May 20, 2022

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

The individual voices and opinions of some first responders

Inbound Hot

I go by the nickname "In-bound Hot" (given by a partner), or IH. I've been an LEO for 16 years now, prior to which I served as a paratroopin' grunt in the US Army. I've been in uniform of one type or another my entire adult life and admittedly the views I hold have been shaped by those uniforms and related life experiences. I am a vehement supporter of an armed populace and our beloved 2nd Amendment, the Constitution and the oaths I've repeatedly taken to protect and defend those ideals against all enemies. Conversely, while I absolutely support others' right to express themselves, I have little tolerance for fools or idiots. Those who feel the need to put such issues on public display will certainly be assisted in doing so, I assure you. I do not come here looking to drop the ban hammer like Thor..... Ok, I fibbed. I've been following Matt long enough to know that is inevitably coming and I'm very much looking forward to smashing some trolls who show an inability to discuss issues without being disrespectful and launching personal attacks.