December 2015 10
Ignore The Idiot Celebrities, Please
Posted By : Matt

Oh yay!  More uneducated (on the topic) Hollywood yokels opening their pie holes and spewing spoon fed drivel about a topic on which they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO expertise!  Sounds a lot like the panderer in

November 2015 27
Devoid of Facts
Posted By : Matt

Gavin Newsom is on a mission, a mission based on lies and fairytales, and one that has absolutely no hope of solving the problem he claims to want to cure.  As a cop in the

September 2015 14
Anti-gunners and 5 Year Olds
Posted By : Matt

Someone sent me a link to a ridiculous anti-gun, anti-NRA article a couple days ago.  It appeared on “Freakout Nation” and it was attempting to say that the NRA did not care about the thousands