May 20, 2022

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Facebook Asked, I Answered

While I have recently done my best to stay off of Facebook, and have instead moved over to MeWe for most of my social media use, I still have lots of family and friends who have not made the jump yet, so my personal Facebook account is still active.

This morning, what should appear in the top of my feed but a post from Facebook themselves asking if I would like to participate in a survey.  Why yes, yes I would!

Please, oh please let the next question be “Why did you answer that way?” But nope, not yet…

I actually experience “bugs” with Facebook all the time.  My friends can confirm this because I am always posting screen shots of the stuff that malfunctions.

You mean the social media platform that uses my personal information and browsing history to try and sell me “personalized ads” or did you mean the platform that tracks where I am and where I have gone so it can try and make money off that user data? Is that what you were asking?

These just keep getting better and better…

If you really think any large corporation gives a rats ass about any of their users on an individual basis, you seriously need a reality check.

Seriously? Did they really just ask that? God complex much?

As an end user, it is not horrible, except they keep making changes and stuff them down your throat whether you like it or not. But from the standpoint of running a page, they took what used to be simple and made it more difficult. They then took the more difficult and make it worse, then worse, and even more worserest.

Each “improvement” such as “publishing tools” made tasks more difficult instead of easier, and the tools were glitchy at best. They then added the “creator studio” which just duplicated the publishing tools, and did nothing to improve the situation. Then they took away the publishing tools.

It is like they have a squirrel with ADHD hopped up on RedBull running the business back end programming. It is horrible.

And it baffles me that they continue to make metric crap tons of money with this crappy platform. But I digress…

Finally, a comment box!

I would have continued, but I honestly don’t think they give a shit about the responses. This is yet another feigned attempt at appearing to give a crap.

Oh well. As soon as I can get my friends and family, both liberals and conservatives alike, to ditch Facebook for MeWe, the better off we will all be.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, benefits in the long run by silencing dissenting voices. Hearing only things we agree with is not good for us as individuals, and it is catastrophic for the country.

I truly believe what I wrote when I said that Facebook is what is wrong with this world.