August 19, 2022

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Government Sucks!

Anyone who wants the government to run our healthcare system is a complete freaking idiot!  I say this not only as a former government employee, not just as someone who has been to the DMV countless times, but also as someone who is currently being hassled by the IRS, all because of a mistake made by an IRS employee.

If you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen a story I posted on July 30, 2019.  A quick summary for those who missed it, my wife and I received a tax refund check from IRS in the mail out of the blue.  It was for $22, 625.92!  This was odd because we actually owed last year and were due a refund, and especially not one for that amount.  After several hours of phone calls, it was determined that the check was in error (no, really???) and I was instructed to mail the check to the IRS and include a letter telling them that they screwed up.

The check they erroneously sent me
The letter I sent them when I returned the check

I did exactly that, and sent the letter and check via certified mail so that I would have proof that it was delivered.  Thus far, their mistake has cost me a couple hours of my time, and $4.05 for postage.

Fast forward a dozen or so days and I receive a letter in the mail from the IRS, dated August 8, 2019, informing me that they made an error and incorrectly sent me a refund check that was not due to me.  The letter instructed me to return the check to them within 21 days.

Letter saying they made a mistake

Really?  You mean the check I called you about the day I received it?  The check that your employee confirmed on the phone was an error, because some other IRS employee had incorrectly applied someone else’s tax payment to my account?  The check that per your instructions, I mailed to you at the very address you specified?  The check that, per the USPS tracking information, was delivered to that address on July 31, 2019.  You mean that check?

Tracking info showing date the IRS received the check back

Several more days go by and I receive another letter in the mail from the IRS.  This one is dated August 13, 2019 and is confirming receipt of the check I returned at the office which I was directed to send it.  This letter informed me that it would take them up to 60 days to determine if the check I returned was sent to me erroneously.

Letter acknowledging the IRS received the check back

What do you mean 60 days?  The woman on the phone the very first day confirmed everything about this was an error.  Now it is going to take someone else 60 days to figure that out?  This is government idiocy at it’s finest.

But wait, it gets better…

Flash forward another couple weeks to today, and what do I find in my mailbox?  Not one, but two bills from the IRS.  One addressed to me, one addressed to my wife, both containing the same information.  They are now billing us, but not just for the amount of the check that they sent me in error, that I have already returned to them, but now they are billing me for interest.  Now, I supposedly owe them $22,691.10!

Bill for $22,691.10

Look a-holes, you already had the check back in your possession eight days BEFORE you sent me the very first notice!  F*%k off!

It is hard for me to fathom this much ineptitude, but clearly it is possible.  The IRS is a wreck, and that is without even considering how they were weaponized against conservatives under the previous presidential administration.

Can you imagine what the federal government could do for healthcare?  What do you mean you submitted a request to have a brain tumor removed?  Cancer, we have no record of you being diagnosed with cancer?  You owe us $643,209.13 for that surgery (that you never had).  And oh yeah, you better not vote conservative lest you might not get approved for that open heart surgery the doctors say you will die without…

What may bother me even more than all of this is that on my original Facebook post where I shared the story about the check, the letter and all the BS involved in my trying to correct the IRS’ error is that I was called a liar by more than one person, and I was accused of creating “fake news.”  The really scary part about that is those morons vote…

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PS. Because I know someone is going to suggest I am saying this…  No, I am absolutely not remotely advocating for no government.  There are certain services that only government can and should be in charge of (civil defense, infrastructure and law enforcement just to name a few).  I am merely pointing out why they should NOT be in charge of everything.  The bigger they get, the worse they handle things, the more it costs, and the longer it takes.

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UPDATE 8-30-19:  Buried in the middle of the letter they sent me acknowledging their receipt of the check I returned is a name and phone number of an employee I can (supposedly) contact regarding this incident.  Of course, said employee does not answer the phone and one step better, there is no voicemail so the number just rings and rings, and then after about 20 rings, disconnects me.

Freaking government!!!