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Inevitable Result of the War On Cops: An Innocent Life Lost

Congratulations to all the anti-cop protesters out there, this woman’s death is the direct result of your actions!

First, before I go any further, I feel horrible for the family and friends of Elizabeth Tollison, the innocent woman who was killed.  I offer my sincere condolences for your loss. My comments that will follow are not remotely meant to belittle her loss, but rather to address what caused it.

Elizabeth Tollison died because, thanks to all the violent anti-cop protests across the nation over the last 4+ years, cops are now afraid to do their jobs. Had this incident occurred 6 years ago, that suspect never would have gotten close enough to that poor old lady to injure her, let alone have her become a hostage. Those cops would have dropped him before he could get that close, and rightfully so, because when you don’t, this is exactly what happens.

Here we have a “brown skinned” man, clearly armed, with a violent history, on parole, who cops were called on because he was violent and attacked his girlfriend, and several white cops who, arguably rightfully so, don’t want to shoot him lest they become the next face of the rallying cry against law enforcement. After all, “he only had a knife…”

We have been saying this was going to happen.

We have watched proactive cop work practically cease.

This is just another example of the Ferguson Effect.

Congratulations Black Lives Matter! Congratulations Barack Obama! This innocent woman’s death is the direct result of your actions.


  • Another Matt here. You’re as right as anyone could possibly be, Deputy Matt. I’ve been debating about this for months. I even have some of these anti-LEO scumbags actually saying “They should’ve fired sooner. Instead they killed an innocent women.” THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD’VE COMPLAINED IF THEY FIRED ON HIM EARLIER. Then we’d hear “Why didn’t they taste him?”
    I’d say getting into a close enough proximity to deploy a CED is close enough to get stabbed plus the 50/50 chance it’s ineffective AS WELL AS the chance that he kills that women if they do get close enough makes that incredibly risky. ““Well, that’s their job.” Being USMC ret, even WE weren’t expected to run towards something like that with no regard for our own life because IT’S OUR JOB. Apparently they added something to your job description, Deputy Matt. You’re required to run at a deranged knife wielding parolee because it’s “more humane” than firing your weapon. Funny, I’d think the humane thing to do would be to NOT PUT A KNIFE TO AN INNOCENT WOMAN’S THROAT. But, he was disturbed, so he gets the “alternate” set of rules.

    Just please know Deputy, there are people like me out there who hold LEO’s in the highest regard and view you all with utmost respect. Thank you for everything you do. All of you.

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