if you are the praying type, you might consider sending a few his way.