May 20, 2022

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

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Mayor Jacob Frey is a Dangerous Moron

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is a complete freaking moron, and if the Chief Medaria Arradondo agrees with him, as the Star Tribune article seems to indicate, same goes for him.

“When you’re conditioned to believe that every person encountered poses a threat to your existence, you simply cannot be expected to build meaningful relationships with those same people.”

This is not “fear based training.”  That is officer safety 101, you dolt!

As cops, every time we encounter people in the execution of our duties, initially we do not know who we are dealing with, whether or not they are wanted, what they may have just done, or what they are willing to do to avoid going to jail. Being cognizant of that fact has absolutely NOTHING to do with “warrior training,” whatever the hell that is, but instead it is appropriately referred to as caution.

Being cautious is how you don’t get killed by the seemingly normal looking guy you just pulled over for rolling a stop sign or a broken taillight, who unbeknownst to you, just murdered his girlfriend after a drunken argument, or say the guy you stopped for a missing registration sticker who just blew up a federal building

This idiot mayor would have cops walking up as officer friendly, not considering the driver or passengers as potential threats as they politely greet that man driving away from the murder he just committed, or the guy who committed the largest mass murder by a single suspect in American history.

This is what happens when you don’t consider everyone a threat.

Cops should absolutely consider everyone a threat, until they prove otherwise. That is how cops survive their career, at least physically (it is very debilitating mentally in the long run). It is called officer safety. It is called vigilance. It is what keeps cops alive.

Letting your guard down while in public, in uniform, gets cops killed. It happens multiple times every single year. Sometimes it happens when they are in a restaurant having breakfast, sometimes at lunch, sometimes when they are parked in a car, and sometimes when you are dealing with a simple car crash

Those are just four of the hundreds of ambushes on cops that have occurred during recent years.  Not all ambushes are fatal, and not all of them make the news, let alone the national news.  You see, it is not very newsworthy when cops get attacked in the line of duty and survive, but it happens 60,000 times a year, and of those 60,000 times, in 2017, more than 17,000 officers were injured (statistics from 2017 LEOKA report). 

Knowing the facts, that cops get assaulted by the people we contact on a very frequent basis, is not “fear based training.”  It is REALITY based training.  So, despite what the idiotic Mayor Frey thinks, there is a damned good reason that officer safety training requires cop’s to consider everyone they encounter as a potential threat.  Because they are. 

Jacob Frey perfectly exemplifies the reason that people with no experience, no expertise and no relevant training should absolutely NOT be making rules about police training, or as we are seeing in California right now with AB 392, attempting to write laws about use of force.  They do not possess the knowledge of the facts or the statistics that have, over the past couple hundred years, shaped the training cops receive.  But what makes people like Frey and the California legislators even more dangerous is that they have zero skin in the game.  No matter how wrong they might be, it will never pose a danger to them. 

And really, who cares if a bunch of silly cops get hurt or killed, right? After all, for the last decade or so, hating on the cops has been part of the Democrat/Socialist platform.