August 19, 2022

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

The individual voices and opinions of some first responders

Let’s Talk About School Safety

I am just as pissed as most people, but ranting about inaction is not going to help anyone.  Instead of complaining, and instead of doing the same exact thing the Democrats do every single time there is a shooting (blaming the gun and trying to ban them), how’s about we focus on making some simple changes that might have a positive impact and possibly help prevent, or at least lessen the carnage the next time this happens.

  1. Mindset – this goes for cops, school teachers and parents.  You have to stop thinking “that could never happen here.”  You must always assume it is absolutely going to happen here, and plan and prepare for it, both mentally and physically.  Vigilance is key to both preventing and surviving and attack.
  2. School preparedness
    1. A single, simple thing that could have made a huge difference at that school is a key lock box that LE has access to, that has either a labeled set of keys or better yet, a single master key for the entire school.  That lock box should ONLY be accessible to cops and firefighters, not the even the school personnel should have access.
    2. Arm the staff – I am not talking about forcing teachers to carry guns, but how about letting any and all school staff who want to, to be armed?  If they want to be armed, give them training, and train them together so they know what to expect from one another.  Mandating schools as “gun free zones” CLEARLY does not work, and only a simpleton ever thought it would. A stupid little sign does not stop an armed killer from walking onto the school, but a person putting a bullet in the head of that armed killer sure would.
    3. Put combat vets on campuses – We have tens of thousands of unemployed US military vets in this country.  Many of them need purpose, and protecting innocent kids is a damn good purpose.  Train them to interact with the staff and cops, equip them with the tools they need, and give them a job.  Not only would it be good for the kids, it would be good for the vets.
  3. Mental HealthAs I said a few days ago, until this country is willing to get serious about treating the mentally ill, up to and including locking them up for their safety and ours, the crazy nut jobs are going to continue to roam the streets committing crimes, and a very small percentage of them are going to do stuff like attack random schools or shopping centers.  
  4. Parenting – Raising a kid is a serious job. You are not there to be their friend, you are their parent or guardian.  Your job is to raise a productive member of society.  If your kid is f–ked in the head, you will be one of the first to know it, so long as you actually pay attention.  It is your job to see that they get some help.  This goes for all the other adults in that kid’s life as well.  People are too afraid to do something with so many of these cowardly murderers because they were afraid it would negatively effect their lives down the road.  We have seen that many times in the past, and I would not be surprised in the least if we find that happened in Uvalde as well.  
  5. Cops – We need to stop this softening up our defenders. We need warriors who are willing to put themselves between evil and the innocent.  We don’t need a bunch of tap dancing, lip syncing softies who cower when the excrement hits the oscillator.  Copzilla talked about this yesterday, and he was spot on.  When shit gets serious, we need serious people there to end it.

This is not remotely a comprehensive list.  This is just a few things that I have thought about over the years that I feel could make a significant difference in keeping our kids safe.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, fire away.

That said, if your suggestion is simply to ban guns, or a certain type of gun, or to make it harder to buy a gun,  just know you are an unserious moron, and I really do mean that.  Guns do not act on their own, and gun laws have never prevented a motivated killer from perpetrating their evil act.  We need to focus on the perpetrator, not the tool, because there are all sorts of tools available, and we have seen many tools besides guns used to perpetrate some horrendous evil.