December 2016 25
Popular Beta-Mechanics
Posted By : Matt

As a kid growing up and we would visit my maternal grandparents, there were always issues of Popular Mechanics on the coffee table.  You see, my grandfather was a machinist for Aerojet Rocketdyne.  He helped

December 2016 20
Morning in Utopia
Posted By : Doc

Today I had an epiphany; living in a utopia is exhausting. I shall endeavor to explain for those not fortunate enough to live in the promised land. I live in  California, the Golden State. The

July 2016 12
Run Away Wil Wheaton
Posted By : Matt

So, during my life I’ve done many different jobs prior to my becoming a cop.  In one of my previous jobs, I dealt with the owner of a local theater in which they performed live

June 2016 07
A Piece of the Pie
Posted By : Arrow

Here is a great example of what America can still offer those who are willing to work for it. While traveling along the northern coastal roads of California I encountered a positive piece of American

March 2016 19
Some People Suck!
Posted By : Matt

Yesterday morning, in my 40 minutes of free time, I shared a post that Frank Somerville wrote about the death of a Florida deputy.  It is quite a moving story, much of it from the

March 2016 01
Media Accountability
Posted By : Matt

So, I have a few thoughts/musings on the the officer involved shooting (OIS) yesterday in Raleigh, NC.  First, some of the things I notice from this incident, things I find many of these incidents have